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Shirley Murry EMail: [email protected] posted to message boards.


Cemetery Inscriptions, Pike County, Mississippi 1750-1978; Ray & June Sartin Parish, assisted by A.E. Andrews, Bess VAn Norman Simmons, Josephene Nelson Andrews, Juanita Purl Mathews and Doris Ann Hankins. Collected by jbass at Magnolia Library,1 May 2002, main library 114 State Street, McComb, MS 39648.


"Gods & Generals" by Jeff Shaara, 1996 pub by Ballantine Books. Lib. of Congress catalog card number: 97-97100.


Wood Genealogy, Descendants of William Wood by Jack Wood. EMail:[email protected]


Schilt Families on family file Updated: Sat Aug 25 2001 by Ginny Schilt EMail: [email protected]


Pendleton on Updated: Tue Dec 4 2001, By Janet de la Pena, EMail: [email protected] Holly's updated tree on, Updated: Sun Jan 27 2002 by: Holly Hoffmaster, EMail: [email protected]


Stuart & Washington, 1800's msg by Stuart Anderson, EMail: [email protected] on King George Co. VA msg bd. Apr 2000


"Thorntons in your database" 16 May 2002 detailed report from Fran EMail: [email protected]


Virginia Genealogical Society Quarterly volume XII volume XII, number 4 (01-OCT-1974)


The Volkmar, Zimmerman, Krieger Family on submitted by Ron Volkmar EMail: [email protected] Updated: Wed Jul 4 2001


Mike Francisco email msg to jbass Fri, 17 May 2002. Email: [email protected] direct descendant of Andrew Francisco.


Whaley Family website: EMail: [email protected]


Shell Family of Saline County, Arkansas by Allen Lovell on Updated: Apr 26 2002 Contact: Allen Lovell EMail: [email protected]


Throckmorton gedcom from 782528; gedcom import log 19 May 2002 Submitted by Carol J. Haywood


Dan Shell's The Shells of Pigeon Creek Genealogy Web Site. The ancestors, descendants, and cousins of the Shells of Pigeon Creek, Alabama. EMail: [email protected]


Sotterly Plantation, St. Mary's Co. MD. Sotterley Foundation.


Dr. Thomas Gerard Family E-mail: [email protected] This page last updated on 25 Apr 2002


The Maryland Calendar of Wills, Volume I Wills from 1635 (Earliest Probated) to 1685 Originally Compiled by Jane Baldwin (1904) Edited and Annotated by USGenNet Patrons Rhoda Fone & Carole Hammett (2001)


David P Himes EMail: [email protected] msg to jbass 6 May 2002


Robert Garrigus EMail: [email protected] Msg To: [email protected] Subject: Garrigues/Garrigus Ancestry Date: Fri, 24 May 2002


Sue McClenachan EMail: [email protected] Msg To: I have the book, ' The Sheltons" by ZF Shelton, from 1962, with the whole family.


Diane Ford, EMail: [email protected] Msg To:

Subject: Samuel White and Frances Penn Date: Sat, 25 May 2002. book by Frances Houston Irwin of Philadelphia, "The Genealogy of Erskine Lewis White, Senior," 1946.


Book-Genealogies of Virginia Families Vol 5 Author: Thompson and Yates Publication: From Wiliam & Mary College Quartery Historical Magazine

Minnis-Yates family file: Updated:Jun 6, 2002. Contact: Lee Minnis EMail: [email protected]

Title: The Paynes of Virginia by Brooke Payne, 1937


Ferguson-Sauers Family Files on Updated: Sat Aug 25 2001 Contact: Leslie Ferguson EMail: [email protected]


Kent McMahan EMail: [email protected] Gen forum msg Joseph Sims E. Feliciana Pa LA 1810/40 4/25/02


KenTree - A Kent and Baldwin Genealogy Database Updated: Sat May 18 2002 Contact: George Kent EMail: [email protected]


Stuart MacKillican EMail: [email protected] msg To: "josie bass" Subject: Solomon and Batson Morgan word doc; Date: Sun, 26 May 2002 Perkins,Coward,Walker,Franklin,MacKillican and a few Others on Updated: Jan 12, 2003 (Tue Jun 5 2001). Contact: Stuart MacKillican EMail: [email protected]


And Yet Another Brown of Virginia and Allied Family; family tree: Updated: Wed Mar 20 2002 Contact: Gail Garwood EMail: [email protected]


Cheseldine Family 2000 tree file: Updated: Fri Apr 26 2002 Contact: Rufner EMail: [email protected]


HOUSE OF CORBIN family file: CORBIN[1172], Updated: Sat Mar 2002 Contact: Jim Corbin, EMail: [email protected]


Elliott gedcom on Elliott Updated: Sun Nov 11 2001 Contact: Dorothy Elliott EMail: [email protected]


More Wallers' family file: Updated: Sat Nov 24 2001 Contact: Roy Waller EMail: [email protected]

[S2256] family file: 27265 Updated: Sat Aug 25 2001; pot ful of 765 Harris-EMail: [email protected] Src: "THE MINOR FAMILY OF VIRGINIA" by John B. Minor Proffit, VA 1923; J. P. BELL COMPANY, (Inc), Lynchburg, VA, from Dorsey Smith, 11MAR1997; p. 25. Mary Ann Bugg, 27 W. Main Ave; Myerstown, PA 17067; 10 May 1976. Taken, in part, from Minor Family book in Univ VA Rare Book Library.


Descendants of John Dabney Strother from "Fran" EMail: [email protected] To: [email protected] Subject: Strothers Date: Wed, 29 May 2002


Courtney Family Line:Updated 10/16/01 tree file by Pam Caldwell EMail: [email protected]


Swoger, Williams, Doran, Smith, Neill Family Tree on Updated: Fri Dec 7 2001 Contact: Andrina Womack EMail: [email protected]


Russ E. Fortson, EMail: [email protected] msg to jbass 31 May 2002. Direct Descendant of Lon Nunally Fortson.


Bartlett Database by Roger Bartlett 2415 Vista Lane, Austin, Texas 78703-2343 Ph: 512-473-2156; EMail: [email protected] tree file Updated: Tue May 28 2002. Src: Erbon W. Wise, Wise Footsteps from England and Ireland: Ancestral Study of Wise and Allied Families (Sulphur, La.:, 1995) Page: p. 98. Title: John Wright Boyd, A Family History: Lt. Thomas Fortson (1742-1824) and Some of His Descendants--Early Settler of Elbert County, Georgia (Danielsville, Ga.: Heritage Papers, 1973) John W. Boyd, P.O. Box 298, Tignall, Ga. 30668. Title: W. Avery Miner, comp., Descendants of John Minor (n.p.:, 1983) Repository: Roger A. Bartlett


Thorns among the roses tree file: Updated: Sun Apr 14 2002 Contact: Holly Forrest Tamer EMail: [email protected]


The Colemans of Mobjack Bay by Sherrianne Nicol, 2000 ; Boddie Historical Southern Families, Vol VII, page 18; Genealogies of Virginia Families page 286.


Family of George Eddie Duke tree file: Updated: Jul 14 2001 Contact: Joan Duke Eail: [email protected]


Templeton/Pendleton and Associated Families tree file. Updated: Aug 25 2001. Contact: Janice Tepper EMail: [email protected]


E. Harris, EMail: [email protected] msg Jun 2002 4th greatgrand mother was Mary(Polly) Penn


Helen Ruth Towns EMail: [email protected] 04 Jun 2002 To [email protected] Direct descendant of James Decatur Houston and Nancy Grider Mitchell.


From: "R. BRIAN SAGASER" EMail: [email protected] Msg to [email protected] 3 Jun 2002. Direct descedant of John William Ellzey and Audra Alice Davis.


"Sara McBeth" EMail: [email protected] Msg To: [email protected] Subject: Wingfield Mon, 3 Jun 2002.


Doris Ross Johnston's Our Texas Family on Updated: Jun 3 2002, Contact: Doris Ross Johnston EMail: [email protected] Home Page: html

Blanchard and Mary Smith by Blanchard Smith on


Ancestors and Decendants of Chalemagne the Great Updated: Apr 19 2002 Contact: acsmith EMail: [email protected]


Jeff Davis Gainesville, GA EMail: [email protected] Msg to [email protected] 5 Jun 2002. Direct descendant of David Davis, Jr. uncle of Pres. Jeff Davis.


TOTALFAM family file. Updated: May 18 2002. Contact: Loren A. Thurman EMail: [email protected] Home Page: THURMAN's Quest On-Line Surname Repository




Dorothy Myrtis (Stinson) Joyce, Mrs. Ruel L. Joyce, 4015 NW 60th St. Kansas City, MO 64151; Feb 2, 1990 ltr to Curtis R. Holliday in response to his query. descendant of Christy W. Yoist.


Becky Bonner's Harrison Repository From Dr. Johnson's notes: 297.htm From Ruth Jones Harrison Heritage hhpart2.htm


K.A. Hall Family on Updated: Aug 26 2001 Contact: Kenneth Hall EMail: [email protected] Ancestors and Families of Dale Gillis and Loretta Barrett Gillis Updated: Tue Apr 9 2002 Contact: Dale Gillis EMail: [email protected]


History of the Collinsworth family of TN compiled by Mrs. Katherine W. Ewing of Nashville, TN


Data on g6108a Updated: Sat Aug 25 2001 Contact: Unknown EMail: [email protected]


Captain Samuel Jordan per research of Miriam Bertelson. EMail: [email protected]


Family Files of Deborah Webb Lane on Updated: Tue May 23 2000 Contact: Dennis Lane EMail: [email protected] Home Page: The Lane Family Genealogy Page


Edward Logsdon 1709 - 1799 family file. Updated: Apr 6 2002 Contact: FRED LAGER EMail: [email protected]


Copeland,Harris,Lawrence,Neville,Pittman,Turner,Wheeler, Family File: Updated: Fri Jun 7 2002 and Apr 17 05:44:30 2003 by Contact: Jesse Macon Lawrence Jr.EMail: [email protected] /?Welcome=1052339145 /?Welcome=1023780796


Virginia, Prominent Families, Vol. 1-4 Volume II Chapter XIV Marshall Family on


Prominent Families, Vol. 1-4 Volume II Chapter VII The Carter Family.

Volume II Chapter V The Randolph Family.


The Leland Family of Virginia, et. al. on Updated: Tue Feb 26 2002 Contact: Richard McLester Leland III EMail: [email protected] THE LOST CHILD OF RICHARD LEE OF DITCHLEY Re: Lucy Lee who married Baldwin Matthews Smith By Mrs. Merillat Moses* Grace M. Moses To Notes & Bibliography The Seven Children of Richard Lee of Ditchley


Northampton & Accomack Co. Va. Names file: Updated: Mon Feb 11 2002 Contact: Bill Wilkins EMail: [email protected]


from family tree dated 2 Dec 2002 by John W. Andrews Email: [email protected].


The Waugh Family on Updated: Aug 25 2001. Contact: Michael Crothers EMail: [email protected]


John R. Hodges, direct descendant of Albert Johnson Hodges, ltr to jbass 10 Jun 2002.


The De La Fontaine Fontaine/Fountain/Fountaine Families by Pauline Phelps EMail: [email protected] Compiled from "Memoirs of a Huguenot Family", Chart of the Fontaine and Maury Families," and other sources. A partial list of the Descendants of John De La Fontaine. Historical Memoranda Of The Family In France, England and Ireland from "The Missouri Fountains And Their Descendants" written by Vida Leola Vance 1967. Submitted by: Shelly Dunkle [email protected] aine.htm.


Brian Jacobs tml#I4929





Stewart 01 Families covered: Stewards of Scotland, Stewart of Arran, Stewart of Atholl, Stewart of Bonkyl, Stewart of Crookston, Stewart of Dalswinton, Stewart of Darnley (Derneley), Stewart of Garlies, Stewart of Innermeath, Stewart of Jedworth, Stewart of Lorn, Stewart of Menteith, Stewart of Pearston, Stuart of Aubigny Main sources: TSP (Kings of Scotland), TSP (Atholl), TSP (Buchan), TSP (Innermeath), TSP (Lennox), BE1883 (Stewart - various).

Stewart 02 Families covered: Stewart of Albany, Stewart Kings of Scotland, Stewart of Strathearn [Part of this page was transferred to 'Stewart20' on 05.06.04.]

Main sources: TSP (Kings of Scotland) with input/support from BP1934 (Kings of Scotland), TSP (Albany), TSP (Mar), Crawfurd's 'History of Renfrewshire' (originally published 1710, update published 1818, which includes 'A Genealogical History of the Royal House of Stewart').


A Re-Evaluation of Scottish History in the Period 970-1050, by Adrian C. Grant - Draft 1; May 2000; For further reading please see, Who Was Karl Hundason?

Other resources: (1) Brewster's British Royalty, by David Williamson, published by Cassell 1996; (2) Ancestral Roots of 60 Colonists who came to New England between 1623 and 1650, by Frederick Lewis Weis PhD, revised by Shepherd 1968(?)


Al and Patricia Ann Myers' Home Page in Dauphin County near Hershey, Pennsylvania and in suburban Miami, Florida EMail: [email protected]


Barb Marshall EMail: [email protected] msg to [email protected] Date: 2002/06/17. Daniel James Drake family file: Updated: Jun 9 2002; Contact: [email protected] (Publication: Debbie Drake Hogue 210 Wootton Road, Sandston, Virginia 23150)


Russell on famile file: Updated: Dec 12 2000. Contact: Laura W. Steneck EMail: [email protected]


HN Bass Bible John Basse Bible of Norfolk Co., VA Submitted by "Lea L. Dowd" The Pathway to Perfection Source: [email protected] Date: Tue, 18 Jun 2002 From: "Lydie Anderson" EMail: [email protected]

Basse Updated: Sun Feb 3 2002 Contact: Thomas Futch, Jr. 24 Bass Families of the South - by Albert Bell Re; Nansemond Indian Ancestry


From: "Kathy McElveen" EMail: [email protected] To: "josie bass" [email protected] Subject: Re: John' 'Hodges' Date: Mon, 17 Jun 2002 Kathy Hodges McElveen Person Co., North Carolina; descendant of Francis Hodges b 1715. Joshua Hodges, b.1736 Dobbs Co., NC is my 3rd Great-Grandfather, Joshua, Jr., Moses L., Perry Morgan, Charlie Morgan Hodges.


Wood's History of Albemarle County; Family Tree of Susan EMail: [email protected] ttp:// mas.htm#drthomas


Long Meadows - Hite Cemetery: Location: In Warren County about 1.5 miles East of Bowmans Mill Road. Bowman Mill Road exits Shenandoah County East of Strasburg. The road then become Bowmans Mill Road. Name of the road to the cemetery not currently known by submitter. The Long Meadow Graveyard Location: On the Shenandoah River near Cedar Creek, Virginia. Date: Date of oldest gravestone, 1789. Source: Virginia W.P.A. Historical Inventory Project, 1937.


The Hanson Family and More! EMail: [email protected] ad0


James Devenport, EMail: [email protected] msg on also Descendants of James Hardaway


Marshall Lowe, msgs on Tanner Family Genealogy Forum EMail: [email protected] William and Mary College Historical Magazine. Genealogies of Virginia Families. "Early Generations of the Tanner Family of Henrico Co. VA" Volume IV, pub. 1982.


The Strother Family From Notable Families of America Copied by Cornelia Allen Cliff of Boston, Mass The Strother Family From Tyler's Quarterly Written by John B. O. Nicklin


Long-Strother-Haynes by Estie Stith Crabbe pp 374-388 The Register of the Kentucky Historical Society on or about October 1951, m


Ronald P Stockton EMail: [email protected]


Memoirs of Letitia Preston Floyd written Feb. 22, 1843. WRITTEN TO HER SON, BENJAMIN RUSH FLOYD Cairo, Feb'y 22, 1843


The Jones Lineage and Arms Gabriel Jones - His Ancestors and Descendants. Jones Family of Virginia tm.


Jean A. Schneider, EMail: [email protected] msg to [email protected] 23 Jun 2002.


Thomas Jefferson's Family Tree


William Moran EMail: [email protected] direct ancestor Charles Thomas, born 24 Nov 1764. Msg Sun, 23 Jun 2002 Subject: Rowland Thomas To: [email protected] Src: "Twelve Generations of the Rowland Thomas Family" by Marjorie Ladd Brown, Asheville, NC:c1993; "Marriages of Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania and Orange Counties, Virginia", compiled by Therese Fisher.


"The Gray Family and Allied Lines", by Jo White Linn, 1976. Mr. Donald Whyte, F.S.A. Scot., L.H.G., acting on behalf of Jo White Linn who prepared for Gordon Gray Esq., former Secretary of War under President Truman, the excellent genealogy entitled "The Gray Family and Allied Lines". Mr. Gray is a descendant of Robert Lindsay of The Mount, Fairfax Co. VA.


"Pamunkey Neighbors of Orange County, Virginia - Lindsay, Mills, Montague, Stevens and related families and neighbors", by Ruth Trickey Sparacio & Sam Sparacio; Gateway Press, Baltimore, 1985. Madison Co., Va.


Dr. Marilyn Rhea Project Director NSF PRISM ph: (660) 562-1497, EMail: [email protected] msg to [email protected] 25 Jun 2002. Direct descendant of William Herman Alvis.


Trotter - Skiles Genealogy on Updated: Sat Apr 5 2003 (prev.Feb 26 2002) Contact: George Trotter EMail: [email protected] Home Page: Trotter Revolutionary War Journal

[S2319] msg forum, 23 apr 2002, Submitter: Mabel Phillips EMail: [email protected] Subject: Re: Pendleton Message: BENJAMIN AND ANN (ELKINS) PENDLETON


Marcine's Genealogy on Updated: Tue Jun 18 2002. Contact: Marcine Lohman Home Page: Marcine's Genealogy


Bill Davis's Data on Carroll and Gallatin County, KY families on Updated: Sat May 11 2002. Contact: Bill Davis EMail: [email protected] Same as Ref: 1199 and 1796.


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