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 Misc Notes written by Mike Wallace

These notes pertain to the transcriptions of the following school records:

            Inchby (Lake District)

            Farnham/Lavania (or Lauvina)

            New Jerusalem (Central Jerusalem)


West Jerusalem (Polleyhurst)

These records have been carefully transcribed from the microfilm holdings of the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick in Fredericton.  Names have been transcribed as they appeared with the exception of writing out the full name for common abbreviations like Chas., Robt., Geo. and Wm.

You will need to check carefully for any individual you are researching as spellings vary.  For example, not only are some surnames spelled several different ways but the same is true for first names.  Aside from that, first names may vary, especially for those individuals who may have been called by their second names.  Those individuals may sometimes be entered by their full names, their first initial and middle name or with the first name not entered at all.  Consider these, all referring to the same individual:

            Inch, Amelia

            Inch, Catharine

            Inch, Catharine A.

Inch, Catherine

            Inch, Catherine A.

            Inch, Katie

            Inch, Katie A.

The numerical data are given under the following original headings:

Name of Pupil

Age (Years)

No. of Times Tardy during the Term

No. of Days Pupil was Present at School during the Term

No. of Days Lost by Pupil while Belonging to School during Term

No. of Branches Studied

General Standing of Pupil for Term (from Merit Book)

The following school records were not found in the microfilmed holdings of the Provincial Archives.  I have made careful search but it is possible that a few of those listed below may have been microfilmed out of sequence or with the wrong community name attached.  Should anyone find missing copies, please contact Michael C. Wallace, 24 Queen Street, Saint John, NB, E2L 1R8, , phone: 506-652-3168

 Dunn’s Corner/Corbett Border

Apr 1880

Dec 1918

June 1921

Coote Hill

June 1897

June 1890

Dec 1918

June 1921

Inchby/Lake District

Dec 1913

June 1920

Dec 1920

June 1921

West Jerusalem #15

June 1889

Dec 1892

June 1893

Dec 1906

June 1914

June 1918

Dec 1919

Dec 1936

(all records or the Parish of Petersville missing for this date)

Dec 1940


Oct 1881 (microfilm: names illegible)

Apr 1882

Oct 1883 (microfilm too dark to read)

Oct 1887

June 1888

Dec 1888

June 1889

Oct 1889

Oct 1890

Oct 1891

Dec 1893

Dec 1895

June 1898

June 1901

June 1902

Dec 1902

June 1903

Dec 1903

June 1904

June 1906

Dec 1909

June 1910

June 1912

June 1915

June 1917

Dec 1919

June 1921

Dec 1921

June 1922

Dec 1922

Dec 1923

June 1944

Dec 1945

Shirley Settlement

Apr 1879

Oct 1879 (microfilm illegible)

Apr 1880 (missing or illegible)

Apr 1881

Apr 1883

Oct 1883

Dec 1885

Dec 1886

June 1889

June 1892

June 1907

June 1908

June 1909

June 1914

June 1915

Dec 1918

Dec 1945

June 1953



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