I wonder if anyone knows anything about the British Club in Heliopolis. My grandfather was involved with this club, managed it I think in the 1920's. I am wondering where it was etc.etc. 

His surname was Cowdrey

Thanks Dorothy


Dear Dorothy

with reference to the Horton's family enquiry about an English Club in Heliopolis, I will hereby  document, in brief, the history of the different clubs in Heliopolis with the hope that it might put  some light on that matter: 

Between the two world wars there were only two clubs in Heliopolis, the Heliopolis Sporting Club (HSC) and a much smaller one, the Heliopolis Tennis Club (HTC).   most of the British community, along with the officers of the british garrison and the international diplomatic corp were members of the Gezira Sporting Club (GSC) which is situated just across the River Nile from downtown Cairo.  Only those few English families then residing in Heliopolis, a suburb of Cairo, were members of the HSC and / or the HTC, along with many foreign families living in Heliopolis. 

In 1942 the United States sent some troops to Egypt and built a military camp for its troops that was called Hakstep, just outside Heliopolis.  for the entertainement of its troops, the us  purchased a piece of land, just next door to htc, where they built a spectacular olympic size  swimming pool and a modest club house calling it the Lido Club.  It was run and management  by American servicemen.  After the war the American went home and the British troops  evacuated Cairo and settled in the (Suez) Canal Zone; both the htc and the Lido Clubs  united into one club which took the name of the Helio Lido Sporting Club, and all the  clubs mentioned above opened their doors to those Egyptian families who could afford their  membership fees. 

Going back to the late Mr. Cowdrey who managed a Heliopolis Club, this club should be  either the HTC or the HSC which were in the twenties and thirties the only two clubs in that  suburb.  the HTC being a much smaller club with a much smaller membership and budget,  chances are that only the much larger HSC could afford a british manager. 

Both the HSC and the HTC, which is now called the Helio Lido sporting club are still around and thriving,  in Heliopolis, and are situated, a few blocks away from each other in that part of modern Cairo called Roxy, Heliopolis

With my warmest regards,