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Hurley/Barbour/Taylor by H. S. Hurley on


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Descendants of Henry Boteler (as submitted by Michael A.Weber 05/28/03) Email [email protected] if you have more information on this branch Elgin Net Homepage


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Meland and Associated Families by Greg Meland on Src: A Booker Family of Virginia Gloucester and Essex Counties and the Northern Neck With some of the Descendants and Related Families Author: James Motley Booker, M.D. Publisher: Gateway Press, Inc. 1001 N. Calvert St. Baltimore, MD 21202 for The Northumberland County Historical Society Heathsville, Virginia 1994 Library of Robert Dabney Booker Repository Address: Route 360 Lottsburg,Virginia,22511





Current Connections 9 22 02 by Pat Chadwick on

and others.......


The Richard Durrett Family by Leland Jones on Gencircles

Author: Mrs. Bert Harter Title: "Durrett Family" Publication: Virginia Genealogist Magazine Text: Durrett Bible Records sent to the Rev. John Durrett in 1930 said to be from a bible in possession of Mrs. Durrett Moore

Author: William Armstrong Crozier Title: Spotsylvania County Records 1721-1800 Publication: 1905. Va. County Records, Vol 1. Author: Mrs. Bert Harter Title: "Durrett Family" Publication: Virginia Genealogist Magazine


The RAH HINTON Family Tree by Robert Allan Hinton

Descendants of George Maris by Raymond L. Maris

Barnwell and Relations by Douglas Raymond Barnwell

Yarnall, Francis and Philip, Descendants by Karen Greim Mullian

roots by Dennis Beaty on Gencircles. com


Msg From: [email protected] To: [email protected] Subject: Re: Thomas Bartlett Date: Jan 29, 2004. Descendant of William, Jr. and his son James Bartlett.


Msg From: Mike Shannon, EMail: [email protected] To: [email protected] Subject: Dr. David Alexander Date: Jan 30, 2004 29. "Descendant Report for Scott and Shannon Line," Reproduced and sent by Mike Shannon, Houston TX, [email protected]


Descendants of Hastings Marks Original material copyright by Nita Munoz 25 Jan 2000 [E-Mail me] [Nita Muņoz: [email protected]] Src: Pettigrew, Marian Dewoody & Brightwell, Newton Edward, MARKS-BARNETT FAMILIES AND THEIR KIN; tm#4582


Doughty ~ Collateral Lines From the Mayflower to Catahoula & LaSalle Par., Louisiana by Lotus Cirilo EMail: [email protected]


"A Book of Strattons VOL I&II" compiled by Harriet Russell Stratton 1908; DIANNE MCGINLEY GARDNER GENEALOGY

The Anderson Family


Linda Emry (Round Rock, TX) Email: [email protected] 12/4/96 Msg Date: Sat, 31 Jan 2004 Subject: Re: Benjamin McCants of TN To: [email protected]


Msg From: Pamela Darby Hill. P D Mckown, EMail: [email protected] Subject: Briscoe Family To: [email protected] Date: Sun, 1 Feb 2004; updated 1 Oct 2004 descendant of Truman Briscoe.


Ancestors of Leach, Jenkins & Lindsey, B by frederick mark lindsey on

Ralph Briscoe of Bruners of Schifferstadt Ralph Briscoe of Desc. of Garrard Trammell Ralph BRISCOE of Steve Wolfe's Ancestors


Macarthy-Bernard by Cliff McCarthy on Src: Book Title: Dr. Patrick Napier of Virginia Author: Knepp, Vava Virginia Publication: Vaughn Printing; Los Angeles, CA, 1988

Book Title: Napier Family Author: Napier, Ivan Publication: Raineville, WV, 1968

Wilkes Co., GA Deed Books, 1784-1806 Author: Farmer, Michael Martin Publication: Farmer Genealogy Co., Dallas TX, 1996

2. Info on East line From Julia Adler's Family by Julia Adler on


"The William Lacy and Elliott Lacy Families of New Kent and Chesterfield Counties, Virginia" by Hubert Wesley Lacey and Howard Elton Lacey


Lancaster1 Families covered: Lancaster of Kendal [This family is still being researched.] Main sources: (1) For descendants of Gilbert of Lancaster: 'Mathematical', BE1883 (Lancaster) with some input from sundry web sites (2) For descendants of Orm of Allerdale:


Lacy1 Families covered: Laci of Ulster, Lacy of Halton, Lacy of Lincoln, Lacy of Meath, Lacy of Pontfract Main sources: BE1883 (Lacy), TCP (Ulster), TCP (Lincoln).


Vesci1 Families covered: Vesci of Alnwick Main sources: TCP (Vescy), BE1883 (Vesci)


FitzWalter1 Families covered: FitzWalter of FitzWalter, FitzWalter of Woodham Walter Main sources: BP1934 (FitzWalter), BE1883 (FitzWalter)


FitzWalter1 Families covered: FitzWalter of FitzWalter, FitzWalter of Woodham Walter Main sources: BP1934 (FitzWalter), BE1883 (FitzWalter)


SZmisc01 Families covered: St. Liz (Senlis) of Huntingdon, St. Liz of Northampton, Segrave of Segrave, Scriven of Scriven Main sources: (1) For St. Liz: BE1883 (St. Liz of Huntingdon) (2) For Segrave: BP1934 (Mowbray) (3) For Scriven: BLG1952 (Slingsby formerly of Scriven) lo


Beaumont01 Families covered: Beaumont (Bellomont) of Leicester, Beaumont of Meulan (Mellent), Newburgh of Warwick Main sources: (1) GenEU (Beaumont5). (2) BE1883 (Bellomont of Leicester), BE1183 (Newburgh of Warwick), TCP (Bellomont of Leicester). (3) 'The House of Hamilton' by John Anderson. aumm


ZZmisc01 Families covered: Roger de Pitres of Gloucester, Ralph de Waer of Norfolk & Suffolk Main sources: (1) Family of Gloucester: TCP (Hereford) with input from sundry cross-references (eg in BE1883). (2) Family de Wayer: TCP (Norfolk), BE1883 (Wayer of Norfolk and Suffolk).


FZmisc02 Families covered: FitzOsbern of Hereford, FitzWarine of Whittington, FitzGerold Main sources: (1) For FitzWarine: BE1883 (FitzWarine) (2) For FitzOsbern: TCP (Hereford) (3) For FitzGerold: TCP (Lisle)


Stuteville1 Families covered: Stuteville of Cottenham (Cottingham), Stuteville of Gressenhall [This family is still being researched.] Main sources: various web sites, in particular RootsWeb ink1


Scrope1 Families covered: Scrope of Bolton, Scrope of Flotmanby, Scrope of Richard's Castle, Scrope of Wensley, Say of Richard's Castle Main sources:, BE1883 (Scrope of Bolton), BLG1952 (Scrope of Danby) i


Mortimer02 Families covered: Mortimer of Attleborough, Mortimer of Harlaxton, Mortimer of Richard's Castle, Zouche of Mortimer Main sources: (1) TCP (Mortimer of Richard's Castle), TCP (Zouche of Richard's Castle or Mortimer or Ashby), BE1883 (Mortimer of Richard's Castle), BE1883 (Zouche of Mortimer) (2) TCP (Mortimer of Attleborough)


Jones Family of Prince George Co., VA Updated: Mon Feb 2 2004 Contact: Randy Jones EMail: [email protected] gateway to genealogies and family histories published by Randy Jones.

Susan's Family Tree by Terrye Beth Jones Lambert on


Lawrence, Dunbar, Trolson, Edwards and Ernst, Drown, Clark, Wade Family Genealogies Updated: Mon Feb 2 2004; Contact: Marcia Lawrence Ernst EMail: [email protected] Home Page: Ernst, Drown, Wade, Clark and Lawrence, Edwards, Trolson, Taylor Family Genealogies lcome=1076131205


Virginia, Prominent Families, Vol. 1-4 Volume II Chapter XVII The Mason Family.


Ancestry of Charles Parker on Updated: Sat Feb 7 2004 Contact: Charles Parker EMail: [email protected] Home Page: A Parker Family History of Parkers, Brents, Lysters, Mitchells, Shermans, and more.

Src: The Descendants of Col. Giles Brent, Capt George Brent and Robert Brent, Gent Author: Chester Horton Brent Abbrev: C H Brent Publication: Rutland, VT: Tuttle Publishing Co, 1946


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Msg From: Ann Marcy EMail: [email protected] Date: Mon, 19 Jan 2004 Subject: descendants of Ursula Keeling To: [email protected]


Fleming01 Fleming of Biggar, Fleming of Boghall, Fleming of Bord, Fleming of Cumbernauld, Fleming of Wigtown Main sources: TSP (Wigtown), BE1883 (Fleming of Wigtown).

Fleming02 Families covered: Fleming of Boghall, Fleming of Wigtown (Wigton or Wigtoun) Main sources: TSP (Wigtown), BE1883 (Fleming of Wigton)


Ruthven1 Families covered: Ruthven of Ruthven Main sources: TSP (Gowrie), BP1999 (Gowrie).

Ruthven2 Families covered: Ruthven of Ballindean, Ruthven of Dunglass, Ruthven of Freeland, Ruthven of Gardyne, Ruthven of Gowrie, Ruthven of Ruthven. Main sources: TSP (Gowrie), BP1999 (Carlisle), BE1883 (Ruthven), TSP (Forth).


Maule01 Families covered: Maule of Maule, Maule of Panmure Main sources: TSP (Panmure)


Cranstoun01 Families covered: Cranstoun of Cranstoun Main sources: TSP (Cranstoun), BE1883 (Cranstoun).


Scott01 Families covered: Scott of Eldon Main sources: BP1934 (Eldon).

Scott02 Families covered: Scott of Balwearie Main sources: (1) [This web page was found through a search engine (Google) but the URL has not subsequently been successful in establishing a connection. The site relates to a branch of Scotts descended from Jan Scott (younger son of William, 13th of Balwearie) who lived in the Netherlands and whose son Willem Jans Schott/Schutt emigrated to the USA, arriving in March 1663.] (2) BP1934 (Scott of Dunninald).

Scott03 Families covered: Scott of Buccleuch, Scott of Branxholme, Scott of Howpasley, Scott of Kirkurd, Scott of Murthockson, Scott of Rankilburn, Scot/Scott of Thirlestane Main sources: TSP (Buucleuch), BP1934 (Buccleuch), BP1934 (Napier and Ettrick).

Scott04 Families covered: Scott of Buccleuch, Scott of Deloraine, Douglas-Scott of Queensberry Main sources: TSP (Buccleuch), BP1934 (Buccleuch), TSP (Deloraine)

Scott05 Families covered: Scot of Brabourne, Scot of Scot's Hall[More information to be added in due course.] Main sources: 'Memorials of the Family of Scott, of Scot's Hall, in the County of Kent' by James Renat Scott, published in London in 1876.

Scott06 Families covered: Scott of Calverley Main sources: BEB1844 (Calverley of Calverley)

Scott07 Families covered: Scott of Abbotsford, Scott of Gala (Galashiels), Scott of Harden, Scott of Highchester, Scott of Raeburn, Scott of Synton Main sources: (1) TSP (Polwarth), BP1934 (Polwarth) (2) For Scott of Gala: BLG1952 (Scott of Gala) (3) For Scott of Raeburn: BLG1886&1952 (Scott of Raeburn) (4) For Scott of Abbotsford: BLG1886 (Scott of Abbotsford)


Rutherford2 Families covered: Rutherford of Hunthill Main sources: TSP (Rutherford).


Ker01 Families covered: Ker of Auldtounburn (Altonburn), Ker of Caverton, Ker of Cessford, Kerr of Lothian, Ker of Roxburghe Main sources: TSP (Roxburghe), BP1934 (Roxburghe), BP1934 (Lothian).

Ker02 Families covered: Kerr of Ancram, Kerr of Crailing, Kerr of Ferniehirst, Kerr of Newton, Kerr of Oxnam, Kerr of Primside, Kerr of Woodheid Main sources: TSP (Jedburgh), TSP (Lothian), BP1934 (Lothian).

Ker03 Families covered: Ker (Bellenden) of Bellenden, Ker of Roxburghe Main sources: BP1934 (Roxburghe), TSP (Roxburghe), TSP (Bellenden)


Ancestors and Relations of Parker & Trisha (Layton) Todd on Updated: Mon Jan 19 2004 Contact: E. Parker Todd EMail: [email protected] Home Page: The Todd Family of Caroline County, Maryland:


Fred Blair Family by Fred Blair on

Fugate/Mynhier/Rollins/Williams/ Jones by Phyllis on


LDS Submitter: Douglas (---) Neidholdt 3003 South Slaughter Road Grain Valley, MO 64029 Submission Search: 1354174-0620101154124 CD-ROM: Pedigree Resource File - Compact Disc #31


LDS Pedigree Resource File - Submitter James MCCLUER 653 North Oliver Wichita Kansas Compact Disc #18 Pin #700811 Submission Search: 962426-0731100113524


From: [email protected] "To the Editor:


LDS Submitter: donald Cottam 24128 Middlebelt Rd. New Boston, MI. 48164 Submission Search: 1392962-0723101194749 CD-ROM: Pedigree Resource File - Compact Disc #33


American descendants of William Penn the founder of PA: Msg From: Harry Liggett [email protected] To: [email protected] Subject: [PENN] Re: Penn family Date: Feb 13, 2004


Colonial Families of the United States of America: VII Colonial Families in the U.S. [database online]. Orem, UT:, Inc., 1999. Original data: Mackenzie, George Norbury, Ed. Colonial Families of the United States of America. New York: 1907.


FAMILY TIES on Updated: Sat Jan 31 2004 Contact: Jay Thompson Email: [email protected] (extemsive Indian records-Doublehead of TN) Home Page: Mount Tabor Indian Community of Texas




From: Dr Antony Bradbury PhD Hist (Tony Bradbury) EMail: [email protected] To: [email protected] Subject: Godwinsons Date: Feb 15, 2004


Harold II of England



"Appalachian Family Files" from Compiled by : Larry L. Stanley Sr.Updated: Mon Feb 16 2004 Contact: [email protected]

Margaret Sudmier Webb submitter on Updated: Sun Jan 20 2002. SRC: LDS


Msg from Jean Hodo Clements EMail: [email protected] 17 Feb 2004; direct descendant of Joseph McCants and Hannah Culliatt.


From: Dick Matteson, College Station, Md EMail: [email protected] To: [email protected] Subject: Dorrill Date: Mon, 19 May 2003


Charleston families by Thom Gibby on

Britt & Bagnal Families of NC & SC by Mike Britt on

Dubose, Cuthirds, Dearman, & Creel by Dave Wilson on


Transactions of the Huguenot Society of South Carolina Publication: Charleston, South Carolina Media: Magazine Page: No. 77 (1972), pages 46-47

TYNES, OTT and associated families by Mark James on


Marc Parrish Ancestors by Marc Parrish on


Genforum Home: Surnames: Barksdale Family Genealogy Forum Msgs on Barksdale Genforum,

Re: Mary Barksdale dau. of Henry Posted by: Louis B. Wooding EMail: [email protected]

Re: William Barksdale emmigrated from England Posted by: Judy Chesson Date: May 22, 2000 In Reply to: William Barksdale emmigrated from England by Nelda sisk of 643

From the Harrison county library in Corydon Indiana. A little history of the early Murats written by Benjamin Franklin Hurst. posted by Sue Fullerton (ID *****9946) Date: February 01, 2004

Posted by: donna lindsey (ID *****5051) Date: September 14, 2003

Ron Stailey [email protected]

book: Barksdale, Family History and Genealogy, by Captain John A. Barksdale. "This is a rather large undertaking of the Barksdale family which was researched in the late 1930s."


Hunter Johnston Date: 19 Feb 2004 EMail: [email protected] msgs on message boards.


Family of Barry Spence Dunagan by Barry Dunagan (James Crews-Giles Carter)

Ancestors of Roy L Polk by Roy L Polk (Barksdale)

Hirt/Klooz saga by Hirt-Klooze on (Scruggs) (James Crews)

Shivers Family Legends by James Shivers

Poole and Williams family tree by Debra Poole Williams

FTM on abama/WEBSITE-0001/UHP-0272.html


Msg from William Lindsey Thu, 19 Feb 2004 [email protected] to [email protected] Subject: Re: John Hurst-Mary Barksdale-Wm Linsey


Book: Leftwich-Turner Families of Virginia and Their Connections Author: Walter Lee Hopkins Publication: C.J.Carrier Company, Harrisonburg, Virginia,1980

ImaGrissomKelleyBennettJohnsonRogersEtc by Tammi O'Neal

The Never Ending Family Tree by Sandy Fugett on

Family Tree 030203 by Brenda on Gen


Msg 6 Nov 2003 To: [email protected] From: Edward & Patricia Snyder [email protected]

Austin, Texas Loose Papers - Vertical File at the Texas State Library. "Bible Record of CLAIBORNE & JANE (HIGGINBOTHAM) SANDIDGE of Virginia and Georgia."

a copy from Tyler's Quarterly April 1946 and in a handwritten note "(based on Bible record of John Milton Sandidge attached)".

The Bible record - "John M. Sandidge 7th Jany. 1843. Family Record."


Davis-Billings Genealogy by Davis-Mills on


Msg Date: Sun, 15 Mar 1998 From: mary [email protected] Subject: Fwd: Re: Your Calvert Line to [email protected]


Genealogy Records Collection of Robert Powell CARVER Email: [email protected]

Ellis-Middlemist by Jean on

Thomas Ancestors and Related Families by Jeffrey Groden-Thomas

Ancestors of Robert Allen Suddath by Robert Suddath

Edmiston-Delk Updated: 2004-10-30 on by Darla Edmiston 612


The Mustain and Gregory Connections on Updated: Sun Feb 22 2004 Contact: george mustain EMail: [email protected]

OLD FRANKLIN AND WILKES CO'S GA AND THEIR SPIN-OFFS. ****A REPOSITORY ONLY**** Entries: 170714 Updated: Sun Jan 18 2004; Contact: William Compton Kerr [email protected] ( [email protected]) 87


Futrell/Ruth Family Tree on Updated: Sat Aug 25 2001 Contact: Gail Denkers EMail: [email protected]


Detroit Society for Genealogical Research Magazine; Vol. 4, #3, pp. 60-1. Pedigrees of the County Families of England; London-1873; Vol. I

Lancashire (GS #Q942.72 D2fo)

The Olcotts and their Kindred; by Mary L. B. Olcott; p. 154. New York Genealogical and Biographical Record; Vol. 43. Americana Vol. 34.

Robert Givens, My Ancestors by Robert Givens on

Manuscript: Genealogy of Francis WEEKES, of Providence, RI, Hempstead and Oyster Bay, LI and Collateral Lines Author: Dr. Frank Edgar Weeks Place: Kipton, OH, 1938 Publication: Self Published

Notable British Families 1600 - 1900. Burkes.

LEGENDS SANDYS of Lancashire, Eng. & Rhode Island" Text: Author: Wentling, Mark A. mailto:[email protected]


Taylor Ancestors-Descendants by I V (Sue) Taylor Foster on

chandler1 by Linda Chandler (Webb-Crittendon)


Msg 24 Feb 2004 from Mississippi Gatewood Cousin: daughter's e-mail at [email protected]. Direct descendant of Leonard Otis Gatewood. She has articles from papers and other dcumentation of birth and death if you are interested.


Msg From: David Sprinkle ([email protected]) Date: Tue, 24 Feb 2004 Subject: Whittington To: [email protected]. Direct descendant of Henry Wells Whittington.


Hunt-Whitley-Archer-Taylor by James Hunt on (Morgan)

FL-GA-SC-NC-VA-Europe by David Hunter Brown on

Source Morgan: Title: World Family Tree Vol. 1, Ed. 1 Author: Brēderbund Software, Inc. Publication: Release date: November 29, 1995


Smith-Clark Connections on Updated: Tue Feb 17 2004 Contact: Marcia Smith Clark ([email protected]) 50842


Ancestors of Jason Lance by Jason Lance on

Harrison_Beegle by Barbara Harrison Beegle on Vol II Colonial Families of the United States of American: Ball Genealogy Media: Manuscript

Cowart Ancestors by Rick Cowart on

Walkers of Virginia by Jean Ray Marshalek on


(Lee)Mostly Southern:RootsWeb World Connect Project Author: Mark Freeman Publication: Home Page: Mark and Carolyn's Genealogy

(Lee) Pressley-Price Family Tree: RootsWeb WorldConnect Project Author: Nancy Presley-Hone


"Genealogies of Virginia Familes", from the William and Mary College Quarterly Historical Magazine, Vol III, published 1982 by Genealogical Publishing Company Inc, Baltimore, Baltimore, MD.


My Family by Carol Crabtree Peacock on

Strother, Bacon, Gaines and more by Kim Strother Jones on

Travers & Heale by Linda on


Msg From: Beth [email protected] Subject: [HARRISON] Virginia genealogy sites & my Harrisons To: [email protected] , 24 Feb 2004. Direct descendant of David Coupland and Anne Harrison.


Ancestors of James Allen Knechtmann by James Allen Knechtmann on update 14 Jan 2004 EMail: [email protected]

The Cochran and French Families of West by Emilee Cochran

Thompson/Henderson/Hinkle/Evans by Vicky


Russell Family by R. Douglas Russell on

Hines Family by Jewel Helton Eckstrom on

Helton & Related Families by Jo Ann Helton (Whitely info) on


Msg From: "Celeste Reppond" ([email protected]) To: [email protected] Date: Sun, 29 Feb 2004


THE HISTORY of THE ZANGERL & ALLIED FAMILIES on Updated: Fri Jan 4 2002 Contact: Carol Zangerl 040813

26591 Updated: Sat Aug 25 19:04:08 2001 Contact: J Dunn 4


The Brothers Crawford: Colonel William, 1722-1782 and Valentine Jr., 1724-1777, by Allen W. Scholl, 2 volumes, Heritage Books, Inc., Bowie, MD, 1995 Media: Book Page: pages 1, 341.


Baggott Clan Updated: Sat Jan 31 2004 on; Contact: Vera Tagieff EMail: [email protected] 1216696


Judge Niles Diaries This link (American Local History Network),is off-site and is an electronic edition of the Judge Niles Diary for the period June 1861 through December 31, 1864. Judge Niles kept a diary from 1831 to 1890. The dairy has been printed in a substantial number of volumes which are available in the Attala County Library.


Msg From: [email protected] Date: Wed, 3 Mar 2004 Subject: Hunley/Hundley Genealogy To: [email protected](Joseph Ryland & Elizabeth Hunley.My 6th & 7th Great Grand-Parents).


DAR Records, DAR Historical Collections, Vol. II, letter from Preston Trotter to his cousin, George Trotter January 14, 1862.


WFCummins on Updated: Sat Aug 25 2001; Contact: William Cummins EMail: [email protected] 9


Msg From: "John Stoneham" [email protected] To: [email protected] Subject: Re: Rufus Wilson Higginbotham Date: Thu, 12 Feb 2004 The R. W. Higginbotham family has published 4 genealogies for his family since the early 1900's. I am the editor/compiler of the last book. John Stoneham

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