Photo Galleries

First Nations Gallery

Gallery 1
Chief Gall, 1881
Little Big Man, 1877
Painted Lodges, 1900
Tribute to the Dead, 1915

Winners of the West

Gallery 1
Edward Graham
H. L. Burgess
Max Adriano
William P. Miles
Charles Kirk
Thomas Monson
Frank R. Houle
William Molchert
Joshua L. Sprinkle
Phineas V. Towne
James Butler Hickok (Wild Bill)

Gallery 2
Chief Gall
Peter Osmar
Monument on Custer Battlefield
Rev. F. P. Fielding

Gallery 3
Frank Gayou
Capt. O. C. Applegate
Col. A. L. Baron
Kit Carson Monument, Trinidad, Colorado
Mr. and Mrs. Abraham Mathews

Gallery 4
Grave of John Phillips
Jesse V. Strahorn
Bear's Paw Battleground Monument
Abraham Lincoln Camp No. 30

Gallery 5
Elizabeth Custer
George A. Custer
Non-Commissioned Officers Co. F  U. S. Infantry