Voices From the Western Frontier  

Voices  From  the  Western  Frontier


In a plain old wooden trunk, built in the days of Custer, one far-sighted Lakota family has been saving newspapers and documents, with each successive generation adding to the collection.  Now that trunk is full, and its owner, Tatanka Cante,  has offered to freely share its contents with the world.  Rather than placing these valuable historical documents in a museum where only some could be displayed under glass, and the rest hidden from view for preservation, this wonderful man has asked us to put them on the internet where they can be readily available to schools, libraries and homes all over the country.  It is his hope that through learning, unity might be achieved.

This wooden trunk is a veritable treasure chest of information for the student, historian and genealogist.  American history comes alive in these pages.  There are first-hand accounts of famous battles of the western frontier.  Actual photographs, articles by and about familiar characters of the day, new characters most of us hadnít met before, stories about the trials and tribulations of the first pioneers to the western states.  Most anyone who ever fought in one of those Indian Wars is mentioned somewhere, from states all across the nation.

There are many articles dealing with reservation life and fascinating glimpses into cultures becoming suppressed and hidden from the view of most Americans.  But please understand that this is not the history of the Plains Indians, who have been here for thousands, if not millions, of years.  Instead, this is the history of their displacement and the settling of the white settlers in their territories.

Most of the accounts were written by the first soldiers and Pioneers who came to the western frontier of America.  They are presented here as they were written, complete with  the popular opinions and prejudices of their times.  We present no judgments or opinions of our own.  Some of these articles will make you laugh, others will make you cry, and some will fill you with more anger than you can bear.  Since we rarely have the Indianís side of the story, weíve opted to create a little balance by using artwork which depicts the First Americans wherever appropriate.

Many exceptional people have worked hundreds or even thousands of hours to make these documents available and every word searchable.  Some of the documents were scanned and sent to volunteers to type into text format.  Others were too fragile for scanning, so Brooke and Steve Schiavi recorded those word for word orally, onto CDís which then went to volunteers for transcribing.  Our transcribers did a fabulous job under very difficult circumstances, and all deserve our undying gratitude, as do Brooke and Steve.

This old trunk holds a seemingly endless supply of documents still to be recorded and transcribed, so check back often for new additions.

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