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First Northwestern NB Genealogy Fair
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Saturday September 13th, 2008

Grand Falls Golden Age Club
125 Manse St, Grand Falls NB
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The founding families of the colony of New Denmark ( Beatrice Hansen ) English
New developments in genealogy at the New Brunswick Archives ( Allen Doiron , NB Archives)   French
1 pm
New Brunswick Land Grants &  Maps, settlement patterns and genealogy .
(James Dickie ,
Mapping and Ownership Records /  Natural Resources) 
2 pm
Acadian and French genealogy and the settlement of the upper Saint John river valley ( Guy F. Dubay , Madawaska Maine) French
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List of Kiosks
Subject / material
Association Lévesque Inc.
Dépliants, bulletins, livres et consultations généalogiques.Levesque
Association des Familles Michaud inc.
livres, pamphlets, articles promotionnels, répertoire.
Transcription cimetiere Portage Partage d’information sur la transcription du cimetière chemin portage + corrections
New Brunswick Archives
Les Archives du Nouveau-Brunswick
Votre recherche aux archives du NB
Doing research through the NB Archives
The Irish Settlement of Ennishone
Information on Ennishone Settlement
Ennichone Settlment
Archives acadiennes à l’Université du Maine à Fort Kent
University of Maine at Fort Kent – Acadian Archives
Collection of the UMFK acadian Archives
Jean Guy Poitras
Publications census, births, marriages deaths, - Greater Madawaska county area.
Jean Guy Poitras
Société  d'Hstoire de et de Généalogie de  Rivière-du-Loup Généalogies du Bas du Fleuve Saint Laurent + Témiscouata
Les familles Gagnon et Belzile Quelques objets promotionnels, base de donnée généalogique des Gagnon et Belzile, photos diverses
Gagnon - Belzile
Association des Dubé d’Amérique Invitation à tous ceux et toutes celles qui désirent partager de l’information relativement à l’histoire et la généalogie des descendants et descendantes de Mathurin Dubé et Marie Campion.  Tous les Bellefleur intéressés à échanger au sujet de leurs ancêtres sont également les bienvenus.
Grand Falls Historical Society / Société Historique de Grand-Sault Genealogies and family histories - Grand Falls region
Société du Patrimoine de St-Quentin Histoire et généalogie du Restigouche Ouest
Tobique Valley Genealogy Group Genealogy material from Tobique Valley area
Abel Morneault Library Van Buren
Information from the Martine Pelletier genealogy collection

Van Buren Library
Grand Falls Genealogy Club / Club de généalogie de Grand-Sault Genealogies and family histories - Grand Falls region
Census transcripts, cemetary transcripts, etc..
Biographies de soldats de New Denmark à Saint-Léonard /
Jean Guy Plourde / Joyce Peterson
Biographies of soldiers from New Denmark to St Leonard
 Research material and draft of the project to date.
Fidèle Levesque - Concessions de terres – Saint-André Land grants
Research on Saint-André -  Land grants

Fidele Levesque
Anderson  Road - Theresa Madore Genealogy and History of the Anderson Road area
Bibliothèque Publique de Grand-Sault – recherche via la bibliothèque / Grand Falls Public Library – Research through the library

Research through the library
New Denmark Genealogy
Genealogy and history of New Denmark
New Brunswick Land Grants
(Department of Natural Resources)
Land grant maps for consultation and  Index maps for sale {$10 plus HST ($11.30)}
 (cheques or cash with the correct change only)
Scotch Colony - Melvin Barclay
History and genealogy of Scotch Colony, Victoria County NB
M Barclay Scotch colony
Roland Durette - Généalogie du Restigouche ouest
Information et publications - généalogie du restigouche ouest.
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About our presenters

Beatrice Hansen
 New Denmark
The founding families of the colony of New Denmark
(conference in English)
Retired Teacher; Historian and Genealogist, Beatrice Hansen is a descendant of the Founders of New Denmark and an acknowledged expert on the families who founded the colony of New Denmark. Mrs Hansen has long been involved in maintaining the Danish culture and in promoting the vibrant history of the Colony .

Beatrice Hansen
Beatrice Hansen

Allen Doiron Manager; Specialized Media, Information technology.
New Brunswick Archives 
New developments in genealogy at the New Brunswick Archives (tentative)
(conference in French with bilingual question period)
Allen Doiron is also an accomplished genealogist and an author. He has been employed at the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick since 1979, He received his BA major in History, minor in Geography from the Université de Moncton.  In 1983 he completed a traineeship at the Archives nationales de France in Paris. Allen is interested in Acadian and New Brunswick history and genealogy, and published a book in 1994 on the genealogy and history of the Doiron Family ( La Famille Doiron (Gould) ). Allen was born  in Tracadie in the Acadian peninsula in northern New Brunswick.

Allen Doiron
Allen Doiron
James Dickie
Technician; Mapping and Ownership Records / New Brunswick dept of  Natural Resources  
New Brunswick Land Grants &  Maps, settlement patterns and genealogy
(conference in English)
Jim Dickie grew up in Keswick Ridge, NB, 30 minutes west of Fredericton.   He graduated with a degree in Forestry from the University of New Brunswick in 1999.  He has been working for the Department of Natural Resources since 2002, doing GIS mapping, Crown ownership research, and public service regarding Crown grants and land surveys. His presentation will trace the evolution of the Crown grants process in New Brunswick, including – the evolution of counties and general settlement patterns and will culminate in Crown grants & genealogy

James Dickie
James Dickie
Guy F Dubay , Madawaska Maine
Acadian and French genealogy and the settlement of the upper Saint John river valley
(conference in French, bilingual question period)
Respected researcher, historian, genealogist and author, Dubay has done extensive research on the French colonisation of the Upper Saint John River Valley (both sides of the river) from the Lower Saint Lawrence (Québec) and Acadia . Dubay has also been a Guest Lecturer at the University of Maine at Fort Kent and is a strong supporter of the French culture and language in Aroostook county Maine . His printed works include: “ Chez Nous: The St. John Valley .” Augusta, ME: Maine State Museum, 1983;   Light on the Past: Documentation On Our Acadian   Heritage .” Caribou, ME: Rainbow Printing, INC., 1995; “The Story of Germaine Dubé of Hamlin.” 1989; . “With Justice For All.” (play about How the Valley   Acadians became Americanized .) 1976.

Guy Dubay
Guy F Dubay

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