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December 30, 1999

I am seeking information on Tamberlane Campbell who died on his farm across the river from Woodstock around 1821. I have not been able to ascertain the exact date he died, nor have I been able to determine how he came to Canada, from where or when.Leigh Campbell

Information related to his military service in 1759-60 and again in 1775 is part of the record as are his movements from Nova Scotia up the St.John River. I would appreciate hearing from anyone with information on this individual.

Tamberlane Joseph (the Campbell who sailed to NZ via Australia on the brig Australia but ended up in Brunswick, New Zealand which is on the lower west coast of the North Island near Wanganui) was the second son of John and John was the first son of the senior Tamberlane.

Newspaper article from the Wanganui Herald 25 May 1953.  With photo of Tamberlane Joseph Campbell, who opened up the Brunswick district just 100 years ago.
"Dinkum" Canadian doughnuts, buckwheat cakes and a carefree childhood spent in roaming the unspoilt countryside will be among things talked over by Brunswick old-timers when they meet at the district's 100th jubilee celebrations next weekend. At any rate those are some of the subjects that  Mr W.E. Campbell, a grandson of Nova Scotian Tamberlane Joseph Campbell,  who was Brunswick's first settler, can discuss with animation.....  Mr Campbell told the
"Herald" how his grandfather, Mr T.J. Campbell, hacked  his way from Wanganui to Brunswick through tutu and fern, cutting the road  for his bullock wagon as he went. But the story of the Campbell family's  pioneering goes back another couple of centuries.

During the London plague a certain Mr Campbell took fright and caught the first ship to Nova Scotia. He settled up the St. John River and for seven generations his ancestors lived there and thrived in the local timber and   the local shipbuilding, timber and fishing industries. Then in the early 1850's a small adventurous group captained by Tamberlane  Joseph Campbell built their own ship and set sail for Melbourne. The name  of the ship has been forgotten, but a list of the majority of the crew  members who were also part owners, is intact. They were: Walter Abram,  Lorenza Abram, Mrs Bradock, Walter Bradock, Mr F. Baker, Mr D.D. Cunnabell  and his son A.D. Cunnabell, Mrs Cunnabell, Mr and Mrs A.G. Hurley and their son Frank Hurley, Lemen Seperall, Frank and George Jackson, George Perry,   Alfred Perry, and Mr Campbell and family.  They arrived in Melbourne late in 1852. Some of the party were dropped in  Australia while the rest sailed on for New Zealand. What happened to the ship is apparently unknown, but some of her part owners settled in various parts of this country, while the rest returned to Australia.  Mr Campbell arrived in Wanganui in March 1853, after an arduous journey by  bullock wagon up the coast. He had to carve his own track through virgin bush over the hills behind Paekakariki as his was the first wheeled vehicle  to come up from Wellington. His wife (originally Miss Elizabeth Cunnabell)  and four children, Allan, George, Eliza and Elizabeth travelled with him.  After arriving at Brunswick which he named after his old home in Nova  Scotia, Mr Campbell built a house of manuka timber and mud. He farmed the  land for 16 years until he was killed while ploughing. His two sons, Allen  and George, carried on the farm. The Cunnabells and the Hurleys were the only members of the original party from Canada who later settled in   Brunswick......"

Brunswick, NZ, is near Wanganui river (8km from the river). There is a cemetery
in Wanganui which covers that vicinty as Brunswick is a small town. It is at 39
51'lat. and 175  2' longitude.  Place names of New Zealand.  (A.W.Reed, 1973), page 56, it mentions that, "Two early settlers came from  New Brunswick in Canada. Their names were Joseph Tamberlaine Campbell and James Cunnell. They settled on the land they had purchased in 1853. It is said that they gave the name because it reminded them of New Brunswick.

23 Dec 1999
SMITH / DUDLEY: Woodstock area. Looking for any information on William Japhet Smith born May 10, 1862 in the Woodstock, NB area. Looking for any links to his parents or brothers or sisters he was married on April 10, 1889 to a Jennie Lind Dudley she was from Wesley Maine part of Washington Co.  They married in Stacyville, Maine part of Penobscot Co., Maine.  She was born Dec. 29, 1868.   Her mother and father was Mark Fenlason Dudley and Elizabeth Eleanor Day.   Looking to see if he may have been married before that to a Christina Reid or Ried marriage date unknown they had possible 2 children a boy William John Smith born in 1898 and a daughter named Jennie Lenore Smith. They were possible of Armstrong Corner. Hopefully there's a connection but not sure, and where about is Armstrong Corner located....anything on William Japhet Smith would be grateful thanks M Smith

9 Dec 1999
WARNOCK / MORRISON : I am searching for any information on a family named WARNOCK.  My great great grandmother was Sarah Elizabeth WARNOCK.  According to what little information I can find, she was the daughter of John WARNOCK and Mary Ann MORRISON, and she was born about 1852 in St. John, NB.  She had at least two brothers, James & Hugh.  The family moved to Boston, MA, USA, but I have no idea when, but she was married in Boston about 1872 to Charles FRASIER/FRAZIER.  I have since learned that she may have come from Carleton rather than St. John.Lucille   

5 Dec 1999
NEVERS Edmund Alonso b. Hartland, 1852; Father:  Israel Merrit Nevers b. Fredericton 1828 m. Amelia Dickinson; father Samuel James Nevers b. Lincoln, NB   1807 m. Elizabeth Merritt ; Father:  Nathaniel Nevers b. Maugerville, NB 1778 married Hannah.  Looking for any and all information on the family (my mother's grandfather's). Marin Gills     

3    Dec1999
Looking for  AMBER DAVIS , d/o George & Hannah DAVIS, Bristol.  She was born in 1866,probably in St John.Last appearance was in 1881 census,Carleton County. No marriage or death records found.Bob Davis        

26 Nov 1999
CURRIE / EMBLETON My grandparents: Grace Mae Currie
                                                                        Eldon Heber Embleton : Florence Rameau    

19 Nov 1999
HUGHES (Hews), Garrett born in Ireland 1803 later in 1848  moved to Wisconsin.  He was in Fredericton, NB in 1838.  One child born in Frederiction in 1838 Anne. Mother's name was Catherine Whalen or Phalen Are any militia records available listing men who were in the boarder dispute between NB and Maine?  Am looking for information so as to find his father in Ireland.  All records do not record his fathers name nor where he was from.  Hou, Maine is across from Woodstock, NB which is in Carleton Co.  Since Garrett Hughes was found in Houlton, Maine.   I thought he might have lived in Carleton Co. before coming to Maine. Eileen Temte   

3 Nov 1999
McQUADE, Edward b. 1828. I was from Clones, Monaghan, Ireland.  He left a brother William and a sister Mary behind in Ireland.  He immigrated to Tilley, New Brunswick, Canada.  Any info is appreciated.Brenda Jackson     

23 October 1999
GREER, Charles - living at Victoria Corners in 1890s.
Married to Maria CHRISTENSEN. Children:
i. Arthur Edward GREER, b. 1 OCT 1895, Victoria Cor.
ii. Catherine May GREER, b. 1899, Victoria Cor., m. Chipman James NASON. Bob Manchip    
Looking for:
i. Parents & ancestors of Charles and Maria.
ii. Siblings of Charles and Maria.
iii. Other children of Charles and Maria.

I have further info on the NASON family that I'm willing to share. Bob Manchip   

21 Oct 1999
SHAW: I am trying to identify parents of my gggrandfather Sanford Shaw, b 1837, NB, in 1862 married Roxanna Dow (born circa 1841) and they lived most of their lives in Victoria Corner where he had a shoemaking shop. Book of Shaw states parents as William and Frances Phillips. This line would take him back to the colonies with English descendent. As he was very vocal about being Scottish and family rumor says his mother at least part native, I think there is more to the story.  Any help appreciated. Kathleen Baker    

18 Oct 1999
CRICHTON / METHVEN: I am researching my husbands family. His great-great grandparents, John Crichton and Agnes Bell Methven, were married by the Rev. H.J. McLardy, Minister of the Church of Scotland at Woodstock, Carleton County, New Brunswick, Canada, July 16, 1864 in Renfrew House.Mary Ann Creighton    
I do not have a birth date on either one or when they entered the country.  Know that they came from Scotland, Dundee or Edinburgh. And would like to have any information on their parents name, etc.

18 Oct 1999
WOODWARD / HUNTER: I am looking for any and all info. on the Woodward family from Carleton Co. from 1800 and on. Does anyone know if there may have been some that married Indians.  My Grandfather claimed that his mother Mary Annabella Hunter was half Indian. Her parents were Solomon Hunter and Hester Matilda (Hetty) Woodward or it may have been Matilda Hester Woodward they were married in Carleton Co.NB on August 1850.  I was thinking her father may have been one of three men Robert, Samuel or Nathaniel Woodward all in their 60s in 1851 census.  Any and all info on any of these men or Woodward families in Carleton Co would be greatly appreciated.
Kim Knox-Lawrence

11 Oct 1999
McKINLEY: I have been searching high & low for more information on a late relative by the name of Gordon McKinley.  Gordon is the late husband of the late Mary Richardson.  They resided in Edmunston & Woodstock, New Brunswick, Canada.   Mary  is the daughter of the late James Richardson & Mary Meers.  I don't know where Gordon originated and I am looking for information on his siblings, parents, g-parents, etc Peter Flemming    

8 Oct 1999
PHILLIPS, Matthew of Northampton, Carleton County, was a UEL and was granted land in 1796.  He died in 1823.  He and his brother Thomas Phillips came north in 1783 from New Jersey.  Was he a member of a loyalist regiment?  Was his father and grandfather named Matthew from Horsneck NJ and would the family have originated around Pembroke Castle in England?.  Looking for any information. 
For the information of historians: I have the sword of Captain Thomas Phillips, son of Matthew. Thomas retired from his commission in 1841 with rank. He was an officer of the 1st Battalion of the Carleton County Militia.David Phillips  

6 Oct 1999
HAYES : I'm seeking information on John HAYES was born in Woodstock, NB Canada. He married Jessie MAYNES. Children of John Hayes and Jessie Maynes are Myrtle Dolly Hayes  b. February 29, 1912, Woodstock, N.B., Canada. Also Walter, Billy, Darrell, Grace and Margaret HAYES.Carol Higgins 

27 Sept 1999
DIBBLEE : In 1888 a birchbark racing canoe was built for Lt. Col. Herbert Dibblee of Woodstock by Jim Paul and Peter Polchies of St. Marys.  Did Col. Dibblee have a son also named "Herbert"?   Is there a biographical sketch of either of them or genealogical data available?
James W. Wheaton   

21 Sept 1999
DINGEE who moved to Glassville from Gagetown in the 1860s.
Casper CADWELL who moved to Florenceville from Maugerville c 1830. Graydon Dingee .

21 Sept 1999
Searching for any information about the McClintock family of Carleton Co. I know of:
George Edward McClintock who married an Anna Johnston.had children:
Edward Ruel 1881, Ferne Edna 1886, Jose Sellar 1888, Samuel Beckwith 1892, Florence Alice 1896...all born in Centreville, Carleton Co.
Also a Mary Rebecca McClintock who married Wilmot B Burtt had children: Lena May 1878 and Frank Good Burtt 1882 in Jacksontown, Carleton Co.
and Louise McClintock who married Samuel Darkis and had child Scott Darkis 1868 in Florenceville, Carleton Co, NB.

I am trying to find a connection between the Samuel McClintock in Saint John NB and Isabelle(a) McClintock( the grandmother...a widow who came to Saint John from Ireland.with family ) and these McClintocks in Carleton County. Anna   

17 Sept. 1999
WARK / FIELDS : I am looking for information on Samuel Wark died in Perth-Andover in 1922. He was married to Jessie Mae Fields who was born in 1879 in Calingford, NB and died 1943 in Perth    

17 Sept. 1999
BRADGDON / STEWART: I am looking for information on George Asa Bragdon m. Cassie Stewart in
Perth-Andover in 1894.   

GILLIN & TIMONY, IRELAND Debec Junction, Carleton, NB  14 Sept. 1999
Am helping an older gentleman find his grandparents.  Irish immigrants Daniel GILLIN (b.7 Mar 1823- d.4 Oct 1908) & Ellen TIMONY or TEMMONY (b. Dec. 1840-d. 8 Sep 1903)--both died in Debec Junction.  Anyone out there searching for these families or able to help this gentleman with some look-ups for Carleton Co.?  He does not have access to the Internet, but you can email me: Anne   or write him directly with information.  Mr. H. GILLIN, 92 Harris Hill Road, Wethersfield, CT USA 06109.  Thanks so much....he's  elderly and would like to visit the area.

10 Sept. 1999
DeLONG: I am researching  all DeLong ancestors in Carleton/York. & Queens Counties, NB. - they are descendents of John DeLong and Aaron DeLong who moved her in 1783 onward after coming to New Brunswick as part of Loyal American Regiment.  They origionally settled in Hamstead, Kings Co area and St Martins, NB.Wayne Delong     

MARSHALL: I am trying to find a birth date on my great grandfather. On his marriage certificate, he lists Richmond, New Brunswick, Canada as his place of birth. I do know that he died in Salem, Massachusetts in the early 70s but can not find a record of his death.  His name is John Norwood Marshall.  He married Alberta Ferris who was born in Mills Corners, New Brunswick, Canada. Any information would be of great help.. I estimate him being born about the 1880s. Ann Marshall Gregory      

6 Sept. 1999
TRACY/ BOONE / GRAY :  I'm looking for info re: Hannah Tracy (b. 7/22/1813?) m. Samuel Boone son of Samuel & Kattie DeWitt; also Sarah Tracy (b. 1838 in Wakefield?) m. John Boone son of Samuel & Hannah Tracy; also Minnie Gray b. 7/2/1861 m. Samuel Boone son of John & Sarah Tracy. Samuel Boone & Minnie Gray lived at one time in Woodstock where my great-grandfather, Guy Boone, was born. They moved to Maine (I don't know when), possibly lived in Monticello for awhile, they lived in Norridgewock, Maine in their later years. I am looking for the Tracy and Gray families in New Brunswick. Dianne Jones      

28 Aug. '99
SCOTT / WHITMORE : I am looking for Rebekah Scott b.abt 1790 or so, married to Daniel Whitmore abt. 1818/20. Her father may have gotten a land grant in Carleton County. Any info. on the Scott family would be appreciated. Sock   

25 Aug. '99
CLARK: I am not 100% sure my ancestors are from Carleton County, but the probability is high. I am looking for the parents of Hattie E(?) Clark, b. late 1880s.   Any info greatly appreciated. Dee     

24 Aug. '99
KINNEY: Looking for information on surname Kinney. Family lived in Fosterville. Father was Thomas Kinney, daughter Ruth, born 1917, son Austin, living in Houlton, Maine, now. Jerry Randall   

24 Aug. '99
PHILLIPS, MATTHEW: I am researching the PHILLIPS family of Northampton, Carleton Co. NB
Time Frame:    1796+/-
My search includes PHILLIPS, MATTHEW, UEL to present. My goal if to determine from what colony did the Phillips come from?  Possibly New Jersey. Any assistance would be appreciated. David A. Phillips    

22 Aug. '99
STEWART: It's been a while since I posted so will try again.  Any connections with David R. Stewart, born 1830 in Ireland, married Judith McCallum in Carleton County.  David had a brother Tom, born 1839 in Greenfield, married Mary McGary, then H. Eliza Stephens.  Children married into the following families: Adams, Newell, Belyea, Milliken, Hood, Mooers, Lamereaux, Boyer, Merrithew. Sheila   

1 Aug. '99
ADAMS/BARRETT: Looking for info on Isaac Francis ADAMS b.1819 (John & Abigail Fero) m.1844, Wicklow, Carleton Co. to Mary Barrett (Edward & Grace Dennison). UEL connections.P.Stewart    

1 Aug. '99
PAGE: Looking for info on the family of John Washington Page (James Dodge & Jane Lee) b.1835, m. 1860 in Tracy Mills, Grace Ann Adams (Isaac F. and Mary Barrett). They originally came from Kennebec, Maine to Tracy Mills, Carleton Co. Any info on the PAGE family origins appreciated.P.Stewart    

1 Aug. '99
HARRINGTON - Am looking for birth information for Arthur Oliver (or Oliver Arthur) Harrington. b. 1/3/1898 in Biggar Ridge, Carleton Co., New Brunswick.  He moved to Maine and then Connecticut, here he died in 1968.  Believe he was son of WIlliam Albert Harrington and Sarah (Jameson) Harrington, who moved to Biggar Ridge in 1880s.Scott M. Harrington     

31 July 1999
SULLIVAN - Searching for any info about Cornelius Sullivan married to Catherine Pierce-Sullivan, married Sept. 8, 1896. Lived in Bath, Holmesville, Johnsville area.
Catherine died: January 25, 1906, I have no date of death on Cornelius. Does anyone have access to info pertaining to his date of death?? They are buried in Johnsville cemetery.
Are they Irish immigrants? Family rumor is they are. Did they get a land grant???
Some children names are:
Patrick Sullivan (need date of birth, marriage, death)
Morris Sullivan (need date of birth, marriage, death)
Anna G.Sullivan, born: july 20, 1897 in Holmesville.
(two other sisters, don't know the names) Krista Heatley     
Information on the Sullivan and Pierce families is found in AN HONOURABLE INDEPENDENCE, The Irish Catholic Settlers of Johnville, Carleton County, New Brunswick, co-authored by William and Mary McDevitt, whose ancestors were from Johnville. 

30 July '99
STARKEY - I am researching the surname STARKEY. My grandfather's name was Adam MacBeth Starkey, and he was born in Carleton Co. I don't know the exact date of birth, but it would probably have been in the late 1800s.  He married Grace Eliza Donnelly, who was born in Stanley, New Brunswick.  They later lived in Houlton, Maine.Gayle Starkey Pittman     

27 July '99
SULLIVAN - I am looking for Info about Anna G. Sullivan, born 07/20/1897 in Holmesville, CA, N.B. Parents names: Cornelius Sullivan and Cathrine Pierce-Sullivan. They were married in CA, N.B., Canada on 09/08/1896. Possibly birth or death records for parents. Are there any siblings to Anna G. ????Krista Heatley     

26 July '99
PIERCE/SULLIVAN - I am searching for gggrandparents of my mom's side.
Catherine Pierce-Sullivan and her husband, Cornelius Sullivan. They were married on 09/08/1896. They had a daughter, Anna G. Sullivan, born 07/20/1897.
I don't know if there are more children, however in my search I keep stumbling across a female child's name: Maria Nixon Collins born to a Catherine Pierce on 10/02/1891 in Saint John. The father is listed as a Denis Collins. I am wondering if he died, she remarried to Cornelius??? I would like to know if there is any info about parents of Catherine or Cornelius and if there are siblings?? Krista Heatley 

18 July '99
Cole -  Am seeking information on Albert Cole that was a cabinetmaker in Woodstock during the 1860s. He married Nancy Jones, whose father David was a blacksmith. His brothers Frederick and John were also employed in Woodstock. Jon Cole     

30 June '99
LAVERTY, BALDWIN, BRYDEN, DICKISON, KELLY - I am interested in hearing from anyone with information on the following families:
GEORGE LAVERTY b. 1782 in Armagh? Ireland arrived in N.B. c. 1816 with
wife, Elizabeth BROWN, and son William  b. 1815 (m. Hannah KELLY). Other
children were:
Isaac  b.18l7 m. Elizabeth BALDWIN,  Mary Jane b. 1821 m. John BRYDEN, John b. 1825 in Maugerville, N.B. (my ggf) m. Annie DOUGHERTY,  Elizabeth b.1828, and Matilda b. 1831 m. John DICKISON.  Do not know where they lived prior to 1825 (John's obit states he was born in Maugerville).  In the 1830s they petitioned for land in Oak Mountain, Woodstock Parish, and later in S. Richmond, Carleton Co.  Many families remained  in that area (including mine in Debec). Some moved to the U.S. (ME, MA, CA).  Isaac was a pioneer settler in the area of Albert Co. now occupied by Fundy National Park.  The park contains landmarks: Laverty Lake, Laverty Brook, Laverty Falls, Laverty Trail.  That branch of the family moved to Westbrook ME. Dawn (Laverty) Matheson       

30 June '99
NEAL/LAVERTY - Laura LAVERTY (1867-1900) dau. of John and Annie (DOUGHERTY) LAVERTY b. S.
Richmond, Carleton Co., N.B. m. Roderick NEAL (b. 1859).  Children:
Kenneth Arlington NEAL b. 1894 and Theresa NEAL.
Kenneth m. Dora Hatfield, their children:  Laura and Kenneth.  Theresa m. Jack SLATER. Laura Laverty taught school in Campbell Settlement, Grand Falls, Green Road.   I have many letters written to her siblings in the late 1800s. She is buried at McKenzie Corner.  Does anyone know her cause of death?  Would be interested in hearing from her descendants. Dawn (Laverty) Matheson        

29 June '99
TRAFFORD - Looking for members of Trafford family that was living in Wilmont Parish, Carleton County in the 1800s.  The leading member was William Trafford born about 1793 in England arrived in Canada about 1816 married Christanna born about 1791 in New Brunswick.  The children of Wm and Christanna were John Trafford born 1830; Mariah born 1832; Thomas Trafford born 1835 married Eunice White of York County born 1835; William born 1838; James born 1844. The only one that I have any information on are the desendants of Thomas Trafford.  The children of Thomas are William Lemont Trafford born 10 May 1867, Centreville, Wilmont Parish; Olive born unknown; Obdur born 1861 married Emma Jamieson children; Ora Lillian born 28 Nov 1890, Centreville and Alice Mae born 11 July 1898, Knoxford; Sewall born unknown; Annie Amelia born unknown married Miles J. Birmingham children; Glenna May Birmingham born 7 Aug 1887 Connell, Carleton County, Mildred Etta Birmingham born 22 Aug 1893 Connell.  I would like to make contact with anyone having any information about these families.  Will to trade information.William Libby   

15 June '99
Researching James McBRIDE
Born c. 1773 Co. Donegal, Ireland
Emigrated: 1833 to Watson Settlement, Carleton Co.
Married Mary Jane Thompson (b. c. 1772; d. 1855 Watson Settlement)

Children = John McBride (my line - b. 1801/03 Ireland; d. 1874); Eliza;
Ann; Margaret; Mary; Jane; Rebecca.  Mark Ritter   

15 June '99
Researching Reuben GOODINE
Married abt. 1873 to Amelia M. MURPHY (abt.1855-1880),
daughter of Dennis and Elizabeth Murphy, Northampton Parish, Carleton County
Children of Reuben Goodine and Amelia Murphy:
    G. Winfield GOODINE (1874- ? )
    Alfred R. GOODINE (1879-1967)

Married abt. 1883 to Margaret Elizabeth HANSCOME
Children of Reuben Goodine and Margaret Hanscome:
    Alfred Douglas GOODINE (1884- ? )
    John Andrew GOODINE (1899- ? )Cara Mumford     

7 June '99
WEST - We are looking for the family name WEST.  Howard, George Albert b.1867 m. Sarah Ann (she d.1859); James Edward immigrated to Santa Cruz, California: Jud & Bert went to Butte Montana.   Children of George West b.1828 Centerville or Royalton, York Cty , NB married Margery b 1831. Also William b. 1826; Charles b.1833; Mary b.1831 all in Centerville or Royalton, York County, NB.

Specifically George Walter West b. 24 Sept. 1852 m. Josephine Agusta Pryor b. 9 Jul. 1856 from just over the border in Maine, USA  Married 6 Oct.1879. Chris    

26 May '99
Researching James GROVER
Born: 1821 at: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Married Eliza ALLEN (1825-1903)24 Feb 1849 at: Woodstock (Carleton)
Died: 1895 at: Pentwater (Oceana)Michigan
Father:Robert GROVER Mother:Mary MARSHMAN

Eliza ALLEN was born in 1825, possibly in Australia? (she was adopted) and died
in 1903 at Pentwater (Oceana) MI   Father: John BEDELL. Children:
Robert GROVER (aft 1849 - ?)
Mary Louise GROVER (aft 1849 - ?) - married Henry Douglas BEVERIDGE
Caroline Matilda GROVER (1854-1944) - married Oliver Otis STINCHFIELD /STANCHFIELD
Rupert Whittaker GROVER (bef 1854 - ?)Tracey Morris 

25 May '99
1. Robert BARTHOLEMEW1 WELCH was born 1829 in Woodstock, NB Canada, and died 1911. He married Jennie CRONK LOUISE BAILEY Sept. 09, 1875 in Saint John, NB Canada, daughter of William BAILEY and Elizabeth CRONK.
Children of Robert Welch and Jennie Bailey are:
2.            i. Robert SANDFORD STEWART2 WELCH, b. July 22, 1877, Woodstock, NB Canada; d. Apr. 28, 1959, Woodstock, NB Canada.
3.           ii. A Hazel INSLEY WELCH, b. Sept.19, 1880; d. Jul. 07, 1955.
             iii. Herbert DIBBLEY WELCH, b. Oct. 15, 1889; d. Dec. 1889. 
For more information go to my Interne Trees. e-mail Wayne McCarthy

May 25 '99
I am researching the BECKIM and REID families of Bloomfield, Carleton Co.  Henry Beckim and his family came from Co. Fermanagh, Ireland abt. 1850. They settled in Beckim Settlement, Bloomfield.  I would love information on the family as many vital records in the area were destroyed by fire.   
RIED - Manford REID was born in Bridgewater Maine in 1889, but spent most of his
youth in Bloomfield.  His father and mother William Reid and Henrietta Nichols married in Bloomfield. Darlene Walsh  or    

May 22 '99
HANNING - Looking for information on the following individuals:   John Hanning, b.1782, and his 3 sons, Stephen Hanning, b. 1818, Merrill Hanning, b. 1836, and Charles Hanning, b. 1839.  The three sons were all born in Carleton Co.; the father may have been as well.
Andrew Zausner

20 May '99
WOODWARD - Looking for Info. on Samuel, Robert and Nathaniel Woodward. Were they brothers and who were their parents? Who were their wives and children? Any dates of births,deaths and marriages? They were granted land in 1826 in Kent, Carleton.NB. Were they Loyalists and from where? Sock   

May 17 '99
John/Yon/DIONNE and DeMerchant. I'm looking for more information on Conten Yon, whose name was also recorded as Conten John, Cantin Dionne, and Constantine John.

Constantine John married Mary DeMerchant, 23 February 1815. The records of the Woodstock Anglican church show baptisms of children of Conten and Mary John: Charles Edward, born   22 July 1818, and Charlotta, born 31 January 1820. Conten Yon received a land grant near Woodstock in 1822. He was born Cantin Dionne in Quebec and came to the province in 1812. Mark Dionne      

2 May '99 
Archibald Clayton PLUMMER b abt 1816 & Anna STICKNEY bapt1813
Fred Archibald PLUMMER b1858 & Ethel RILEY m 1888
Betsy CLAYTON,1700 John RIELY1880. Elizabeth SPRINGER.1880
The GLEW family and the WESTALL family Donald Clayton Plummer 

2 May '99
BUSTARD - Researching the descendants of George Bustard and Jane Saunders. George and Jane raised a large family in Monument, NB along the Maine border. George, born in 1817 immigrated from IRE . They raised the following children Andrew, John, James, Robert, George, Deborah, Margaret, Mary Jane, Susanah, and Hugh.SW Bustard 

17 Apr. '99
GREEN /BEDELL - Jacob Douglas Green m. Sylvia Evaline Bedell Sept 18, 1856 in Woodstock.  Their three children who survived childhood were:  Horace Rudolph Green b. July 18, 1857, Evalina Margaret Green b. June 19, 1863 and George Frederick Green b. Feb 22,1859.  All three children were born in the Woodstock area.  The two children I know of who died in childhood were Alberta A Green and Cavalier Jouett Green.  Both are buried with their parents. George Green moved to Montana in 1882, and married Ella Boyd in 1894. (Ella was also originally from Woodstock).  I am George and Ella's gggrand-daughter.
Sylvia Evaline (Eva) was the daughter of Joseph and Sylvia Bedell.  I am looking for more information on Jacob Douglas Green.  According to information he gave in a later census, he was born in New Brunswick around 1828.  He died in 1874 and is buried in the Anglican Church burying ground in Richmond. Any information about Jacob, or his descendants or antecedents would be appreciated. Kathleen Martin 

9 Apr. '99
HUNTER, WOODWARD, and TOMPKINS -   I am looking for info.on Solomon Hunter b. 1826(?) m. Hetty Wooward 1850 in Kent Parish, Carleton, NB she was b. abt 1826 need her parents and any other info.   Solomon Hunters parents were William Hunter and Abigail Tompkins of Wakefield NB m. 1813 need more info on both. Kim Knox-Lawrence

8 Apr. '99
Three McCORMACK sisters (b.1870 -1880) from the Woodstock area- Catherine, Agnes, Louise. Catherine & Louise both found their way to Portland ME, Catherine as the wife of Isaac Sheasgreen, at one time a pharmacist in Woodstock and later a steamship agent for the Grand Trunk rw'y.  They had a son Edward Sheasgreen. Louise became Louise DeVane and had a son, Harvey DeVane, Sr. in Portland.  I'm searching for descendants all three sisters.Jim MacKenzie        

6 Apr. '99
HATHAWAY / HOLMES - I am looking for information on Eleazer Hathaway and his wife Susanna Holmes They had 11 children.   Their dates of birth as far as I can tell was Eleazer born 1793 and Susanna born 1797 The children are Henery born 1817 Matialda born 1830 Sephiona born 1835 Phebe born 1837 Issac born 1827 Calvin born 1833 John 1823 Sarah Robert 1825 Alanson 1824 Alameada born 1840 I am interested in finding out what country they or their parents came from. I would also like to find the names of their parents. (Eleazer and Susanna).  I am a decedent of Calvin Hathaway  My grandmother was Helen Hathaway Smith she was married to Frank Smith.  I would appreciate any and all information that any one can send to me. Shirlie Phelps    

22 Mar. '99
NYE/WOLHAUPTER- I'm searching for any information or clues pertaining to Carl NYE or his wife (?) WOLHAUPTER. I believe they lived in Gordonsville and had a son Hantford m. Elizabeth (nee Giggee).
I've reached dead ends with the parentage of several other Carleton County individuals, perhaps someone could point me in the right direction?
* Jarvis SHAW (1834-1930) m. Mirium Melvin (1838-1923). They had four (?) children: Jarvis Harley Shaw, Horace J. Shaw, D. Willard Shaw and Herman Henry Shaw.
* Scott (?) COOK m. Maude (?). They had a daughter Ethel May Shaw (nee Cook) b. 1896, a school teacher, m. Jarvis Harley Shaw (August 9, 1887-1932). She had a second marriage to a MacQuarrie buried in Hartland, NB.Angela Humes   

22 Mar. '99
MCCLUSKEY   I am researching the McCluskey line from Ricmond, Carleton Co. New Brunswick.  James McCluskey married Margaret Friel in 1881 in Richmond.  They had several children born in Richmond, James, Mary, Fred, John and Gertrude.  The son James moved to Amity where he married Catherine Oliver in 1910.  Eventually the rest of the family moved to the Amity-Houlton area, for the exception of Mary who moved to Massachussets.  Anyone searching this line please respond.Deb Furino 

20 Mar. ''99
DOHERTY, Elizabeth  (Daugherty, Dougherty, Dority) married Dominick McGlinn (McGlynn) August 5, 1860  Richmond Parish, (Woodstock), Carleton Co., NB, Canada.   Ceremony performed by Thomas Connolly, Missionary. Witnesses:  Richard and Bridget McGlinn.   Richard and Bridget were enumerated with Rodger and Felecia McGlinn in 1871.  Seek info on these families. Josh Warren  

20 Mar. ''99
GRAHAM Family: James Graham and Elizabeth ? emigrated from the U.S. about 1863 to Richmond.  They had a son with them at the time, Samuel McIntyre Graham.   Samuel married three times - Elizabeth Moxon, Maud Hawkes, Ann Bustard.  I have descendants of Samuel/Maud but not of moxon or Bustard.  Ann Bustard was from Kirkland I believe.  Any info re these would be appreciated.  Also any leads to parents of James Graham or identity of  his wife, Elizabeth.Bob Watson  

20 Mar. '99
BOYD/WILSON - John Boyd m. Sophia Jane Wilson in Woodstock in 1867.   She was the daughter of William and Elizabeth Wilson of Richmond, born in 1848.   John died in Montana in 1926, and his daughters gave his birthplace and date as 1836 in Woodstock, NB.  I have not been able to find any record of his birth, or even of his existence in Woodstock, other than the marriage record.  I would appreciate any guidance in finding his antecedents.    

John and Sophia came to Montana in 1880 by covered wagon, and John helped build the copper town of Anaconda, Mt.  Sophia disappears from Montana records about 1883, and may have returned to NB.  John and Sophia are my gggrandparents through their daughter Ella Mae Boyd Green.  They have numerous descendants in Montana, Washington and British Columbia. 

10 Mar. '99
LAING - I am seeking on any information on the Laing family, originally of Scotch Colony (later know as Kintore, or Kincardine, I believe).  Also any info on Emma Purcell, (Nova Scotia), who married a Laing, and probably resided in Carleton County in the late 1800s.
Gregg Nuttall    

  6 Mar. '99
MCGLINN/MCGLYNNSeeking info on Dominick and Peter McGlinn/McGlynn who were from Woodstock, NB, Canada.  Immigrated to Houlton, ME and eventually to Littleton, ME.  Peter married first Margaret Gammerson and second Mary Ann Currier.   Dominick, born about 1830, married Elizabeth (Betsey) Daugherty, born about 1834.   Dominick's and Elizabeth's children: Henry and Bridget, twins, born about 1862; Mary Ann, born about 1864; Rose, born about 1866; Francis, born about 1868; Sarah, born about 1870; Elizabeth or Lizzie, born about 1872; and Susie, born about 1874.   Dominick, Elizabeth and Sarah are all buried in Houlton, ME at St. Mary's Roman Catholic Cemetery on Military Street.  This family was residing in Littleton, ME during the 1880 U.S. Census.Ruth Warren     

5 Mar. '99
SWIM / SHAW- I am searching for any information on the Swim family and the Shaw family located in the Coldstream area of New Brunswick.  I am very new at this and would be happy to have any information that could be provided. Tips on how to find out more about these families would also be greatly appreciated. Karen Ogden    

28 Feb. '99
NEWMAN - I am seeking information on the ancestry of James, Denis, Ann, and Patick Newman who lived at the Newburg settlement located to the north of Woodstock, New Brunswick in the 1840s.William A. Newman   

27 Feb. '99
ARMOUR - I am looking for information on John and Joseph Armour. They received land grants in Maplehurst (near Upper Kent) Carleton Co. on the same date in 1856. Can anyone help me? Richard Armour      

23 Feb. '99
DICKINSON - I am searching for Mehitable Dickinson, born 1810 in New Brunswick, married Andrew Scott, born 1804, Ireland. They married in Northampton, Carleton, New Brunswick August 24, 1826. Their 10 children were born there.Helen York    

21 Feb. '99
DROST - I am looking for any information concerning the Drost family from Wicklow. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Anne DeWitt   

20 Feb. 1'999
CENSUS INCOMPLETE ??  - Does anyone know if the film C-1000 1861 census of Carlton County is incomplete?  When looking through Wicklow Part II there are only 157 names listed.  If I look at the Agricultural Census for Wiclow Part II after that, it lists 144 heads of families.  The heads of families I'm interested in are part of the agricultural census, but I can't see them in the regular census. Mari Anne   

20 Feb. 1'999
Asa KINNEY / Betsy TOMPKINS - Around 1800.   Daughter Elizabeth was born 1822 in Carleton Co. Looking for help sorting all these Tompkins and Kinneys. Mari Anne    

19 Feb. '99     
BELYEA seeking information about:
James BULYEA 1756  and his wife Jemima PURDY.
Oliver BULYEA 1796 and his wife  Rachel PURDY
Henry A. BELYEA  1825 and his wife Millicent NEVERS 1826
S.A. HANSFORD 1853 and his wife Jerusha CRAIG
BIGGAR - William  A. BIGGAR and his wife Susan HARRINGTONBev Davis   

18 Feb. '99
HATHAWAY/ KENNEDY - Searching for ancestors of my great grandmother Mary  HATHAWAY   b.  River de Chute, NB Canada and married to John KENNEDY b Ireland.  Son Norman Clarence KENNEDY  b. 11 or 19 Nov 1884/86   (Andover) Doverhill Victoria Co. NB.  He wed Isaia FORBES in Caribou Aroostook ME USA  6 Jun 1917, that certificate shows both  Mary HATHAWAY and John KENNEDY   as deceased. Any assistance greatly appreciated. Honor   

16 Feb. '99
JONES, David - appears in the 1851 census of Woodstock, Carleton County, N.B., age 40, blacksmith, with wife Jane (named only as "Mrs."), age 38, with children Maria, 15, Hannah, Samuel, Charles, Edward, David, Nancy and Robert.

Daughter Maria (Mary Maria) married 21 May 1855 Jesse BAKER as his second wife.  Mary Maria (JONES) BAKER died 12 July 1864, evidently at Woodstock, and he obituary was printed in the 'Carleton Sentinel' on 16 July 1864 with the notation at the bottom, "Canada papers please copy."

I'm assuming (dangerous, yes) that that notation indicated the JONES family either came from Upper Canada, or a branch of the family had settled there.

I'm seeking the maiden name of David JONES' wife and the ancestry of both of them, place(s) of birth, date and place of marriage, in short, any bits of information relating to David and Jane JONES.  Any and all information will be greatly appreciated. R. Wallace Hale    

10 Feb. '99
John b. 1784 m.Harrie
t ? b. 1789. Family settled primarily in Wicklow and Maine with some moving back and forth. Looking to fill in some blanks and trade information.  Married into the PARTRIDGE, VANDINE, and  GEE families. Mari Anne     

23 Jan. '99
MOXSOM/MOXON - I am interested in finding out information about my Moxsom/Moxon family who lived in Carleton Co. from 1858 onward. The following people lived in Benton Ridge/Benton and Woodstock areas. James Moxsom was b. in 1785 in Ebbesborne Wake, Wiltshire, England, bap. 27 Jul 1788 and d. 09 Sep 1871 in Woodstock, NB. He is buried in the Parish of Woodstock Christ Church Cemetery. His wife was Margaret (Mary) Fisher b. 1795 in Nova Scotia d. 10 Sep 1865 and is buried in the same cemetery as her husband. They were married on 13 Nov 1824 in Shubenacadie, NS.Natasha Doreen Moxon     

They had four sons and a daughter. Their sons Henry, John, and William moved to NB with their parents in 1858. Henry married Abigail White d/o Rachel and Isaiah White.  John married Caroline White d/o Rachel and Isaiah White. William lived with John and appears to never have married. James and Margaret's son Richard (Dick) lived in Nova Scotia until 1891 when he and his wife disappear from NS records. The oral history of the family states that Richard may have moved to NB to be with his other family members. The only daughter, Susie married and stayed in NS.

19 Jan. '99
Searching Emily ROTHBURN/RATHBURN, what was her maiden name, what was her husbands name, who were her parents?   One dau. known: Harriet,  m. 1st RUFUS SNOW, in Woodstock 4/14/1847, witnessses: Connell and Sawyer; they moved to Bangor, ME. and he apparently died there, did they have any children? Harriet m. 2nd, Isaiah D. LOCKHART in Bangor on 8/5/1857; their 1st child George Frederick b. in Bangor ca. 1859.   They moved back to Woodstock and had 3 other children:  Amaretta (Minnie) b. ca 1862, Harriet Lillian (Hattie) b. 4/1867, Etta or Ella b. ca 1870, did Etta/Ella die young?   Who did Frederick and Amaretta marry?  Emily lived with Harriet and Isaiah, and is listed on the 1881 census for Carleton, Wicklow, when did she die, where is she buried? Would like to hear from anyone with any info. or connections to these families.  Alicia McLean Wiatrowski     

18 Jan. '99
GIGIE, O'NEILL, & VANDINE.  These are the main names in my tree.  John Gigie m. Ellen O'Neill.  They had several children: Irene b.1854, Zenas b.1855, Drucilla b.1857, Octiva b.1859, Annie b.1861, Edmond b.1863, Jennie b.1866, Henry b.1867, John Westley b.1868, Theodore b. 1871 & Lemuel John b.1873 - d.1960.  Lemuel m. Mellissa Grace Vandine their children are Coburn John b.1912- d.1956, Mary Ellsn b.1913-1'990, Philip Ersel b.1916- d. 1988, Violet Lela (1917-1918), Eota Carmen b.1920, Clayton Charles b.1923, Alva Oran b.1925, Norma Vandine b.1927-1927, Claudia Doreen b.1930 & Vaugh VanDine.Rick & Sue    

14 Jan. '99
VENESS - Jack (John Allen) Veness was born about 1847 in New Brunswick to George W.E. Veness (b. England) and Rhoda (Taylor) m. 1844. According to Carleton County marriage records, Jack Veness, Woodstock married Caroline (Carrie) Hall, of Queensbury Parish, York Co., 1 July 1872. In 1875 they emigrated to the U.S. coming first to Fairfield, MA where their son Fred Eugene was born. By 1883 the have come to Buena Vista, Oregon where they separated. I'm looking for any information on John Allen Veness or Caroline Hall prior to their emigration to the U.S.Wayne G.    

1 Jan. '99
Land Grants - I hope somebody can help me. I've been trying to do research into land grants given to settlers back in the early 1800s in the Carleton County area.  Does anyone know the name of the grants? And have they seen any records or details of them?  I would appreciate any help. Lianne Atkinson     

1 Jan. '99
TURNER, George William  b 22 Nov 1815, Fredericton, d 27 Aug 1857, there, m 21 Dec 1839, Lincoln: Mary Jane Estey, b 24 Aug 1819, there, d 5 Apr 1897, there.   They had at least four children:
William R. Turner b 24 Nov 1840, Fredericton, d 2 Mar 1903, there, m 24 Jun 1869.
Sarah E. Atherton, b 6 Jan 1845, daughter of John H. and Hannah Atherton.
George Frederick Turner b 12 Jul 1842, Woodstock, Carleton Co., d 5 Feb 1905, Woburn, Middlesex Co., MA, m 1 Sep 1865, Fairfield, Somerset Co.,ME.
Mary Ann Ellis, b 14 Dec 1844, North Fairfield, ME, d 2 Feb 1882, Farmington, Franklin Co., ME.  This is my great grandfather and I know more about this line.
Charles Harris Turner b abt 1844, Canada, prob. Carleton Co.
Henry Allan Turner, b abt 1847, Canada, prob. Carleton Co.Ralph J.Turner     

I would be interested in any of these people and their spouses and descendants.   Perhaps the descendants of the 3 siblings of George Frederick still live in Canada.   To see the George Frederick Turner line see: Ancestry of Ralph J.Turner.

Please report any invalid email addresses. Thanks.

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