The Young Emigrants & Craigs of The Magaguadavic

The Young Emigrants - Craigs of The Magaguadavic

    "The Young Emigrants - Craigs of The Magaguadavic" (published 2005) gives a good account of a Revolutionary War - British/Loyalist unit - the 84th REGIMENT, (Royal Highland Emigrants), - 2nd Battalion; and Lieut. Sam BLISS & other soldiers who were early settlers in Charlotte County, New Brunswick 1783/85. Many others from the Battalion, settled in Nova Scotia - Annapolis, Kings, Hants, Colchester & Pictou Counties, & PEI during the same time. Most of the soldiers had been recruited in Atlantic-Canada, New England, NY and "The Carolinas". During the War they served at Forts in NS, NB & Nfld., and also in New York, GA, SC, NC & VA.

I have compiled a draft Nominal Roll of the Batt'ln., & have gathered considerable detail, but still need more facts regarding the following men, most of whom would have been born in the 1750's or 1760's. I am seeking descendants or anyone else who has data about any of the soldiers listed below and might be able to advance this study. I hope that perhaps Enlistment Dates, Discharge Certificates, copies of Muster Rolls, etc., might be found.

Are there pertinent records at Digby, Annapolis, Bridgetown, Kentvillle,Windsor, Halifax, Truro, Pictou,etc. including birth, marriage, death, occupation, place of settlement?

This request is being posted on Rootsweb lists: Annapolis,Digby,Kings, Hants, Halifax, Colchester & Pictou, along with the Charlotte County, NB ones. I will happily share information with anyone connected to the 84th Regiment, Regt. (RHE). I especially would be grateful for any assistance to improve the link between some of these soldier-settlers & the Regiment.

BURNS, John Destination unknown
CALLAHAN, Richard Destination unknown
CLARK(E), John Destination unknown
CONNORS, John Destination unknown
COULTER, William  
CRAIG, John Passamaquoddy
CRANE, Israel Passamaquoddy
GRANT, William Passamaquoddy
FOY, Christian Passamaquoddy
GLEASON, Daniel  
GOSS, John Passamaquoddy
LANE, John Passamaquoddy
MacLEOD, John Passamaquoddy
McDONALD, Patrick Destination unknown
McGONIGLE, Edward Passamaquoddy
McKENZIE, Ken Passamaquoddy
RYAN, James Passamaquoddy
SMITH, John Passamaquoddy
WILKINSON, Donald Passamaquoddy
WISHART, James Kings & St. John

    Anyone having any information please contact: Cal Craig, Bonny River, NB (Canada).

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