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Src: Medlin Family on Updated: Sat Aug 25 10:30:59 2001 Contact: Lonnie Medlin


References: Scots Peerage, Vol. VI, pp. 337-387; Royal Descents of Famous People, by Mark Humphries, 1995/6. The Peerage does not show Sir John (No. 9); however, he was mentioned in a Book on the Irvine's as the ancestor of Douglas of Tillyquhilly. Humphrey's descent is probably based on that book.

Richard W. Field E-mail: [email protected] Revised August 24, 1998


The Pedigree and History of the Washington Family, by Albert Welles, published in 1879. Strawbridge Connection to George Washington n%20Descent.html




Ancestors of Stephen Jorgensen Kelsey Ph.D. by Stephen Jorgensen Kelsey 5368 Cottonwood Club Drive Salt Lake City, Utah 84117 Tel: 801-278-1710 Send e-mail to: [email protected]


Randall and Allied Families (old) Updated: 2004-06-22 Contact: William R. Randall downloaded gedcom (Reynolds) =I01688

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[S3139] tml#I5219


Harris on GenCircles and Rall Family History by Rex B.RALLS updated Jun 18, 2003 EMail: [email protected]


My Long and West Ancestors and Some of Their Descendants on; Updated: Fri Aug 29 2003 Contact: Diana Shepard Email: [email protected]

History of Clay County, Missouri Author: William H. Woodson Publication: Topeka: Historical Pub. Co., 1920; Note: also UMILH10572 Repository: Mid-Continent Public Library - North Independence Branch Call Number: 977.816 W868.

Title: William Russell and His Descendants; Author: Anna Russell des Cognets Publication: Lexington, KY: Samuel F. Wilson, Dec. 1884 Note: Reprint includes added material and copyright by Louis des Cognets, Jr. Repository: Mid-Continent Public Library - North Independence Branch Call Number: UMI G5573; Media: Microfiche.

DAR Record Mid-Continent Public Library - North Independence Branch; Media: Book Page: #67297.

Title: Pioneer Wagon Author: Jackson County Genealogical Society Publication: Independence, MO; Media: Magazine, Page: Vol. 13 #3.


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Virginia, Prominent Families, Vol. 1-4 Volume I Chapter V The Colston Family..


Beams and Howings by Ray Beam on


Harrison_Beegle File Update September 07, 2003 by Barbara Harrison Beegle on EMail: [email protected]

Storm File by Ken Storm on

Hammond Family by Glenda Lohmann (Haynie data)

Ancesters of Charlotte McKinney Rowden on (Haynie) by Charlotte McKinney Rowden

Leflore by Lynne Leflore Trammel "An Ancestral Abstract of John Haynie" -- The Immigrant Subtitle: Son of the Immigrant -- John Haynie


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An Extended Family on GenCircles by George Arthur Larson II. Ancesters of Charlotte on Gen Circles by McKinney Rowden.


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Pre-1750 Charles County MD Familes: Wills, Court, Church, Land, Inventories & Accounts; on Updated: Fri Oct 3 2003; Contact: Michael Marshall EMail: [email protected]

Pre-1776 Charles County MD Familes: Wills, Court, Church, Land, Inventories & Accounts Updated: 2004-08-23 189


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Salette Latas GEDCOM ([email protected]) 7/28/97

Lynne Anderson Pedigree Resource File CD #12

21 May 1806 per Broderbund WFT Vol. 3, Ed. 1, Tree #4942, Date of Import: Dec 28, 1997; 1775 per GenServ DERN7BA database Donald D. Derr:[email protected] 507 Monterey Place Hutchinson, KS 67502 2


Roop & Pearce Connections on Updated: Thu Oct 2 2003; Contact: Margie Pearce EMail: [email protected] Src: research of Marlo K. Schermerhorn on the Sebastian Shoup line; Author: Beard, Frank ([email protected]); Berg, Sven ([email protected],), Zoe Elder Ancestry Entries: 135 Updated: Wed Feb 5 2003.


Our Southern Roots on by Billy Smithey, Jr.last updated January 12, 2001 EMail: [email protected]


The Descendants of John O'Neale 1665-2003 on Updated: Mon Oct 27 2003; Contact: John W. O'Neal, II Home Page: The O'Neal Genealogy Association EMail: [email protected]


Sims2001 on Updated: Sat Nov 17 2001; Contact: Mary Shaffer


Mc Gruder, H. W. KY CAMPBELL CO. 270 1830 Ancestors of Alexander Magruder chart.


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John Markham of Chesterfield Co. VA by Ralph Dean Clark P.O. Box 641188 Los Angeles, CA 90064-1188 Ultimate Family Tree, ver 3.10 Patch MARCUM Project Version 1039 November 6, 2002


LDS Compact Disc #45 by Diane Fyans ROOS 803 Cara Lane Arlington, TX 76012 Submission Search: 1365768-0504102213447


The Prominent Families of the United States of America; Author: Arthur Meredyth Burke; Publication: Genealogical Publishing Company, 1991


Elton Christian Family Tree on Updated: Fri Sep 5 2003; Contact: Sarepta Ridgeway EMail: [email protected]


Descendants of Thomas Oglesby of Virginia, c. 1740 on Updated: Tue Nov 11 2003. Contact: Victor Oglesby EMail: Victor Oglesby [email protected]

Being a source for information and queries about the following surnames, most particularly in the Southeastern United States: Oglesby -- Cochran -- Kell(e)y -- Maze -- Christian -- Bradley -- Stovall -- Staples -- Meriwether -- Upshaw -- & others. /index.html?Welcome=1069178603


Annora's Family on Updated: Tue Aug 26 2003; Contact: Annora Blanche Frazee Renoe EMail: [email protected]

"The Woodsons and Their Connections"


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Stirling01 Families covered: Stirling of Balquharrage, Stirling of Cadder (Cawder), Stirling of Craigbernard, Stirling of Garden, Stirling of Keir, Stirling of Kippendavie, Stirling of Lettyr, Stirling of Redgorton



Graham01 Families covered: Graham of Abercorn, Graham of Dalkeith, Graham of Dundalf, Graham of Kincardine, Graham of Menteith Main sources: TSP (Montrose) , BP1934 (Montrose), BE1883 (Graham of Strathern, Monteith, Airth)

Graham02 Families covered: Graham of Braco, Graham of Callander, Graham of Kincardine, Graham of Montrose, Grahame of Orchill

Graham03 Families covered: Graham of Ballargus, Graham of Claverhouse, Graham of Dundee, Graham of Duntrune, Graham of Fintry

John Guthrie Smith's book "Strathendrick and its inhabitants from early times", published by James MacLehose and Sons in 1896


Buchanan01 "Stathendrick" reports that the first of this family in Scotland was Anselan, son of a petty king of South Ulster, who was "obliged by the Danes to flee" from Ireland in about 1016. That book reports that it is not until the 7th laird that "we reach the firm ground of documentary proof" and starts its genealogy from that laird. We show the intervening lairds, their names having been obtained from various web sites. ch12

Buchanan02 Families covered: Buchanan of Auchmar, Buchanan of Buchanan The following is taken primarily from 'Strathendrick' but with some support from and occasional difference with BLG1952 which numbers the lairds slightly differently, identifying Patrick (following) as the 14th laird. klower


Stewart06 Families covered: Stewart of Albany, Stewart of Avandale (Avondale), Stewart of Burray, Stewart of Fife, Stewart of Methven h12


Lennox1 Families covered: Lennox of Faslane, Lennox of Lennox

Sources disagree about the ancestry of the first Earl, some identifying him as Celtic others as Northumbrian. We show what is reported in 'The Complete Peerage' (and, on the male line, broadly supported by TSP) which effectively combines those roots as it reports that Alwyn Mor, maternal grandfather of the first Earl, was the son of Arkil who fled to Scotland from Northumberland in about 1070.


Campbell01 Families covered: Campbell of Lochow, Campbell of Loudoun Main sources: TSP (Argyll), BP1934 (Argyll), TSP (Loudoun) x8

Campbell11 Families covered: Campbell of Auchinbreck, Campbell of Carsaig, Campbell of Castleswene, Campbell of Kildalloig, Campbell of Kilmichael, Campbell of Kilmory, Campbell of Knockemellie, Campbell of Strondour, Campbell of Wester Kames

Campbell02 Families covered: Campbell of Argyll, Campbell of Liston Hall, Campbell of Luthie Main sources: TSP (Argyll), BP1934 (Argyll) ssil


Ancient Ireland 01, 02, and 03: Ireland01 Updated: 23.12.02 ((a)) Breasrigh (d 736BC) - continued below

Ireland02 Updated: 23.12.02 Modhchorb (d 357BC) Main sources: 'Royal Geneaolgies'. NB. The above information was recorded from notes taken. The font used in the book 'Royal Genealogies' was not always easy to read so it is very likely that there are several spelling mistakes and other transcription errors.

Ireland03 Section Updated: 18.05.03 Constantin (d 420) 1. Aurelius Ambrose (d 460) 2. Uther Pendragon, King of Britons (d 520) m. Eigr (dau of Amlawdd) A. Arthur of the Round Table, King of Britons (d aged 24) m1. ?? m2. dau of the King of Franks

Not all of these generations are Irish but, since most of them should in any case be viewed as 'mythical' and so should not be taken too seriously anyway, the information is provided under this file heading as 'it is as good as any'. Some of the claimed descents warrant further investigation (although most are suspect). Main sources: 'The House of Argyll and collateral branches of the Clan Campbell', 1871.


Saxons03 Main sources: (1) 'The Royal Line of Succession', published by Pitkin Pictorials in 1975, SBN 85372-091-6 and repeated in the 1996 edition of that publication (by Pitkin Guides Ltd), ISBN 0-85372-404-0. (2) 'Genealogical and Historical Diagrams illustrative of The History of Scotland, England, France, and Germany from the Ninth Century to the Present Time' by William Graham, published in 1862. (3) 'A History of England before the Norman Conquest' by Sir Charles Oman, published in 1993 by Bracken Books, ISBN 1-85891-073-0.


DNA Group 3 Lindsay Code No.: L0063 Surname: Lindsey Last Update of the Lindsay DNA Group 3 Web Page: October 16, 2003


The Mount - Scotland The following narrative on The Mount, home of many of the Lindsays of Scotland, was researched and written by Christopher John Lindesay [email protected] of Australia.

Sources: Agnew, Sir Crispin of Locknaw (1976) The Mount - Lord Lyon. The Coat of Arms. Vol. 2 (100), pp 87-92.

Lindsay, John (Ed) (1938) The Lindsays of The Mount. Publications of the Clan Lindsay Society. Vol. 5 (17), Edinburgh, pp 9-82.

Tranter, Nigel (1995) The James V Trilogy. Coronet Books, Hodder and Stoughton, London.


Lauder01 Families covered: Lauder of the Bass

Lauder02 Families covered: Lauder of Hatton

Main sources: "Notes on Historical References to the Scottish Family of Lauder", edited by James Young, printed by Thomas Duncan, Glasgow 1884. It should be noted that this book appears to have been a compilation of references rather than a proven record. The above has been supplemented by cross-references from other sources.


Douglas01 Families covered: Douglas of Douglas, Douglas of Nithsdale, Douglas of Tourraine. Main sources: TSP (Douglas), BE1883 (Douglas of Douglas)

Douglas02 Families covered: Douglas of Angus, Douglas of Glenbervie, Douglas of Kilspindie, Douglas of Morton, Douglas of Parkhead, Douglas of Torthorwald Main sources: TSP (Angus), BP1934 (Hamilton), TSP (Morton), BP1934 (Morton)


Somerville02 Families covered: Somerville of Cambusnethan (Camnethan), Somerville of Drum, Somerville of Somerville Main sources: TSP (Somerville), BE1883 (Somerville) link1


Sempill01 Families covered: Sempill of Eliotstoun, Sempill of Sempill Main sources: TSP (Sempill), BP1934 (Sempill). k1

Sempill02 Families covered: Sempill of Bruntschiells, Sempill of Sempill Main sources: TSP (Sempill), BP1934 (Sempill).


Cunningham01 Families covered: Cunynghame (Cunningham) of Kilmaurs Main sources: TSP (Glencairn), BE1883 (Cunynghame of Kilmaurs and Glencairn). link3

Cunningham04 Families covered: Cuninghame of Caprington, Cuningham of Cuninghamhead, Cunynghame of Brownhill Main sources: (1) Cuningham of Cuninghamhead: (a) "Doig". See the comment under Sources on 'Cunningham03'. (b) Burke's Extinct and Dormant Baronetcies, 1844. (2) Cuninghame of Caprington: BLG1952 (Cuninghame of Caprington). laud


Napier1 Families covered: Napier of Culcreuch, Napier of Edinbellie, Napier of Merchiston; Main sources: TSP (Napier of Merchiston), BP1934 (Napier and Ettrick), BP1934 (Napier of Merchiston)


Menteith01 Families covered: Menteith of Randiford, Menteith of Rusky, Menteith of Alva, Menteith of Caribber, Menteith of Coalheughburn, Menteith of Kerse Main sources: (1) "Heraldry of the Stewarts" by G. Harvey Johnston. (2) TSP (Menteith). (3) BP1934 (Stuart-Menteth).


Stewart 01 Families covered: Stewards of Scotland, Stewart of Angus, Stewart of Arran, Stewart of Atholl, Stewart of Bonkyl, Stewart of Buchan, Stewart of Crookston, Stewart of Dalswinton, Stewart of Darnley (Derneley), Stewart of Garlies, Stewart of Innermeath, Stewart of Jedworth, Stewart of Lorn, Stewart of Menteith, Stewart of Pearston, Stuart of Aubigny

Main sources: TSP (Kings of Scotland), TSP (Atholl), TSP (Buchan), TSP (Innermeath), TSP (Lennox), BE1883 (Stewart - various). t


Strathearn1 Families covered: Early Earls of Strathearn (Strathern) Main sources: TSP (Strathearn), BE1883 (Malise of Strathern). trth1


RZmisc01 Families covered: Early Earls of Ross, Roy of Nenthorn, Roet Main sources: (1) Earls of Ross: TSP (Ross). (2) Roy of Nenthorn: BLG1886 (Roy of Nenthorn), BG family records. (3) Roet: "Katherine" by Anya Seton, published by Hodder and Stoughton (1984 impression, ISBN 0-340-01145-9)


Bruce01 Families covered: Bruce of Annandale, Bruce of Carrick, Bruce of Scotland, Bruce of Skelton Main sources: TSP (Carrick), BLG1850 (Bruce of Kennet, in supplement), BE1883 (Bruce of Annandale).


Galloway1 Families covered: Early Lords of Galloway and Earls of Carrick Main sources: (1) 'The Complete Peerage'. (2) TSP (Galloway). TSP (Carrick).


FitzAlan1 Families covered: FitzAlan of Arundel, FitzAlan of Dol, FitzAlan of Oswestry Main sources: TSP (Kings of Scotland), BP1934 (Moray), BE1883 (FitzAlan of Arundel)

FitzAlan2 Families covered: FitzAlan of Arundel, FitzAlan of Maltravers Main sources: BE1883 (FitzAlan of Arundel).


Robert Thomson/Margaret Railey by James R. Thompson on


OBrien01 Families covered: O'Brien Kings of Ireland, Munster and Thomond Note. Ireland was divided into five kingdoms: Ulster, Munster, Leinster, Connaught and Meath. Thomond was North Munster Main sources: (1) 'RoyalData'. The names given in that site are sometimes simplified above. Apologies are offered should that simplification (from what may be the technically correct old Irish method) be wrong. (2) "The Royal Line of Succession", edited by Patrick Montague-Smith, Pitkin Guides Limited, 1996 reprint, ISBN 0-85372-404-0.


Normans1 Families covered: Kings of England, Counts of Eu, Earls of Gloucester, Dukes of Normandy, Earls of Salisbury Main sources: (1) GenEU (Normandy). (2) "The Royal Bastards of Medieval England" by Chris Given-Wilson & Alice Carteris (ISBN 0-7102-0025-0). (3) For FitzGibert de Toneburge: BE1883 (Clare of Hertford & Gloucester). (4) For d'Evereux of Salisbury: BE1883 (D'Evereux of Salisbury), TCP (Salisbury) t


Granville01 Families covered: Granville or Grenville of Bideford, Granville of Kilkhampton, Granville of Stow NB. This family's name is often spelt Grenville. We use Granville because that is the spelling used in BLG1886/1952 by the descendants shown on the continuation page at Granville02.

Granville02 Families covered: Granville or Grenville of Bath, Granville of Bideford, Granville of Stow, Granville of Wellesbourne Main sources: BLG1886/1952 (Granville of Wellesbourne), BE1883 (Granville of Bath), BE1883 (Granville of Lansdowne)


GZmisc01 Families covered: Giffard of Brimsfield, Giffard of Buckingham, Gifford of Yester Main sources: BE1883 (Giffard of Buckingham), BE1883 (Giffard of Brimsfield), various web sites (including 'RoyalData' and 'Maximillian Genealogy').


Barcelona01 Families covered: Counts of Ampurias, Dukes of Aquitaine, Counts of Auvergne, Counts of Barcelona, Counts of Carcassone Main sources: GenEU (Barcelona1, 10) supported by (inter alia) Debrett's "Kings and Queens of Europe" by David Williamson (published by Webb & Bower in 1988. ISBN 0-86350-194-X).


Montfort01 Families covered: Montfort of Evreux, Montfort of Leicester, Montfort of Montfort Main sources: The Complete Peerage (Montfort), BE1883 (Montfort of Leicester), 'Mathematical', 'RoyalData', and other web sites. k1


Toeni 1 Families covered: Toeni of Conches, Toeni of Flamsted, Toeni of Stafford, Toeni of Toeni (Tosni or Tosny) Main sources: Various web sites, in particular 'Mathematical'.


Anjou1 Families covered: Counts of Anjou, Counts of Gatinais, Kings of Jerusalem, Counts of Vendome Main sources: GenEU (Anjou1, 2), RoyalData.


Capet01 Updated: 12.05.03 Main sources: HOLDT, ROYL, GenEU (Capet1, 2, 3) ancestry given by 'Holdt' but also provide a link to the ancestry shown by 'Royal Genealogies' (ROYL) which, although arguably less reliable, is certainly interesting.

Capet02 Families covered: Capetian Kings of France Main sources: (1) GenEU (Capet4, 8). (2) Debrett's "Kings and Queens of Europe" by David Williamson. Published by Webb & Bower in 1988. ISBN 0-86350-194-X. t


Holland1 Families covered: Counts of Holland Main sources: GenEU (Holland1, 2), 'Royal Genealogies' ('ROYL'). klo


Lorraine01 i. Godfrey 'Barbatus', Count of Ardenne, Count of Verdun (d 1003) This links to an alternative ancestry for Godfrey as provided by 'Royal Genealogies'. Main sources: 'Royal Genealogies'. This links to the short ancestry for Siegfried that is recorded in GenEU. A longer but probably less reliable record of his ancestry is given in 'Lorraine01' which reports data provided by 'Royal Genealogies'.

Lorraine02 Families covered: Dukes of Lower Lorraine, Dukes of Upper Lorraine, Counts of Ravensberg Main sources: GenEU (Luxemburg1), 'Royal Genealogies'.


Luxembourg01 Families covered: Counts of Luxembourg Main sources: GenEU (Luxemburg3). inklo


Limburg1 Families covered: Counts/Dukes of Limburg, Dukes of Lower Lorraine, Counts of Arlon, Counts of Berg Main sources: GenEU (Luxemburg8), 'Royal Genealogies'.


Namur1 Families covered: Counts of Durbuy, Counts of Laroche, Counts of Namur Main sources: GenEU (Luxemburg2).


Msg From: "Gayle Morgan" [email protected] To: [email protected] Subject: Our Southern Family 04 Nov 2003 To: [email protected] one part of the Chapman family of East Feliciana and one of the Smith families of East Feliciana.


Lawrence, Lyons, and Allied Families on Updated: Fri Apr 4 2003; Contact: David Lawrence EMail: [email protected] Home Page, Descendants of Samuel Lyons:


Jersey Settlers and John Jones: Jack Curtis, 706 Harvard, Cleveland, Miss. 38732, has just released his new book "John Jones, 1744-1821, Patriot, Planter, and Philanthropist." The main lineages in this book include Coleman, Griffing, Scott, Emanuel, Lewis, Dye, Greenleaf, Ridgway, Miller, Harrell, Edwards, Marble, and Jones.


Terry D. & Cathleen M. Smith - Updated 25 Aug 2003 Note: 1978 Miner Way, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, 89104-5214, [email protected], (702) 641-0949, ith.


DANIEL FAMILY OF AMERICA Under The Unicorn - The Daniel Family

Under the Unicorn the Daniel Family was first published in 1996 & 1998 and updated in early 1999. While the work is copyright, there is no objection to the use of all the material for private purposes. All rights and privileges, however, remain with the compiler of this collection of Daniel Families. © 1998, 1999 The Daniel Family of America Southern States


Robertson, Anderson, Venable and related families on Updated: Sat Sep 20 2003; Contact: Jim Robertson EMail: [email protected] Source: A Catalogue of the Descendants of Thomas Watkins of Chickahomony, VA Author: Francis N. Watkins Publication: Atlas Printing Company (1899) Repository: Note: JVR Library Call Number: Media: Book Page: 28


Morrison Family Tree on Updated: Fri Jun 7 2002, Contact: Guy Morrison EMail: [email protected] Sources: Title: Sons of Confederate Veterans; Author: Phillip Sherrod, See Application of John Henry Hayman of Lexington, Kentucky, dated May 18, 1926, to join the Sons of Confederate Veterans, citing his grandmother's service to General Morgan.

Title: Sherrod Family File Author: Phillip Haines Sherrod, Electronic Library, online, File: 23308.exe downloaded 16 September 1999.

Title: Bluegrass Pioneers -- A Chronicle of the Hunt and Morgan Families Author: Charles P. Stanton Publication: July, 1989, Published 1996


World Family Tree Vol. 9, Ed. 1 Author: Brøderbund Software, Inc.Publication: Release date: March 31, 1997


Harman on Updated: Sat Aug 25 2001; Contact: Tommy Harman EMail: [email protected] Author: John William Harman Title: Harman-Harmon Genealogy Publication: Copyrighted, 1928, by John William Harman of Parsons, West Virginia


Ogilvy01 Families covered: Ogilvy of Auchterhouse, Ogilvy of Clova, Ogilvy of Inverquharity, Ogilvy of Lintrathen, Ogilvy of Ogilvy, Ogilvy of Wester Powrie.


Keith01 Families covered: Keith of Keith Main sources: TSP (Marischal), BP1934 (Kintore).


Fraser01 Families covered: Fraser of Cornton, Fraser of Cowie, Fraser of Durris, Fraser of Frendraught, Fraser of Lovat, Fraser of Oliver Castle, Fraser of Philorth, Fraser of Stoneywood, Fraser of Touchfraser

Main sources: TSP (Fraser of Saltoun), BP1934 (Saltoun), TSP (Fraser), TSP (Lovat), BP1934 (Lovat).


Murray01 Families covered: Moravia of Petyn, Moravia of Sutherland, Moray of Bothwell, Sutherland of Sutherland Main sources: TSP (Bothwell), TSP (Sutherland), BP1934 (Sutherland), TSP (Atholl). c

Murray02 Families covered: Murray of Aberlednoch, Murray of Blebo, Murray of Claremont, Murray of Drumphin, Murray of Kelach, Murray of Pardewis, Murray of Tullibardine; Main sources: TSP (Atholl), BP1934 (Atholl). m

Murray04 Families covered: Murray of Arngask, Murray of Balvaird, Murray of Binn, Murray of Drumcairn, Murray of Letter Bannachty, Murray of Little Ardit, Murray of Mansfield, Murray of Stormont Main sources: TSP (Stormont), BP1934 (Mansfield)

Murray12 Families covered: Murray of Ayton (Aytoun), Murray of Balmanno, Murray of Dollerie, Murray of Dysart, Murray of Glendoick, Murray of Ochtertyre; Main sources: (1) TSP (Dysart), BP1934 (Keith Murray of Ochtertyre). (2) For Murray of Glendoick: 'The Complete Baronetage' by GE Cockayne.


Lindsay01 Families covered: Lindsay of Craigie, Lindsay of Crawford, Lindsay of Dunrod, Lindsay of Ercildum, Lindsay of Glenesk, Lindsay of Lamberton, Lindsay of Luffness

Main sources: (1) "The Lives of the Lindsays" by Alexander William Crawford Lindsay, 25th Earl of Crawford. Published Wigan 1858, 2nd edition. (2) BP1934 (Crawford), TSP (Crawford), 'Mathematical'.

Lindsay04 Families covered: Lindsay of the Byres, Lindsay of Kilquhis Main sources: TSP (Lindsay), BP1934 (Lindsay). b


Pitcairn01 Families covered: Pitcairn of Forthar, Pitcairn of Innerethy, Pitcairn of Pitcairn; Main sources: 'The History of the Fife Pitcairns' by Constance Pitcairn, published by William Blackwood and Sons, Edinburgh & London, 1905. o


Melville01 Families covered: Melville of Melville, Melville of Raith; Main sources: TSP (Melville) nklo


From World Family Tree Vol. 5, Ed. 1 Author: Brøderbund Software, Inc. Publication: Release date: August 22, 1996 Media: Family Archive CD Page: Tree #0947


1. Family Tree of Frank E. Masland IV by Frank Masland Title: Masland Family.FTW 2. Carolina by John Cantzon Foster 3. Crivellari and Related Famlies by Irisgay Crivellari 4. Charleston families by Thom Gibby 5. Book Title: Three Pioneer Rapides Families, A Genealogy Author: Stafford, G. M. G; Author: Stafford, George Mason Graham Publication: Claitor's Books, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, 1946 6. Pendley and Related Families by Lem Pendley ([email protected]) on

Robert Palmer Rhoads Family by Robert Palmer Rhoads on Gencircles

John MORGAN, Wales to Florida by Carolyn Walker

"Bluegrass Pioneers -- A Chronicle of the Hunt and Morgan Families" by Charles P. Stanton; July, 1989, Published 1996


Family of Silas Knight by Richard Knight on Gen Circles; updated September 21, 2002 EMail: [email protected]

The Vanderlick-Leckie Family of Gene Leckie

Walkers of Virginia by Jean Ray Marshalek

Nabb by Van K Nabb on updated October 21, 2002 EMail: [email protected]


Coffey Family Information for this family page was contributed by : Tay Scott Bloodworth, Sharon Jung, Pennie Jarvis Fletcher, Jim Deans.

"Coffey Family" documented by Wayne Coffey - with some research by Nancy B. Wood, [email protected] and Coffee Cousins' Clearinghouse

World Family Tree Vol. 7, Ed. 1 Author: Broderbund Software, Inc. Publication: Release date: October 17, 1996 Media: Family Archive CD Page: Tree #0806; Tree #1048

Descendants of John Coffey by Matt Burnett on


Frost Family by Frost Family Connections on GenCircles last update: November 16, 2003 EMail: [email protected]

Ancestors of Pearce Hyatt by Emily Karr

Barbara Craddock Shultz by Barbara Craddock Shultz (formerly Pike)


Inv of Estate Harrison Co Virginia Hugh Miller (Husband) b. About. 1720 in of, , Virginia John* Asbury (Husband) b. About. 1725 in Westmoreland, Virginia

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