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Last Updated Nov 2008

Registry of Deeds, Milltown Blvd, St. Stephen - Deeds can be researched at the Registry Office in St. Stephen.There is a charge, levied by the Registry of:   $10 for each half day plus costs of 50 cents for each page copied plus tax of 15%.IF your search is before 1870, you can use the microfilm instead , both at Library in St. Stephen or the Char. Co. Archives in St. Andrews at no charge except for your copies from the film at 50 cents each in St. Stephen and $1.00 each in St. Andrews.  Added to that would be a charge by the searcher.

University of New Brunswick (UNB) Harriet Irving Library Archives Dept - has a scanner that take images directly from the microfilm and send it by email?. The cost is very little.

Charlotte County Branch of NB Genealogical Society- 

Charlotte County Archives   -  located in St. Andrews, NB    updated Nov 2008 [off-site link]

BEAVER HARBOUR ARCHIVES - 18 Quaker Lane, Beaver Harbour. Open.

Black's Harbour Historical Society  

Washington County Genealogical Society, Membership dues is  $10 per year. A quarterly newsletter, "Weirs & Woods" is mailed to all members. The publication includes free queries,
society information and tidbits about Washington County, Maine. For further information contact Frances Raye, president at, or Valdine Atwood secretary at   

Family History Centers  

St. Croix Library Holdings               located in St. Stephen    

Charlotte County Museum 

New Brunswick Genealogical Society (NBGS) They publish Generations  a quarterly newsletter.  Editor Mary  or Joan Pearce can give you more info.

Dan Johnson has compiled statistical data from past issues of Generations.

St. George Library (Elementary School)      
                             Mo=10am to 4pm;Tu=6pm to 8pm; We=10am to 4pm; Th=10am to 4pm; Fr=10am to 4pm

Ross Memorial Library  
                             May 30-?  Tu=8:30am to 4pm and 7pm to 9pm; We,Th, Fr=8:30am to 4pm;
                                             Sa=9am 12 noon; Su & Mo=CLOSED

Saint Croix Historical Society, PO Box 242, Calais, ME  04619 (located in Maine) - membership in the following
        categories:   Supporting=$30;  Sustaining=$20; Regulaar=$100 and Corporation/Business=$50  

Provincial Archives of New Brunswick

National Archives of Canada

Genealogical Association of Nova Scotia

Nova Scota WebGen Project   From 1755 to 1784 we were part of Nova Scotia. Your research may lead you here!

Washington County, Maine GenWeb - A close neighbor to Charlotte County and there was much migration between both countries.  

University of Maine On-Line Catalog of Holdings - try typing in your surname or New Brunswick or Loyalist. You'd be surprised at their holdings! I got more "hits" using Keyword.

Maine INFO NET - Maine State-wide database of Holdings - use the Advanced Search box

Maine State Archives - Search their on-line database.

Immaculate Conception Catholic Church, 17 Calais Avenue, Calais, Maine 04619. Write or call (207) 454-3413 for an appointment.

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