Hartland War Memorial

Hartland War Memorial
Carleton County, New Brunswick, Canada

Lest We Forget Lest We Forget

1939 -1945

Albright, Robert
Baker, Creighton
Boyd, Everett M.
Clark, Leo
Dickinson, Frank, Jr.
Foster, Dow
Gray, George
Hamilton, Enoch
Keswick, MacLaren M.
Lovely, George
Miller, Eldridge
Orser, Clayton
Oser, Ivan
Nevers, Glenn
Rickard, Allison
Shaw, Arthur
Smith, Owen

Another side
Aiton, Robert
Baker, S.
Britton, Edward
Campbell, Coy
DeMacintosh, L.
Dickinson, Frank Sr.
Howells, Joseph
Glass, John
McBurney, Gordon
Mean, Guy
Prosser, Cecil
Stephenson, E.M.
Taylor, George
Vroom, Fred
Wallace, John


Bradley, Herbert
Burrill, William
Clark, Sheridan
Colwell, Ralph
Dickinson, James O.
Dewitt, Silas
Frost, Arthur
Grandlemire, Lee
Goodwin, Frank
Hall, Horace S.
Haywood, Eric
Haywood, Walter
Holmes, Wendell
McMullin, Stephen P.
Orser, Archie B.
Orser, John
Peters, Adeloid
Rideout, Dalton
Sayles, Horatio
Shaw, Roy J.
Steeves, Arnold
Thistle, Wentworth
Tompkins, Guy
Vanwart, Wendell M.
Wallace, Burton

In Memory of the men and women of this area, who served in the armed forces in
The Boer War 1888 - 1902
World War 1 1914  - 1918
World War II 1939 - 1945
Korea 1950 - 1953
Royal Canadian Legion Branch No. 24

Hartland War Memorial is located in front of the Hartland High School in Carleton County, New Brunswick, Canada. About twenty-five feet tall. Possible two Korean War names at the base Everett M. Boyd and  Eldridge Miller, these names were added at a later date. The other side maybe Boer War names.

Death Registration of New Brunswicker killed while ‘in uniform’  1941 - 1947
The Commonwealth War Graves Commission
War Memorials in Canada Project

Royal Canadian Legion Poppy

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