I really appreciate the response I have had regarding clubs in Heliopolis. This is the additional information I have had from family relatives. 1. It was a temperance club, no alcohol, 2. It had something to do with the Royal Antideluvian Order of Buffalos

My grandfather, Mr. Cowdrey was buried in Cairo and also two of his children, both under two years of age in the early 1930's. Where would the British have been buried in Cairo?

Thank you very much


Dear Dorothy  & Members , 

The clarification provided by Mr. Cowdrey 's family describing their ancestor 's Heliopolis Club as the Antideluvian Order of Buffalos, where temperance and no alcohol were the norm, sounds like a kind of  Mason Temple similar to the Shriners. 

As for the question concerning the location of cemeteries where British (civilians) Nationals were burried , British and Christian Foreigners, in general, had two burial places in Cairo one in Abbasya district and the other on Old Cairo  (Masr el qadima)  [ # 2 on the attached map below] just beside the St. George ByzantineMonastery [ #7

The Abbasya cemetery could well be the place where the late Mr. Cowdrey and his two children were buried.  I reached that conclusion for two reasons:  The first is that  Abbasya is much nearer to Heliopolis than Old Cairo, and the second is that many of the dead British Nationals were burried there because of its vicinity to the British Abbasya Baracks. 

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