Middle Border Bulletin
"What is Past is Prologue" - Friends of the Middle Border, Mitchell, South Dakota

A Brief History of the Missouri River in Dakota

Chipped Stone Proves Ancient 'Folsom Man' Lived In Black Hills

Southern Black Hills offer Virginal Field For Spade of Archaeologic Investigator

First Folsom Point Discovered By Cowboy in New Mexico Gully

Selfridge Journal
Selfridge (Sioux County) North Dakota

Frank B. Fiske Obituary

The Terry Tribune

Bones Seen On Old Battlefield
Butte Newspaper Man Visited Twin Buttes of  Horse Prairie Valley Battlefield

Fort C. F. Smith, Built for Outpost on Bozeman Trail in 1866, 
Is All Gone Except for a Few Fragments of Adobe Walls That Still Remain in Place

Late Charles M. Russell Was Accomplished Indian Sign Talker, and  Enjoyed Entertaining Children by Relating the Legends of Many Tribes; 

Sketch by O. C. Seltzer

Soldiers Wore Warmest Clothes but Suffered from Cold While on Winter Campaigns in Montana

Yellowstone Expedition of 70's Proved Fruitless Search for Gold Country 

Westerners Brand Book

Communications With The West
 A Recurrent Pattern   -  Mannel Hahn Tells How the Mails Were Carried by Sea and by Land with Subsidy Aiding Private Enterprise 

The Ghost Dance And The Sioux

Fargo Forum

Most of Sitting Bull's Bones Still in North Dakota - S. D. Raiders Failed to Get Entire Body

Most of Sitting Bull's Bones Still in North Dakota Part 2 -Shallow Indian Graves Are Found Throughout the State