1883 Saint Croix Courier Vitals
"The Saint Croix Courier Journey Through Time"
                     A Collection of Amusing and Informative News and Opinions from Past Issues
                         Written with permission of Saint Croix Courier
          Courtesy of Joan Christie

JANUARY 4, 1883

JANUARY 11, 1883

JANUARY 18, 1883

JANUARY 25, 1883

FEBRUARY 1, 1883

FEBRUARY 8, 1883

FEBRUARY 15, 1883

FEBRUARY 22, 1883
DARLING - At Milltown, N.B., February 15th, of paralysis , Alice J., wife of Samuel Darling, aged 72 years and 10 months.
LORD - On Deer Island, February 13th, Massy Lord, aged 82 years and 8 months.
ANDERSON - At Pennfield Ridge, Charlotte County, on the 3rd inst., Mrs. Lettice Anderson, a native of County Antrim, Ireland, and a widow of the late Robert Anderson, aged 87 years.
GRIMMER - At his residence, St. Stephen, on February 21st, John Grimmer, Esq., aged 93 years and 8 months.

MARCH 1, 1883

MARCH 8, 1883

MARCH 15, 1883
LAWLER - At St. Stephen, March 8th, George W., only child of the late John W. and Mary A. Lawler, aged 1 year 5 months.

MARCH 22, 1883

MARCH 29, 1883
GARDINER - At Grand Harbor, Grand Manan, March 8th, Mrs. Gardiner, wife of Mr. Joseph Gardiner, in the 71st year of her age.
MCLEOD - At Little Ridge, St. James, March 18th, Mr. Donald McLeod, in the 75th year of his age.
HYSLOP - At Tower Hill, St. David, February 24th, Mary C. wife of George M. Hyslop, aged 34 years and 9 months.

APRIL 5, 1883
STEVENS - At St. Stephen, on the 1st inst., Elizabeth Helen, wife of Judge Stevens, in the 57th year of her age.

APRIL 12, 1883

APRIL 19, 1883
MALNONEY - In Calais, April 6th, Michael Malnoney, aged 65 years.
GILIESPIE - In Calais, April 4th, Sarah, wife of Adam Giliespie, aged 38 years.
GATES - In Milltown, April 8th, Salmon S. Gates, aged 55 years 10 months.
DEWOLFE - In St. Stephen, April 8th, of membranous croup, Willie A., one son of Andrew and Carrie DeWolfe, aged 11 years, 5 months.
MCWHIRTY - At St. Stephen on the 16th inst., Martha twin daughter of Joseph and Margaret McWhirty, aged 19 years and 2 months.

APRIL 26, 1883
TRECARTIN - At Deer Island, on the 14th inst., Elizabeth Trecarten, aged 76 years.
RANDALL - At Fairhaven, Deer Island, in the 7th inst., John Randall, aged 92 years.
EMERGY - At Deer Island, on the 14th inst., Minnie B. Emergy, aged 11 years and 11 months.
MITCHELL - At Campobello in the 12th inst., Percy W. Mitchell, aged 1 year and 9 months.
HAWKINS - At St. Andrews, on the 17th inst., of congestion of the lungs, Miss S. C. Hawkins, aged 70 years.
MAXWELL - At Old Ridge, St. Stephen, on Sunday, the 15th inst., Major James Maxwell, aged 87 years 6 months.

MAY 3, 1883
MABEE - At the residence of Andrew Murchie, Old Ridge, April 25th, Fanny Mabee, aged 86 years and 3 months.
WHITLOCK - At St. Stephen, April 21st, Samuel Hallett Whitlock, Esq., Registrar of Probates of Charlotte County, aged 75 years and 9 months.
MCKEEMAN - At Little Ridge, St. James, April 20th, John McKeeman, aged 72 years and 2 months.

MAY 10, 1883
KIERSTEAD - At St. Stephen on Sunday morning, 6th inst., the wife of Mr. E. Kierstead, of a son.

DOHERTY - At Chamcook, April 29th, Harriet Jane, aged 75 years, wife of Patrick Doherty.
LOWERY - At Alm's House, St. Andrews, April 27, William Lowery, aged 85 years.
BUCKNAM - At Pennfield, April 25th, Judson Wesley, infant son of Mr. Nelson Bucknam.
HASTY - At St. David, April 26th, John Hasty, aged 86 years 4 months.
ROSS - At St. Stephen, May 7th, pneumonia, Willie Rose, only son of Charlotte A. and Robert K. Ross M.D., aged 2 years 10 months.

MAY 17, 1883

MAY 24, 1883

MAY 31, 1883
MOWATT - At the Bay Side, Parish of St. Croix, on the 14th inst., the wife of John Mowatt, Esq., of a son.

BOONE - At Oak Bay, April 6th, Flora Emily, youngest child of W. H. and Anna M. Boone, aged 13 months and 26 days.
BALDWIN - At Elmville, May 8th, Elizabeth, widow of the late John Baldwin, aged 78 years.
JOHNSTON - At DeWolfe Corner, St. James, on Monday, the 28th inst., William Johnston, aged 77 years.

JUNE 7, 1883
HENRY - At Marks St.,St. Stephen, this (Thursday) morning, of scarlet fever, Herbert Spencer (wee Herby), youngest child of John C. and Jessie M. Henry, aged 8 1/2 months.
MCVICAR - At St. George, on the 25th ult., Mrs Ann McVicar, relict of the late Archibald McVicar, aged 77 years.
DUDLEY - In Milltown, May 28th, Richard B. Dudley aged 48 years.

JUNE 14, 1883
LAMBERT - At Lambert's Cove, Deer Island, on the 27th May, the wife of Mr. Frank Lambert, of a son.
CAMERON - On Thursday, the 7th inst., the wife of A. Cameron, Esq., of a son.

CAMPBELL - Suddenly, at Basswood Ridge, on the 20th May, Christianna Campbell, aged 24 years 6 months, youngest daughter of the late Angus Campbell.
BARTLETT - In the Parish of St. Patrick, on the 11th inst., of consumption, Levina A. beloved wife of Caleb Bartlett, aged 35 years.
BALDWIN - At Elmsville, on the 8th May, Elizabeth, widow of the late John Baldwin, aged 78 years.
HILL - At Milltown, on Tuesday, 22nd of May, Joshua W. Hill, aged 66 years.

JUNE 21, 1883
MCCARTHY - At the residence of Rev. James Quinn, Milltown, on the 15th inst., Florence Mary McCarthy, aged 13 years, 9 months and 15 days.

JUNE 28, 1883
BAVIS - In Calais, June 19th, Thomas Bavis, aged 66 years 4 months.
HAM - At St. Stephen, on the 22nd inst., of congestion of the lungs, Frankie, youngest son of Fred L. and Carrie Ham.

JULY 5, 1883
NESBITT - At Porter St., St. Stephen, on the 4th inst., the wife of J. H. Nesbitt of twin sons.

CHUBB - At L'Etete, on the 21st ult., Lenora, youngest daughter of George and Alice Chubb, aged 6 years, 7 months and 16 days.
TAYLOR - At St. Stephen, suddenly Friday afternoon, 29th June, Albert Isaac Dufferin, only ? of A. D. and Marie J. Taylor, aged 5 years and 3 months.

JULY 12, 1883

JULY 19, 1883

JULY 26, 1883
HANNAH - In St. Andrews on the 5th inst., Elsie, aged 15 years and 5 months, fourth daughter of Mr. Howard Hannah.

AUGUST 2, 1883

AUGUST 9, 1883

AUGUST 16, 1883
HARRISON - On Sunday, August 5th, the wife of W. H. Harrison, of a daughter.
MONTGOMERY  - In St. Andrews on the 10th inst., the wife of Mr. Howard Montgomery of Rolling Dam, of a son.
DYER - At St. Patrick on the 4th August, the wife of Councillor H. Dyer. of a daughter.

OLMSTEAD - In Calais, August 2nd, of consumption, Charlotte, daughter of J. S. and Eliza J. Olmstead, aged 16 years and 9 months.
MCKENZIE - In St. George, N.B., August 6th, George McKenzie, Esq., aged 88 years 2 months.
ORR - At St. Andrews, Saturday the 4th inst., Martha, aged 58 years, relict of the late James Orr, Jr., of Bocabec.

AUGUST 23, 1883
KEEN - At Basswood Ridge, on the 16th inst., of tubercular meningitis, Miss Hattie Keen, aged 18.
RANDALL -  Suddenly at St. Geirge, Capt. Benj. Randall, United States Consular Agent, aged 79 years.
FITZMAURICE - At Tower Hill, Charlotte County, August 10th, of consumption, John B. Fitzmaurice, aged 23 years and 6 months.

AUGUST 30, 1883


SEPTEMBER 13, 1883

SEPTEMBER 20, 1883
MAIN - At his residence, March St., St. Stephen, on the 19th inst., David Main, Esq., Editor and Proprietor of this newspaper, in the 49th year of his age.
COTTER - At St. Stephen, on the 15th ult., Mary Emma, aged 22 years 4 months and 5 days, eldest daughter of Robert and Elizabeth Cotter.
WARWICK - At St. Stephen, on the 18th inst., Effie, youngest child of James and Annie Warwick, aged 2 months and 7 days.

SEPTEMBER 27, 1883

OCTOBER 4, 1883

OCTOBER 11, 1883
TROTT - In Baring, September 29th, William P. Trott, aged 83 years.
MANSON - In Upper Mills, N.B., September 29th, Miss Martha Manson, aged 55 years.
THOMPSON - At St. Andrews, on the 30th ult., Hoora, aged 70 years, relict of the late John Thompson, a native of Tipperary, Ireland.

OCTOBER 18, 1883

OCTOBER 25, 1883
ALLEN - At St. Stephen, on the 20th inst.,  of typhoid fever, Sarah J., aged 19 years, 1 months and 8 days only and beloved daughter of James and Sarah Allen.
ROBINSON - At St. Stephen, on the 9th inst., Isabella M. aged 10 years, only child of Andrew G. and Mary J. Robinson.
TURNER - At St. Stephen, on the 1st inst., of consumption, John H., the second son of Elias and Sarah E. Turner, aged 22 years 2 months and 5 days.

NOVEMBER 1, 1883

NOVEMBER 8, 1883

NOVEMBER 15, 1883
MITCHELL -  On Campobello, November 6th, Flora S. Mitchell, aged 3 years, and 11 months.
MATHEWS - At Letete, October 31st, Mrs M. Mathews, aged 60 years.
HART - On Deer Island, October 25th, Elizabeth Hart, aged 57 years.
HORTON - In Eastport, November 3rd, Mrs. Annie E. Horton, aged 84 years.
CONNICK - At Waweig, St. Croix, on the 6th inst., of paralysis, Eliza, beloved wife of the late Thomas K. Connick, aged 75 years and 6 months.

NOVEMBER 22, 1883

NOVEMBER 29, 1883

DECEMBER 6, 1883

DECEMBER 13, 1883

DECEMBER 20, 1883

DECEMBER 27, 1883

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