My grandfather, Andreas Chalkiopoulos, was a mechanic in Alexandria from about 1908 until his death in 1936

   Before I ask some questions, I would like to present some facts about my grandfather: 

1. His name was Andreas Chalkiopoulos (also transliterated in Greek as Khalkiopolis, Halkiopoulos): 

2. His nationality was Greek. 

3. His home, as far as I know, was exclusively in Alexandria between about 1907 and 1936

4. He had a friendly relationship with the Englishman, Thomas Cook, Jr., owner of the famous touring company by the same name. 

5. He came from a school in Europe (France or Belgium?) possibly as a civil engineer to build bridges in Egypt

6. He was thought to be one of the first people to assemble a Ford motor car in Egypt (or at least in Alexandria?) 

7.  He was later a personal mechanic and driver for a pasha  in Alexandria

8.  It is thought that the first employer of Andreas was Turkish

   Iam hoping that someone reading this might be able to help me clarify the history of my grandfather's work, as well as the history and economic climate of Egypt during this interesting period. Perhaps you can help me to answer the following questions: 

1.  Are there records of any organizations or businesses that would list my grandfather's name and describe more fully what he did? Where would I write for information about them? 

2.  Is it possible to find out which Egyptian Pasha employed my grandfather in the 1920's or 1930's? 

3.  Can you provide me with more details about the introduction of the Ford motor car in Alexandria, Cairo or Egypt in general? 

4.  Did these Ford motor cars come in kits to be assembled? 

5.  What companies or organizations in Cairo and Alexandria assembled these Ford motor cars? 

6.  Would you know the name of any Turkish companies that might have recruited my grandfather for work in approximately 1907, either to build bridges or to build motor cars? 

7.  Can you clarify and provide more details about the Thomas Cook Touring Company before World War I

8.  What institutions in Europe provided Egypt with engineers and mechanics during the first decade of the 20th century? 

9.  From what other experts might I find help for answers to these questions? 

   Ido not wish to be overwhelming, but I am seriously curious about finding out this information. I admire the history of my family in Egypt. We are indebted to Egypt for providing my family with a culturally rich and interesting beginning and many fond memories, something not so possible from their own country at the time, unfortunately.  My family has always had a special love for Egypt and its people for this reason, so I wish to celebrate our feelings toward Egypt by publishing a book. I would be glad to give you credit for what ever information that you can help me to find. I sincerely hope to hear from you.


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