Annals of Calais ME and St. Stephen, NB 1785, Appendix

Including the Village of Milltown, ME., and the present town of Milltown, N.B.
Calais: J.A. Sears, Printer. 1875

The following items of incidents, facts and genealogy, seem essential for the completion of these annals. They relate only to families that came here prior to 1840 and only to such of them as have occupied somewhat conspicuous positions; and even many of them are left out for lack of space. If errors are discovered in names or dates, the writer can only please that he reports what was told him by those who seemed to be best informed.

Pg.200 BARNARD John, of Boston, married Anna Kendall of Dorchester; came to Calais about 1818, though his family remained in Massachusetts; in company with Amaziah Nash, turnpiked the road from Calais to Robbinston, about 1820; built the house now used by W.H. Young as a hotel; engaged in trade; in 1836 returned to Boston; and died at his home in Dorchester in 1859.

His son Eward A. Barnard, came to Calais in 1836; engaged in trade; has been a successful merchant; married Mary Ann Shepherd of Jefferson. Children: Mrs. Anna K. Kummel of Milwaukee, Wis; Mrs. Harriet L. Porter, G.T., M.D.; Frank A. mortally wounded in the US Army at Rappahannock Station; Henry H; Clara E.

  BOARDMAN William, was born in Newburyport, Mass., in 1789; married Esther W. Tappan, also of Newburyport; was for a time, a successful merchant in his native town; in 1826, came to Calais with his family; never after engaged in any very extensive business; was ever kind, upright and gentlemanly. At the 50th anniversary of his wedding, in 1865, when each one of his living children and grandchildren brought to him and his wife some golden toke of esteem, he became overexcited and was never after entirely well. He died in 1867.
Pg. 201 BOARDMAN (cont) Children: Adaline Todd, F.H.; William Henry; George A; Caroline J. Harden, C.H., of Eastport, d.; Anna L. Eaton, H.F.; Gorham of New York city; Charles E,; Mary E. Dexter, Rev. H.V. D.D., formerly of Calais; Emily F. Lowell, Elwell.
  DEMING William, son of Charles and Mehitabble, came to Calais from Brighton, Mass, in 1824; has ever since been a successful merchant; married Sarah Wilcox, of Dartmouth, Mass. Children: William, d.; Mrs. Sarah J. Purington, Capt. Isaac; Mrs. Emma Granger, Gen. G.F.; Charles I.; Mrs. Rebecca Eaton, C.B.
  DUREN Hon. William, came from Waterville, Me, about 1827; engaged in lumbering and trade; has served as repreeentative and senator in the Legislature of Maine, and as mayor of Calais; been successful in business; married Mary Dutch; and has 2 children, viz- Mrs. Adelaid Sawyer, E.D. of Cambridgeport, Mass.; Jed Frye.
  DYER Jones, came from Machias with his family, 1784. His children were James, Jones, Jr., Nathan, Mrs. Thomas Hill, Mrs. Jackson, Mrs. Henry Knight, all deceased.

The chldren of James were, James, Jr., Samuel, Mrs. Chase, d., Mrs. Westbrook Knight, d.

Jones Jr. married Lydia Knight, and their children were, Mrs. Maria Sawyer, Thomas; Mrs. Harriet White, L.C., d.; Edward S. of Washington Territory; John H., d.; Harrison, d.; Mrs. Lydia Kettelle of Boston; Mrs. Sophia Porter, C.C. Dr.; Geo. W. of Washington, DD; Mrs. Helen Bradbury, A.R., Dr..; Mrs. Josephine, Dodge Dr,; the last two of Santa Barbara, California

  EATON Joseph Emerson, a native of Groton, Mass; born in 1809, came to St. Stephen in 1830 and at once engaged in lumbering. Soon after, the death of his brother-in-law David Wright, left to him the management of a large business, which he conducted with great energy and ability. He containued in the lumbering business until the brief illness which terminated his life in 1869. His fortune at death armounted to nearly $1,000,000. His children are: Charles B. of St. Stephen; Joseph E. of Calais; Herbert; Albert, Bradley, of Calais, Elizabeth Benton, Philadelphia.
Pg. 202 EATON (cont) HENRY FRANKLIN, born in Groton, Mass., in 1812, a brother of J. Emerson Eaton, came to St. Stephen in 1833. He soon became a partner with his brother in the firm of J. E. Eaton & Co. In 1842, the name of the firm was changed to H. F. Eaton & Co., and the partnership continued until 1864. Mr. E. is still engaged in business and is esteemed as one of the most energetic, reliable and wealthy men on the river. His children are, George: Henrietta May; Henry; Annie R.; Frank; Wilfred
  EMERSON CAPT. SETH, came to Calais from Bridgeton, Me., in 1825; built the lower bridge; framed the first Congregational church; built several saw-mills, and a grist-mill which he ran for several years: married Mary Knight; and had two children, viz: Edward E. ; Mrs. Elizabeth Lowell, R. B.
  GATES SALMON, born in Hubbardston, Mass., in 1783; came to Calais and engaged in getting out "ton timber," in 1808; brought his family here in 1821; hauled the first logs into Grand Lake Stream, above the rapids; was a strong, energetic man, and skilful in using all kinds of tools; married Lucy Church. Children: -Mrs. Emeline Kimball, J. S.; Harriet; Martha; Asa C., of Weymouth, N. S. ; Ephriam C.; Mrs. Lucy C. Wentworth, G.M.; Salmon S.
  GRIMMER THOMAS, of Philadelphia, married Lydia Way of New York, and settled in St. Stephen in 1785. Children: -Thomas, d. ; Mrs. Betsy Getchell, Daniel; John; Mrs.Katie Smith, John, d. ; Mrs. Patty Thomas, John; Mrs.Lydia Maxwell, David; James, d.; William, d.; Mrs. Amy Fraser, Wm.; Jesse.
  HALL JOHN, came to Calais from Bowdoin, Me., in 1821. Children : -Mrs. Rachel Harvey and Griffin; Mrs. Mercy Enos, Geo.; James Sullivan, who served the town as representative in the Legislature of Maine, captain and quarter-master in the army against the Rebellion, and mayor of  the city; Mrs. Jane Tracy, Wm.; Mrs. Mary Smith, Nat.; Dana M.; John T.; James Madison; Jacob V.; Mrs. Lucinda Smith, Alex.; Velona.
Page 203 HILL JAPHET, of Machias had the following children Samuel; Abner; Stephen; Mrs. Doudell; Mrs. Keziah McAllister, John; Mrs. Susan Christie, James; Mrs.Priscilla Pineo; Mrs. Stone; Mrs. Smith.Grandchildren :- by Samuel: Amos; Mrs. Rebecca Reading, Ebenezer; Mrs. Lydia Burnham, and Smith, John; Mrs. Rice; Stephen; Jasper; Alvin; James: -by Abner who married Polly Whitney: Geo. S. Hon.; Mrs. Mary Bixby, John: Joel; Abner; Daniel; Mrs. Clarissa Todd, Wm.; John; Horatio N -by Stephen: George; Stephen Mrs. Betsey Frost, Oliver; Samuel; Joshua; Ann, d.
  HITCHINGS JOSIAH, of New Boston, N. H., came with the Loyalists in 1784. His children were, Josiah; David. of Cooper, Me.; William of St, David; John of Hudson, Wis.; Robert of  St.Stephen; Mrs. Hannah Moore; Mrs. Stretch; Mrs. Bridges of Charlotte, Me. Robert married Rachel Willet of Germantown, N.J. and their children were. Rodney; Rachel; Samuel; William; Stephen H.; John; Ann L.; Mary M. ; Eliza. Stephen H.; married Charlotte Eaton of Groton, Mass.. and their children are, Mrs. Frances Taylor, Rev., Lake City, Wis.; Henry; Robert.
  KELLEY BENJAMIN, M. D., of Gilmanton, N. H., married Mary, daughter of Maj. Gile of Epping, N.H. Their son Samuel was born in Northwood, N. H., Aug. 2, 1797: at the age of twenty went to St. George, N. B ;-came in 1821, to Calais; engaged in trade in company with Gorham and Stearns Kimball; two years after, bought a farm embracing the land now occupied by the southern half of the village: settled for life, and engaged in farming, trading in land and lumbering; in 1824, married Mary Danford of Wiscasset, by whom he had ten children, viz -Charles H. d; Mrs. Mary Dyer, George, d.; Mrs. Emeline King, Geo. G.; Benjamin F.; Susan, d.; Mrs. Ann M. Wadsworth, L. L., of Boston; Samuel; Frederic P. d. ; Emma S. : Hannah D. d.
  KEENE JARIUS, born in Duxbury, Mass., in 1776; was a ship builder; came to Calais in 1800; built the first vessel in Calais; married Lucy Knight and had fifteen children; viz: -Jarius, d.; Isaac, d.; Truxton, d.; Mrs. Mary Ann Hinkley; William; Elzim, d.; Harrison; Atkins; Robert; George;
Page 204 KEENE (Cont) Sullivan, d.; Lorenzo, d.; Frederic; Mrs. Lucy Thirsa Ellis and Vandine, Houlton; Edward
  LEE Joseph A., came to Calais from Bucksport in 1833; entered the Calais Bank in 1836; was Clerk until 1839; then Cashier until 1869; then President to the present time; married Mary Sawyer, and after her decease, Isabella Theobald of Wiscasset. Children: Mrs. Phebe King, W. B. d; Mrs. Elizabeth Newton, C.H.; Mrs. Mary E. Ladd, C.L.; Joseph W., Record of Christ's Church, Brooklyn, N.Y.; William H. of Alexander, Me.; Clara Jane; Ernst
  LINDSAY Ninian, came from Ireland; settled in St. Stephen about 1786; owned land on Water St., just below the bridge; married Hannah Marks. Children: Robert; Ninian; Mrs. Eliza Ann Todd. Robert M.; Mrs. Elizabeth Andrews. Wm.; Audrew; George; and Caroline. Mrs. Andrews is the only one now living, but the grandchildren are numerous
  LOWELL Levi L. of Wiscasset, came to Calais in 1838, as a real estate agent for the proprietors; has sold more than half the land in town; has also been a merchant; is an insurance agent; married Emeline M. Danford, of Wiscasset. Children: Mrs. Charlotte G. Kennedy, F.A. of Cambridge, Mass.; Mrs. Alice B. Skillings of Winchester, Mass.
  LOWELL Reuben of Buckfield, Me., married Sarah Smith of Litchfield, Me.; came to Calais in 1835; was a successful merchant; died in 1837. Children: Mrs. Minerva Hamilton and Chase, D.K. d.; Reuben B.; Frederic H. d.; George A.; Mrs. Sarah Copeland, H.C., son of T.J. Copeland
  MCALLISTER Daniel, married Mary Patterson, both of New Boston, N.H. and came to St. Stephen with the "Cape Ann Association: in 1785; was a farmer and lumberman. Children: John; William, Alexander; Betsy; Mrs. Polly Harmon, W.; Mrs. Lydia Harmon, Nat.; Mrs. Sally Perkins, James of St. David.
John married Keziah Hill. Children: Japhet H. d.; Daniel of Robbinston; Mrs. Elizabeth Watson, Thomas, d.; John, of Calais; William E. d.; Stephen, d.; George C. d.;
Pg. 205 MCALLISTER (cont) Henry S. d.; Mrs. Louisa Porter, John, d.; Harrison, d.; Abner.
  MAXWELL JAMES, a native of Ireland settled in St. Stephen in 1785; married Betsy Hill. Children : -William; Daniel; Mrs.Betsy Grimmer, John; James; David, d.; Joseph H.; Mrs. Polly Baldwin, John, d.; Thomas; George; Samuel, the youngest, now, 1875, aged sixty-five.
  MILBERRY SAMUEL, came from Machias and settled in St. Stephen in 1780; had three wives and nineteen children; the last wife was Polly Hill. Children : -James; John, d.; Oliver; Hannah; Thomas, d.; Mrs. Jennette Nesbit, W.; Mrs. Lydia Maxwell, David; Mrs. Nabby Mitchell, James;  Mrs. Melinda Maxwell, John; Joseph; Mrs. Charlotte Michell, Asa. d.; Mrs. Polly Tate, Thomas.
  MOORE WILLIAM, came from New Boston. N. H.; settled in St. David in 1784. Children :-Robert; William; John; George; Tristam; Mrs. Betsy Bunting; Mrs. Hannah Connick; Mrs. Robert Hitchings; Mrs. Anna Whitney. Grandchildren : -by Robert: Jesse; Robert; Henry; Jones; and William : -by William: Gilman; Thomas; Stephen: J. Alexander, Mrs. Hitchings; Mrs. Brown -by John: Whittier D.; Josephus; George; William; Josiah; Ann; Mrs. Mary Garcelon; Asceneth; Mrs. Caroline Buchanan; Mrs. Mary Ann Thompson; Mrs. M. Campbell : -by Tristam: Mrs. Eliza Peaks; Nelson; Cyrus; Mrs. Myra McAllister; J. Warren; Mrs. Alice Wharf; Justin; Simon C.; Horatio N.; Mrs. Emily Williams; Mrs. Hannah Moore; Mrs. Mary Earle.
  MURCHIE ANDREW, came from Paisley, Scotland, previous to 1789; settled on the Old Ridge, St. Stephen. His two sons, John and Daniel came with him. John died childless. Daniel married Miss _____ Campbell of Castine Their children were, John; William; Andrew; James; Colin; Mrs. Jane Ann McAdam; Mrs. Margaret Grimmer; Mary; Daniel; John, now of Nevada City, Cal.
  PICKINS LEONARD. was born in Taunton Mass., and was by trade a house carpenter. Came to Calais in 1832; built the Methodist, church in Milltown, N. B.; was successful
  PICKINS (cont) in business and reputable in society. He died in May 1863. Children: Mrs. Vashti B. Gates, E.E.; Mrs. Lydia W. Lamb; Leonard; Adoniram Judson of Boston
Pg 206 SMITH (cont)  
Pg. 208 WATSON  


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