2010 Beaver Harbour Calendar

Beaver Harbour Community Venture Ltd.
2010 Calendars

December 2009: Beaver Harbour Winter Scene

January 2009: Freight Shed on the Wharf's End

February: Three photographs: 1) Burrell & Mid Eldridge (1951); 2) Burrell Waite's tractor trailer (1947/8) and 3) Claude Holland and Doug Holland

March: Two photographs: 1) Cameron Wright with Bette & Wendy Barry (1954-5) and 2) Carmen Eldridge (in uniform)

April: Beaver Harbour (ca1900)

May: Three photographs: 1) Vene Hawkins; 2) Mike Nodding and 3) Spence Eldridge

June: Baby Shelia, Beulah Simpson, Willivene Doucet and Amy Outhouse

July: Two photographs: 1) Willie Barry, Pearl Barry, Eliza Eldridge, Carmen Eldridge and Milton Barry and 2) Lena Hawkins and Belva Hawkins

August: Herring being scooped by hand at a weir

September: Three photographs: 1) Milton Barry and Carmen Eldridge; 2) Ernestine Cross, Nina Wadlin, Derwin Hawkins, Wendy Barry, Vicky Barry and Gary Patterson and 3) Jack Eldridge and Frank Wright.

October: Three photographs: 1) Gifford Cook and the wharf collapse (Blacks Harbour 1964) and 2)-3) River of Ice (St. George & Bonny River)

November: Frank Wright and Bev Avery

December: Two photographs: 1) Southern Wolf Light and 2) Winston and Ernest Cross

In Memory Of: 1) Marvin Sloan; 2) Enid Theriault; 2) Norman & Charlotte Paul; 3) Jessie and Earl Hawkins; 4) Wendell Wright; 5) Grovernor & Dora Wright; 6) Robert Barry; 7) Daryll (Buddy) Wright and 8) Leo Fraser

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