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LDS Submitter(s): GEORGE W. WARE 5794 E CAMINO DEL CELADOR TUCSON AZ USA 85750-1825 Submission: AF97-119546 Microfilm: NONE


Suddath and Freeman Genealogy by Robert Suddath on Robert Suddath 10405 Red Mtn W, Littleton CO 80127, USA , [email protected]

Ancestors of Russell Everrett Farabee by Toni Richard Turk on

Colonial Virginia ANDERSON Families Updated: Thu Jan 8 2004 Contact: Patrick J. Anderson ([email protected]).



Carney Ancestry -2004 on Updated: Sun Mar 21 2004 Contact: Jim Carney [email protected] Jim Carney 129 Gold Creek Road Eumundi, Queensland 4562 Australia (formerly of Tempe, Arizona)

World Family Tree Vol. 3, Ed. 1 Author: Brøderbund Software, Inc. Publication: Release date: February 9, 1996 Tree #5553

Doyle Baker [email protected]

Petty Ancestry by Eric Petty on


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Decendants of Richard Smith of Maryland by Harold D. Smith on Src: "Ancestors of David Jacob Kitlak" by Joseph Raymond Kitlak Publication: Family Tree Maker, User Home Pages


PACE - ASHLEY & Related Families by Jackie Ashley Pace on


LDS Ancestral File Submitter(s): DONNA MARIE MORGAN P O BOX 201 LIBERTY MS USA 39645 Microfilm: 1394215 Submission: AF83-048674

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Andrew Jackson Black 1616 South Pleasant, Independence, MO USA 64055 Submission: AF97-121785

Submitter(s): George Whitehead 25 Bellevue Road Arlinton, MA USA 02174 Submission: AF90-101409 Microfilm: None


OUR FAMILY by Linda Croucher on updated April 17, 2004 [email protected]


Msg from Glenna Kinard 5/7/2004 posts on McCants msg board; desc of Samuel McCants, son of John.


Witt Family of Bedford County, Virginia by Marcia Witt on


LDS Submitter: GWEN HUMPHREYS BELL P.O. BOX 608, WOODVILLE, Wilkinson Co. MS Submission Search: 1484012-1024101103532 CD-ROM: Pedigree Resource File - Compact Disc #40


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LDS Submitter(s): Carlton Currie 3503 FRESHMEADOWS HOUSTON TX USA 77063-6205 Submission:AF93-109794 Microfilm:NONE

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Mrs. J. BURGESS P O BOX 426 STIGLER OK USA 74462 Submission:AF97-117587 Microfilm:NONE


Nall(Nalle) by Joshua Deitner on Information from Nall Families of America by Sally Nall Dolphin

Extended Tree - A linked database by Vandraedha on


Msg and gedcom From: [email protected] To: [email protected] Subject: Burks and Newell families Date: May 15, 2004; oldest granddaughter of Robert E Lee Burks and Susie Mary Sloan from their only daughter, Fayette Burks.


The Family History of John W. Pritchett

Richard A. Prewitt Email: [email protected]. Collins genealogy, Richard A. Prewitt wrote a book about Joseph Collins and Lucy Marchbanks, and Their Descendants."


Book-The Heritage of Johnston County: NC

From: Mitchiner, Url: W&db=wm509207 Author: William Mitchiner [email protected]

from BELINDA'S JONES FILE by Belinda Pierce

From file 13

Raven Genealogy and Family History on 9


My SW-VA Roots by Judy on Ancestry.,com updated 8 Apr 2004


Pocahontas' Descendants (1985) Author: Stuart E. Brown, Jr., Lorraine F. Myers and Eileen M. Chappel Publication: Pocahontas Foundation, 1985 k "Pocahontas and her Descendants" (1887) Reprinted as a consolidated edition by Genealogical Publishing Co., 1994 NS014743

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Msg and Hard Family gedcom From: Elizabeth Ramsey [email protected] Date: Mon, 17 May 2004 Subject: The Penns To: [email protected]. Direct descendant of Samuel English and Sarah Ann Edge.


New Anderson Family Tree Updated: Fri Nov 2 2001 on by Glenn Anderson. 574923 Quaker Collection: Hunt Line New Garden Monthly Meeting - North Carolina Cane Creek Monthly Meeting - North Carolina Quaker Collection: Hiatt Line Hopewell Monthly Meeting - Frederick Co., Virginia

Broderbund WFT Vol. 7, Ed. 1, Tree #2687 and LDS AF file.


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Our Reeves 1985 and Related Families; by Beulah McGuire Reeves and Bessie Reeves Hoke

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"History of the GWYDIR Family and Memoirs" by Sir John Winn, ca 1600, and ‘Pedigrees of Anglesey & Carnarvonshire’1914, by J.E. Griffith. The intent is to establish the family of Owain Gwynedd, Prince of Wales, and to show Madog, of the tale of travels to North America, ca 1150, but not to confirm the journey. 959.txt

Msg from Author: johnwbettridge Date: 16-10-2003


The PEDIGREE of Walaravans of GOTHS aka Walderavans (Walaranvans) d' OSTROGOTHIE m


Msg From: Mary D. [email protected] To: [email protected] Date: Thu, 27 May 2004. Direct descendant of Tona B. Robinson and Laura Alvis.


LDS Submitter: Murray KIDD 3836 River View Drive, Birmingham, AL, 35243, United States of America Submission Search: 1525796-0424103152825 CD-ROM: Pedigree Resource File - Compact Disc #61


Genealogies of Virginia Families Publication: From, Tyler's Quarterly Historical and Genealogical Magazine

Volume I: The Family of Benjamin Gaines Botts, by George W. Glass

CD# 187, Family Tree Maker, Virginia Genealogies #3


Msgs on Alvis board from Kathy Alvis Patterson [email protected]


The Genealogical Poole on Updated: 2004-05-28 UTC (Fri) Contact: John Poole


Engle, Lytle, Thornhill, Warner Family by Doris Warner Parish on


Magee-McCullar by Celia J. Simmons on


SOUTHWEST LOUISIANA Updated: 2004-06-01 on Contact: Chas Alcock The Pioneers of Imperial Calcasieu Parish, their Ancestors and Descendants. 3669


LDS submitter: Earnest Lynn WRIGHT 9765 E. Wood Dr. Scottsdale, AZ 85260-4445 Submission Search: 237644-0910103111344 CD-ROM: Pedigree Resource File - Compact Disc #72


LDS Submitter: Wallace DUNLAP 1624 Longwood Drive, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, 70808, United States of America Submission Search: 54368-0413103125639 CD-ROM: Pedigree Resource File - Compact Disc #64

Dunlap and Allied Branches by Wallace Dunlap on

Claudius Tullos' Descendants by John T. Palmer, Ph.D. on


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John MORGAN, Wales to Florida on Gencircles. com by Carolyn Walker

History of the Cherokee Indians and Thier Legends and Fork Lore Author: Emmet Starr


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Louis B. Fournier Family File by Louis B. Fournier, Ph.D. on

Ancestors of Margaret Meyer by Margaret Meyer Simpson on

Mississippi Genealogical Exchange: Autobiography of Gideon Lincecum, Volume: Volume Ten, Pages: Pages 51-54. Author: Lincecum, Gideon; Publication: June, September, December 1964

Title: Gideon Lincecum & Miriam Bowie Family, Recipient: Margaret Simpson Author: Daniel, Bill Publication: March 26, 2000

Title: Adventures of a Frontier Naturalist Author: Lincecum, Jerry Bryan & Phillips, Edward Hake Publication: Texas A&M University Press, College Station, Texas, 1997

RootsWeb, WorldConnect, Url:


DZmisc01Families covered: Danzielston (Danielston or Denniston or Dennistoun) of Dennistoun, Deincourt of Blankney, Deincourt (or d'Eyncourt) of Eyncourt Main sources: (1) For Danzielston: BLG1886 (Dennistoun of Dennistoun) (2) For Deincourt/d'Eyncourt: TCP (Deincourt), BE1883 (D'Eyncourt)


Raymond Edwin Bowlby's Essay on the Origins of the Bowlby Surname Last published, 1995


Msgs to Morgan Rootsweb List by: Chris Brady EMail: [email protected] and AL Email: [email protected] use [email protected] both researchers of this Morgan Line.


Msg From: [email protected] To: [email protected] Subject: George H. Swartz and Christeance Riley 17 Oct 2002 Has pictures taken in Minnesota.


From: [email protected] Date: Tue, 8 Jun 2004 PDF file of Swartz and Miller lineage. Decendents of Johann Philip Schwartz.pdf


From: Vickie Lomon [email protected] Jun 9, 2004 Source: [email protected] Subject: Spilsby Daniel

Armistead, Ballenger, Daniel on Updated: 2004-05-23 Contact: Natalie Armistead 6

CASTLE - HARTZOG by Penelope Castle on

cjw20030423 by Chris Wood on


Virginia Genealogical Society Quarterly • volume V • volume V, number 3 (01-JUL-1967) • Asbury of Westmoreland County, Virginia by B. C. Holtzclaw (11 pages on


Solesbee's of North Augusta -Jan2003 on by Phil Solesbee EMail: [email protected]

SRC: 1. Src: v7t0619Harrison.FTW 2. Book Call Number: 65-21371 Title: Colonial Granville County and Its People; Author: Worth S. Ray Publication: Originally published as "The Lost Tribes of North Carolina, Part II" International Standard Book Number 0-8063-0285-2 Reprinted for the Clearfield Company by Genealogical Publishing Co, Baltimore, Md NS16423

3. Book Title: John Daniel, Sr. 1724 - 1819 / aka The Daniel Book Author: Christine South Gee Publication: Privately printed for Mrs. Christine South Gee Printed about 1965 by: McDonald Letter Shop 922 Main Street Columbia, SC NS16643


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"The Longhunter" vol. X, no. 2 p 66 - Journal of So. Kentucky Gen. Soc., Bowling Green. KYAuthor: Van A. Stilley, 3812 Sweetbriar Road, Willmington, NC 28403


"The Old Home Place" - East Tennessee Smith/Lynn Roots Updated: Wed Oct 8 2003 by Contact: Ron Smith 09720


Donovan Hatfield's Ancestors Updated: Wed Nov 7 2001 Contact: Ron Hatfield 760124

FAMILY TREES Updated: Sat Aug 25 2001 Contact: Dennis Davidson 8

Frank Shelfer Updated: Thu May 9 2002 3238121

Thomas Stobie's Relatives, their Ancestors and related families. Updated: Mon Jan 26 2004 Contact: Thomas A. Stobie, SFO 11 Thomas Stobie's Genealogy Pages


The Descendants of Hugh Brent Author: Brent, Chester Horton pp. 59, 79. Genealogies of Virginia Families Page: Vol. I, pp. 413, 421. Virginia Historical Magazine Page: Vol. 34, p. 379. Genealogies of Virginia Families Vol. I, p. 416

The Paynes of Virginia Author: Payne, Col. Brooke Publication: 2nd Ed., Third printing C. J. Carrier Co., Harrisonburg VA 1998

Wood-Edelen-Seigneur-Becherer Families by Ted Steele on


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CZvar01 Families covered: de Crepon [This family is still being researched.] Main sources: various web sites, references in TCP (Hereford), etc


Lisle 1 Families covered: Lisle of Kingston Lisle, Lisle of Rougemont Main sources: TCP (Lisle)


MontfortXX Families covered: Montfort of Beaudesert, Montfort of Montfort Main sources: TCP (Montfort), BE1883 (Barons Montfort) nklo


MyFamily2 by Jerry Mulkins on

Clara Nash's Family by Clara Nash on


Ancestors of D.L. McHenry by Donnie McHenry on

Lauer/Duvall Families by shelea mclaughlin on Gencircles. com

Kentucky Roots by Sheila K. on

Niles-Hipsher-Gibson-Engle-Ballard by ritaniles


Our Hogg Line - Scottish Haig / Hoge / Hogue History


A History of Monroe County, West Virginia Author: Morton, Oren F. Publication: Baltimore: Regional Publishing Company, 1974; Book.

The Erskine Family of Monroe County, Virginia; Author: Clark, Bertha L. Publication: Manuscript 1931-38; Transcribed 1959 by Margaret Byrnside Ballard Media: Microfilm

The Name and Family of Erskine Author: The Media Research Bureau, Washington, D. C. Publication: Manuscript among the papers of Mattie Shelby Ehringhaus Gill, 1886-1978 Media: Book

Ehringhaus/Erskine Family by Chris Klasing on


Flach/Robertson/Gay/Gilbert Family by Helen Flach on

Rockbridge County, Virginia Notebook, compiled from articles byDr. George W. Diehl as published in the News-Gazette, Lexington,Virginia, 1982, p.20 has the story of the Clarke family.

Joel Hager's Research April 2004 by Joel Hager on


The Civil War Dictionary-An Encyclopedia of the Civil War-by Mark M. Boatner III. American History Reference - Vintage Books Random House NY.


Ralph-1 Lomax genealogy on Updated: Sun Jul 27 2003 Contact: John B. Lomax;

Ralph Lomax (1600-1657) And His Descendants Genealogy of the Virginia Family of Lomax 1913 Publication: Rand McNally Co., Chicago Call Number: 929.2,L837l Abbrev: E. L. Lomax

Scrapbook of Elizabeth (Payne) Lomax Repository: The Virginia Historical Society Library, Richmond, VA 20


Seidler and McCurdy Family on Updated: 2004-05-27 by Contact: Peggy Seidler 3


From: "Glee Krapf" [email protected] To: [email protected] Subject: Descendants of John Vawter, Vawter genealogy. 24 Jun 2004


"Paula Martin Willett" [email protected] To: [email protected] Subject: Archibald D. Palmer Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2002


Isle of Wight Wills and Administrations by Blanche Adams Chapman 1647-1800 Page 246 Linda Harris [email protected] Virginia Crilley [email protected]


Greyson Cole Cook -- Four Centuries of Cole Genes Updated: Thu Aug 17 2000 on; Holmes' Home Page not available. "McGehee Descendants, Vol. II," by Ethel C. Woodall Grider, 383 Third Avenue, Winder, GA 30680, [ph 770-867-9083], published by Gateway Press, Inc, Baltimore, dated 1989. p. ix Family of Thomas MackGehee p.127 Family of Samuel MackGehee p.129 Family of Nancy Ann McGehee Crank p.131 Family of Frances McGehee Smith p.138 Cole Patrimony of Lydia Hansford Cole p.144 William McGehee (1739-1819) Family p.155 Family of Earle Ray Thomason p.156 Family of Sarah "Sallie" Lindsay p.157 Family of Robert H. Thomasson p.210 Family of Jacob MackGehee p.316 Family of Alexander Stewart McGehee

"Thomasson Traces- Narrative of the Thomasson Family, 1677-1990," Volume II, by Curtis H. Thomasson [Route 9, Box 97, Andalusia, AL 36420] and Marjorie B. Malloy [19 Magnolia Drive, Newnan, GA 30263], 1995. Printed by W.H. Wolfe Associates, Inc. P.O. Box 972, Roswell, GA 30077. Copies available from the authors. Samuel Gentry Thomasson (TT-177), p.104; George Thomasson (TT-017), p.135; John Thomasson (TT-035), p.202; Cole Family, p.983; Fleming Thomasson, p.985; David Hicks Thomasson, p.996.

"Cole Genealogy, Some Ancestors and Descendants of Captain Armistead Beresford Cole (19 Oct 1822-29 April 1873)," pp.1-2

Cliff Manis' GENSERV -- database "gria6da" of Richard Griscom, 2111 Collins Street, Morrisown, TN 37814, ph 423-586-5581, e-mail: [email protected], reports generated 12-14 April 1996. FGS of William COLE (1741-1795) and Eleanor BIBB (1745-1832) family and related line.

"Cole and Allied Families of Warwick County Virginia," A chapter in __________ ,[a book?] pp. 26-55. "Colonial Families of the Southern States of America," by Stella Pickett Hardy


James Eaddy Family and Collateral Families of South Carolina by Vanik S. Eaddy Ph. D. home page: Email: [email protected] (6/04)


Msg From: "sharon james" [email protected] To: "josie bass" [email protected] Subject: lindsays in Jackson Co. AL Date: Tue, 29Jun2004


From: "M Kaufman" EMAIL: [email protected] To: [email protected] Subject: Pulliam family Date: Tue, 29 Jun 2004; direct descendant of Wm Sandidge 1698-1746 and Ann Pulliam.


Msg From: [email protected] Date: Wed, 9 Jun 2004 Subject: Question re Gideon TILGHMAN To: [email protected]


From: [email protected] Date: Tue, 9 Apr 2002 Subject: Tilghman (Tillman) Family To: [email protected] Direct Descendant of Wm Elisha Tilghman.


World Family Tree: CD 701 Vol 1 Tree # 776,1729,2297,4329,5094 World Family Tree: CD 702 Vol 2 Tree # 409,4685 World Family Tree: CD 719 Vol 19 Tree # 804 World Family Tree: CD 721 Vol 21 Tree # 611, 1439 World Family Tree: CD 722 Vol 22 Tree # 955, 956, 957, World Family Tree: CD 723 Vol 23 Tree # 166 World Family Tree: CD 745 Vol 45 Tree # 2095 World Family Tree: CD 754 Vol 54 Tree # 0618, 0619


LDS Sources: Available on CD-ROM Disc# 69 Submitter: Robert WYLIE 204 Birchwood Rd. Aldan, PA 19018 Submission Search: 2311170-0901103225748 URL: 1&id=I53 CD-ROM: Pedigree Resource File - Compact Disc #69

The Robert Wylie Family History by Bob Wylie on Last Updated: September 02, 2003


Westfall's and other families by Sherri Phipps on Harness family History; LDS.


Gross-Ratliff Tree Updated: Wed Aug 28 2002 Contact: Carol 17

Nile Webb Updated: 2004-05-09 Contact: Bert Webb on


Woods/Wirth/Overton/Coleman/Blanchet/Bass on Updated: Sun Sep 14 2003 Contact: Chuck Woods EMail: Chuck [email protected] 88

Pancake, Pankake, Panique, Kaniess, Saar, Ovitt and related families on Updated: 2004-06-13 Contact: Lowell Pankake EMail: [email protected] Home page:


World Family Tree Vol. 19, Ed. 1 Author: Brøderbund Software, Inc. Publication: Release date: March 13, 1998 Family Archive CD Tree #0190

Akers/Stone Through Time on

Eastern Kentucky Roots by Scott F Bradley on

Kiser by Stephanie Hillman on


Norton/Rice and Related Families, Rev. 8 on Updated: Sat Jan 10 2004 Contact: Barry Norton 67


PUJDAK Family Tree 02/02/02 on Contact: Kenneth Pujdak Source: World Family Tree Vol. 4, Ed. 1 Author: Brøderbund Software, Inc. Publication: Release date: August 23, 1996, Tree #3171. 91


Louisiana Biographical and Historical Memoirs • Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Louisiana 1982 Vol. 1 • Biographical and Historical Memoirs. Families and Individuals, D. on


Rev. James T. Dunnam, Sr."The Dunnams of South Carolina" Variously Spelled (Dunnam, Donnom, Dunham, Denham, Donam) by Rev. James Dunnam,Copyright 1994 - [email protected] - also see:


Ancestors of Jane Peyrouse by Jane Harton Peyrouse (Pegues) Src: Lidwin, Virginia Pegues MSS quoting from Register of Prince Frederick Winyah, SC Page: 116 Manuscript of William B. Hall, Southern History Collection, Wilson Library. UNC-Chapel Hill

Boyd Fernandez Godfrey Price Harper Powe by Charles Boyd on

Donna's Family by Donna (HIcks)

labach.ged by William A. LaBach on


The Cotten Family by Melissa Banks on

Gill and Allied Families of MS/LA December 04, 2002 by April Gill Page on (Bates, Perkins)

World Family Tree Vol. 2, Ed. 1, Tree #1179 (Bates) Publication: Broderbund Software Inc.


New England Families 2 Updated: 2004-06-28 on Contact: Gary Silverstein gedcom 2910341. 3440


Msgs from Nelson Waller Email: [email protected] Date: Sun, 06 Jul 2003 To: "josie bass" [email protected]

webpages dedicated to /\\/.\\/\\/.'s direct ancestors: (GGGGGGF Benjamin Waller 1716-1786) (/\\/.\\/\\/.'S FAMILY TREE) (also includes mention of ancestral uncle John Waller) [BEMISS II] 18ace3a& %2F129%2Ffirst%2Fmartiau.html n.htm [MARTIAU DEFIN] [EDMUND]

see also /\\/.\\/\\/.'s ancestral cousins: S G JONES -- ion.htm es.htm [PIC] T G JONES, CSA -- [a link from in which Boston University holds a conference featuring a lecture on TGJ!] a note on their living cousin George! -- [he recently donated money for the new library] ALFRED MAGILL RANDOLPH


Msg From: "Barbara Dudley Brown" Email: [email protected] To: "josie bass" [email protected] Subject: Joseph Waller Family Date: Sun, 11 Jan 2004 The Waller Connection Updated: Sun Mar 28 2004 nk&id=I208

The Waller Family History Manuscript by Author: Robert Morris Waller. Note: Robert Morris Waller is a descendant of Jefferson Monroe Waller, son of Thomas Carr Waller(1799-1872. "The above Family Group information was drawn from the hand written, original Family Record Spotsylvania County, Virginia 1832 that was passed down to the author through his own family."


Msg from Susan Smith EMail: [email protected] descendant of Bennett Nathaniel Wigglesworth.


Weldon and related families on Updated: 2004-07-14 Contact: William M Weldon Home Page: Bill and Emma Lou Weldon of Gainesville, FL William M Weldon, FSA Scot /?Welcome=1090069806


Debbie Bailey tree on Updated: Fri Mar 14 2003


Lane-Wallace by Nancy Lane on (Travis) update: February 23, 2003

Nabb by Van K Nabb


My Brown, Burt, Abney, Watts Connections on Updated: Sat Mar 20 2004 Contact: John K. Brown

Srcs: The Gibson and Related Families Abbrev: The Gibsons Author: Linder, O. D. and Penny Publication: McClain Publishing Company, Parsons, West Virginia, 1991 and Author's Personal Collection Rootsweb World Connect Project, Url:


"The Tutt Family of Virginia" Compiled by Augusta B. Fothergill about 1926, Page 35-36.

"The Tutt Family of Virginia, Philadelphia and Colorado Springs" by Russell Thayer Tutt II Revised June 1984


Colonel Alfred Wynne Written by Jay Guy Cisco From Historic Sumner County, Tennessee, 1909 Retyped for the page by Diane Payne and Danene Vincent

Col. A. R. Wynne From History of Tennessee From the Earliest Time to The Present Goodspeed Publishing Co. Nashville, TN 1887


Genealogical Notes Written by Mrs. Sarah Elizabeth Peck in 1895 and transcribed by Mrs J. H. (Virginia Graves) Stewart in 1896.

[I have corrected this document for obvious spelling mistakes and typographical errors. I have also made some formatting changes I think will make the text easier to understand. I have made no substantive changes to the text. Finally, I \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\{Gregg Bonner\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\} converted it to HTML.]

(Parenthetical notes by H. D. Bassett in 1999, if you connect through this document please email H. D. Bassett at [email protected])

Last update: 22 JUL 2003 E-mail Gregg Bonner [email protected]

Also see: world connect "The Bonner Family Record" by Kathryn R. Bonner (1979) &db=:2112467&id=I106056630


Descendants of William the Conqueror /i444.html


Msg From Chris Brady [email protected]


The Common Thread on Updated: Tue Feb 24 2004 Contact: Sam Maner 8039820

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