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Scanned Images: - collected by Mrs. Fred (Olive) Barnett (now deceased)

Scanned Images - Photo and clippings were thrown in the garbage when Arnold Hersey's house was being cleaner out. Rescued and donated by Marilyn Rathburn, Upper Gagetown


Contributed by Pat Cooper

  1. Amos Armstrong - death
  2. Amelia Armstrong (Mrs. John  /nee McMulkin) - death
  3. Charles Armstrong - death
  4. Eliza A. Armstrong (Mrs. George) - death
  5. Ethel B. Armstrong (Mrs. Amos / nee Hawkshaw) - death
  6. Eveline Armstrong (d/o John and Jane) - death
  7. James William Armstrong - death
  8. Zerelda Armstrong (d/o George) - death
  9. Ida F. Dunn (Mrs. Edward C. / nee Armstrong) - death
  10. Jane Eliza Hawkshaw (Mrs. James) - death
  11. Rebecca Hawkshaw (Mrs. Robert / nee McCorkle) death
  12. Elizabeth (Bessie) McMulkin (d/o Edward and Eliza) - death
  13. Jennie Mawhinney (Mrs. Henry / nee Armstrong) - death
  14. William McMulkin - death
  15. Frank. S. Armstrong - death

Contributed by Frank Queen

  1. John Murphy (1800-1892) Obit
  2. James Graham (1806-1882) Memorial Notice

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