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Updated March 12th, 2010

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Are you on & related to a Pennfield Parish family ?
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    My name is G. Christian Larsen, and I currently reside in Pennfield, NB. I have been a professional genealogist since September 1989, and over the years have researched many families from the Parish of Pennfield. These families include: Barry, Bates, Best, Crickard, Cross, Dunbar, Eldridge, Gillespie, Hawkins, Hunter, Jack, Justason, McDowell, McKay, Mealey, Nodding, Paul, Spear, Tatton, Thompson, Trynor, Wadlin, Wright & Young.

    I was the first host of the Pennfield Parish website from November 15, 1999 to March 23, 2001. Then became coordinator again on October 27, 2003 and have been hosting the website ever since.

   I was actively involved in the Beaver Harbour Community Ventures Ltd. for over ten (10) years.  Served as chairman of the archives committee (1999-2010); was a member of the board of directors (2000-2010) (Vice President (2007-2008) and President (2008-2010)); member of the calendar committee (2003-2010); and member of "Harbour View Cemetery Restoration Project" (2008). The B.H.C.V. is helping to preserve the rich & diversified history of Beaver Harbour, a community first established by the Quakers and others in September of 1783. 

    On July 25th, 2005 began hosting the Lepreau Parish website as well.

    Co-authored an article ("Hawkins Family Revisited") for the Generations (The Journal of the New Brunswick Genealogical Society), Summer 2003 Issue. Also co-authored a book on the Hawkins family ("The Family of Zadock Hawkins") in 2005.


    For many years, up to 1996, I served as track director for the "Pennfield Dragway" run by the St. George Rotary Club. Races were run on the former World War II Air Station grounds at Pennfield Ridge utilizing runway number 3 and the taxi-strip. This began to spark my interest to discover more about the former Air Station. On January 26th, 2007 I "officially" began to gather and compile information on the former Pennfield Air Station (No.2 Air Navigation School, No.2 Operational Training Unit, No.34 Operational Training Unit, and RCAF Station, Pennfield Ridge) and A-30 Canadian Infantry Training Centre, CA (Camp Utopia). On November 28th, 2007 incorporated "Pennfield Parish Military Historical Society" (PPMHS) to help further preserve the rich military history of Pennfield Parish.   

    On February 24th, 2009 our society took over hosting the Pennfield Ridge War Memorial Service from the Charlotte Fundy Kin Club. The service is to remember those who served at Pennfield Ridge Air Station (1941-1945) and Camp Utopia (1942-1946), in particular the seventy-eight (78) service personnel and seven (7) civilians killed at these two former Charlotte County military bases. On September 27th, 2009 we hosted the fourth annual memorial service (our first) with over 150 people in attendance (over ten (10) times the previous two year's services and three (3) times larger then the dedication service September 24th, 2006).  

    On November 28th, 2009 our society launched the Pennfield Ridge War Memorial Project. This project, a fund raising infinitive, has one main goal which is to erect a memorial stone listing the 70 service personnel and 6 civilians killed at the former Air Station.

    Currently a member of the 250 RCAF (Saint John) Wing, A.F.A.C.; "Canadian Aviation Historical Society"; Ventura Memorial Flight Association; 2nd Tactical Air Force Medium Bombers Association, Canadian Wing; "Friends of the New Brunswick Military History Museum". and Council of Archives New Brunswick.

    Please do not hesitate to drop me  a note, if you'd like to ask a question. If you have a CD or a Book that you are willing to do lookup in, please let me know. I want these pages to be YOUR pages too and I'm hoping you will give me all kinds of help! If you see a broken link, know of a link I can add, or have any other comments drop me a line.

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