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Alpha listing of extracts from newspaper clippings found in scrapbooks, or collections, of various individuals. Rather than make separate pages for each collection (some of which are quite large) I am making alpha pages, and combining these collections.

Contributions to this page will be most happily accepted. If possible, please identify the paper, place and date, the clippings come from. Unfortunately, not every item collected to date is so identified but a "best guess" should accompany submissions.

Each item will be a coded (in brackets) following the entry, which will let the reader know whose collection the entry was from; as well as the newspaper the clipping was (probably) from. If the newspaper was not identified I will make a "best guess", which will be followed by a question mark.

The codes will look like this:  (#1,TJ,?) Which will mean:  Collection 1, Telegraph Journal, probably.


CA  = Calais Advertiser
DG  = The Daily Gleaner, Fredericton, NB
KCR = Kings County Record
RG  = Royal Gazette, Fredericton, NB
TG  = Evenings Times-Globe, Saint John, NB
TJ  = Telegraph Journal, Saint John, NB (morning)
Misc. Items:
Funeral Cards = announcements of funerals; order of service for funeral, etc.
#1 = Olive P. Barnett, ca. 1940's to 1970's or 80's. Mostly from Queens, Kings and Saint John Counties. Some Sunbury County in later years, and a few items from other areas of NB, NS, and across Canada. (Although most are unmarked, Olive took the Telegraph-Journal, Saint John, NB for most of her married life. Some later items are poss. from The Daily Gleaner, Fredericton, NB. Many of her earlier items were pasted into a scrapbook. A number of years ago I helped her organize the family items, and discovered she had many of friend from the areas she lived in (Queens Co., NB), which I eventually made extract of. Upon her death I found many more items stuck into her Bible or other books. These have now been gathered, but not all are ready to be included here.)

#2 = C. Gertrude Keating & Cleadie B. (Keating) Barnett, ca. 1940's to present. Saint John & Kings Counties, plus York and Carleton Counties. (I am combining these collections, as upon my mother's death I inherited her lot, and they have since been combined with mine. It would be too large a project to separate them at this time. Gertie (my mother) took the evening paper for many years, but in later life switched to the morning edition. They were the Evenings Times-Globe & the Telegrpah-Journal, Saint John, NB. Upon my marriage I moved away from Saint John, and took The Daily Gleaner, Fredericton, NB. Some entries were mailed to us, so came from misc. papers, sometimes unknown to us.)

#3 = Alan Donald (570 East Queens Road, North Vancouver, B.C. V7N 1H1 / Phone: (604) 987 7479  Fax: (604) 987 0173 / e-mail [email protected])

Mounted: 15 July 1998