"The British Sporting Clubs in Egypt" by Kamal Katba.  Part one [March 11, 2002]
 "The British Sporting Clubs in Egypt" by Kamal Katba. Part Two  [March 18, 2002]
 "The Egyptian Railways in the 19th century" by Lizzy Katba.  [March 5, 2002]
 "The History of Thomas Cook & Son Travel Agency in Egypt".   [February 11, 2002]
 "The History of Ford Motors Company in Egypt".   [February 10, 2002]
 "The tragic events surrounding the death of Arthur Tom Smith during the 1919 Egyptian Revolution".   [February 10, 2002]
 "The Burning of Cairo, 26 Jan. 1952".  Two eyewitness accounts - one British and one Egyptian.  [February 7, 2002]
 Query regarding, Andreas Chalkiopoulos, a mechanic in Alexandria from about 1908 until his death in 1936.. [January 28, 2002]


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