Dan Johnson's Guide to Generations for Charlotte County
Updated 2 Nov 2000
The following guide was compiled by
Daniel F. Johnson, P.O. Box 26025, Saint John, N.B. Canada E2J 4M3

The guide below is meant only as a quick reference to "Generations", the quarterly newsletter of the New
Brunswick Genealogical Society, P.O. Box 3235, Station B., Fredericton, N.B. Canada E3A 5G9. The guide
includes all the Newsletters published before Fall 1999, except for June 1998 which will be included in
a future revision. For a list of institutions currently subscribing to "Generations". please contact the Society
at the above address. The following back issues prior 1999 are available (as of June 1999) for purchase
at $3 each postage included.

No. 25, 27, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 49, 50, 51, 52, 53, 54. 55, 56, 57, 58, 59, 60, 61, 62, 63, 64, 65, 66,
Summer 1996, Winter 1996, Winter 1997, Spring 1998, Summer 1998, Fall 1998 Contact for purchase:
New Brunswick Genealogical Society, Attn. Joan Pearce, P.O. Box 3235 Station B, Fredericton, N.B.
Canada E3A 5G9


The N.B.G.S. was founded in 1978 and shortly after produced its first newsletter. The newsletter
immediately became an outlet for the reproduction of private and public records as well as a medium of
exchange. Twenty years later, the newsletter remains an important avenue of communication for over a
thousand researchers sharing New Brunswick roots.

The articles are categorized by the following headings:

1.     Genealogy
2.     Subject
3.     Geography
        Nova Scotia
        New Brunswick:
        Counties: Albert, Carleton, Charlotte, Gloucester, Kent, Kings, Northumberland, Queens,
        Restigouche, Saint John, Sunbury, Victoria, Westmorland, York

G-10   The first ten volumes of the newsletter were published in a book entitle "Generations-10" Example.       G-10 v.4 p.43 is a reference to volume 4 page 43 of "Generations-10"

v.1-66 The first 66 volumes of "Generations" are identified by a Volume Number

After Volume 66, there was a change in the numbering system. Therefore the 67th volume is  identified by Spring 1996, the 68th volume by Summer 1996, etc.

Charlotte County  List..................

History of Quakers who Came to N.B. G-10 v.9 p.129
Passengers of the "Star", St. Andrews 1847 v.25 p.56
Pennfield & Beaver Harbour & Their First Settlers v.13 p.35
Campobello Facts - Winter 1999 p.39, Spring 2000 p.27
1784 Prescot Assoc. Land Grantees v.46 p.54
1784 St. Andrews Land Grantees v.44 p.6
1804 Immigrants at St. Andrews via U.S. G-10 v.6 p.80
1821 Grand Manan Census v.21 p.8-9
1849, St. Andrews Immigrants - Summer 1996 p.20
Sheriffs list 1785-1993 v.58 p.9
Old Revolutionary Soldiers v.59 p.54
All Saints Anglican Church Marriages 1786-1792 v.66 p.25
St, Andrews Immigration Records 1842-43 - Spring 1996 p.6
Grand Manan Marriages - Summer 1999 p.59, Fall 1999 p.29
The Story of Rollingdam - Fall 1999 p.31
Two St. Patrick Parish Schools - Fall 1999 p.47
Letter About Early Digdequash River Settle, 1791 - Fall 1999 p.49
       Graveyard So. Oromocto Lake Rd, Charlotte Co. v.44 p.55
       Old Ridge Cemetery. St. Stephen Parish v.37 p.10
       Maple Grove Cemetery, Grand Manan v.36 p.65; v.37 p.61; v.38 p.57
       St. Paul's Anglican (Pioneer) Cemetery, Grand Manan G-10 v.5 p.67; G-10 v.6 p.82; v.34 p.50
       Pioneer Extension Cemetery, Grand Manan v.29 p.39
       Deep Cove Cemetery, Grand Manan v.29 p.43
       Plant Field or Pence Place Cemetery, Grand Manan v.29 p.47
       Wood Island Burial Grounds, Grand Manan v. 29 p.48
       North Head Cemetery, Grand Manan v.30 p.53
       White Head Cemetery, Grand Manan v.35 p.58
       Old Burial Ground, St. Stephen v.64 p.23
       Old Roman Catholic Cemetery, St. Andrews - Winter 1997 p.38
       The Ledge United Church Cemetery, Dufferin - Winter 1997 p.37
       Private Cemetery, Leverville, Dumbarton Parish - Winter 1997 p.38

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