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Jo Anne Mackby, EMail: [email protected] 6/01Email Msg Update, 23 Dec 2001 Descendant of John Henry Castleman and Frances Gatewood.

From: Jo Anne Mackby [email protected] To: josie bass [email protected] Subject: Prudence Berry Date: Feb 1, 2004


Bedford County Virginia Deed Book A-1 1754-1762; Bedford County Virginia Deed Book B-2; Bedford County, Virginia Deed Book C-3.


LDS Compact Disc #20 Pin #37106 Charles W. STAFFORD 311 E. College Ave. Coleman,, Texas 76834-4303. and E. LAMAR BUCKNER 1550 COUNTRY HILLS DR OGDEN UT

(AFN: 135F-K0G) Edwards Ancestral file of JIM SANDIDGE 1498 ALTON STATION ROAD LAWRENCEBURG KY 40342-9448

(AFN: GP0L-6F) Buckner Ancestral File of JAMES L. (JIM) GARRETT 1812 7TH PLACE NW BIRMINGHAM AL 35215


Bob Moe, EMail: [email protected] 6/01 Bob's Genealogy Homepage URL:


The Scottish Monarchy


The Bourne Family of Virginia by Richard Darden Bourne.

[Brøderbund WFT Vol. 9, Ed. 1, Tree #2985.

URL: 1 EMail: [email protected]


Nancy Grubbs, Email: [email protected] URL: Haggard and all related families as researched by Clinton R. Haggard URL:


Leon Wilde's Genealogical Research Website, EMail: [email protected] chrono.html


US Park Service Web Site


GATEWOOD, JOHN - Will Book A-16 (Will) recorded Page Co. VA


Judy Campbell, EMail: [email protected] Data on these pages may be used for non-commercial use but cannot be reproduced in any format for profit.


Dennis J. Yancey, EMail: [email protected] 6/01 Yancey Family Genealogical Database on Entries: 35520 Updated: Wed Feb 26 2003; Contact: Dennis J. Yancey The Yancey Family Surname Resource Center URL:


Teresa White, EMail: [email protected] descendant of Willis Alexander Shimel. Message posted on our Guest Book My Southern Family.


McClanahan Family Genealogy by Tammy Dice Jones EMail: "Tammy J." [email protected] 1 Apr 2004. ([email protected] 6/0)

“The McClanahan Families from Tennessee to Missouri”. by Sibyl M. Baker who wrote the book.


Caroline Stafford Forbes, EMail: [email protected] 6/01


EMail: [email protected] 45.htm.

also see:


The Christian Family with Britt & Peavy; editor of Christian Family Chronicles.

Roop & Pearce Connections Updated: Fri Feb 22 2002. Contact: Margie Pearce EMail: [email protected] (Rootsweb gedcom) W&db=mpearce&recno=4386


Msg From: "C. Haltiwanger" ([email protected]) To: [email protected] Subject: Mccants& Dennis Date: Thu, 11 Mar 2004; Lynn Haltiwanger, EMail: ([email protected] 6/01) ggggrandmother was Sarah Elizabeth Dennis that married John O. Edwards.


S. A. McIntyre, EMail: [email protected] 6/01 McIntyre's Genealogy Page


Dorris Lagow EMail: [email protected] & C.B. Green descendants posted msgs 9/00 & 1/01 to Alvis Message Boards: is&m=69&o=1


Mary Jo @ [email protected] posted to Alvis Rootsweb msg board 7/00



Book Title: The Winstons of Hanover County, Virginia and Related Families, 1666 - 1992 Author: Alfred Sumner Winston III Publication: Gateway Press, Inc., Baltimore MD 1992

Book: The Coles Family of Virginia; Its Numerous Connecitons, from the Emigration to America to the Year 1915 Author: William B. Coles Publication: 1989 Reprint Edition, Gateway Press, Inc.

Title: The Library of Virginia, Henley Marriage & Obituary Database

Florence Johns 1962-09-23 Letters 962-09-23.html. Source: Typewritten original in the private collection of the Chambless family. Attachment is a carbon copy. Transcribed to softcopy by Susan D. Chambless, 1999.

Groth by Vicki Rice on


Robin Mitchell EMail: [email protected] msgs Bates genforum


Genforum Posted by Lisa Balderama on April 13, 1998 E-Mail: [email protected]


Robert and Caroline Lyles Genealogy EMail: [email protected]


Descendants of George Mason. Gunston Hall Plantation, Mason Neck, Virginia 22079 703.550.9220 703.550.9480 fax Email: [email protected]


Hunt, Tucker, Barbera, Tompkins, Sheridan, Baker, Adams, Bradley, Brown, Freeman, Jenkins, Mack, Pace, Page, Wilson, Teasley, Thornton, & more 6/01 Genealogy of Hunt, Tucker, Baker, Williams, & more by Courtney Tompkins, Updated: Thu Feb 28 2002 EMail: [email protected]


Will of Richard Tyner 13 Sep 1824 Elbert County, GA, Will Book "M" page 338, 339 Elbert County Georgia, WILL OF RICHARD TINER 1824


Bob Erwin, EMail: [email protected] msg posted on Tyner Family Genealogy Forum "Noah & the Hollow Tree". Quote: "Most of the information I have on this family in taken from "THE TYNER TRAVELING NOTEBOOK" and the "TYNER TIMES" THOMAS R. TYNER born in 1904, a descendant on NOAH TYNER, was a TYNER historian. He traveled all over the South, looking for TYNER'S every where he went, collecting TYNER history and taking pictures of various TYNER landmarks (Homes , Churches, & people). See "TYNER TIMES" pages 2935 for some of his interesting comments."

the BOATRIGHT & MOSS families. Norman H. Ricker, Jr., 653 Rivera Bay Dr. NE, St. Petersburg. Fla. 33702 in Sep, l988.

[S1854] 3


The Alden Web Site Genealogy Section


Stratford and The Lees of Virginia, a brief history:


Lewis Family Genealogy Resource: EMail: [email protected] "The Family of John Lewis, Pioneer" by Irvin Frazier, "Some Prominent Virginia Families" by Louise Pecquet du Bellet.


Tyler Genealogy by descendant in 1977 James Ferguson Tyler of Leesburg, Va., who descends from Captain Charles Tyler through his oldest son John. This account has been in his family for many years. Copy given to Thomas D. Whitely 8 Nov 1980, sent to me by Doris Hazleton. 3/01.


William Grayson contributed by Margaret L. Edwards am.html. More history can be found on Col. William Grayson in a book titled: William Grayson- a Political Biography of Virginia's First United States Senator by James E. DuPriest Jr.


The McGEE Families of Virginia, South Carolina, Alabama, and Tennessee (and related surnames) EMail: [email protected]. 6/01 Surnames include: McGee, Grayson, Webster, Ellett, Childress, Pryor, Stewart, Young, Moore, Hodges, Brown, and Others. Researching families of North Alabama (especially Madison Co.), Southern Tennessee (especially Lincoln Co.), South Carolina (especially Laurens Co.), and Virginia (especially Brunswick and Lunenburg Counties).


Robert Ewing in Ireland and Alexander Ewing in America by James (Jim) McMichael. EMail: [email protected] A member of Clan Ewing in America. 6/01


Patricia Crouch, EMail: [email protected] 6/01 Pat found her 4th gm in "" Ancestral Key to the PeeDee". Her great-aunt Vivian Chason Grow published a booklet in the '60's entitled "the Genealogy of the Sweet Family" (most info is that of her mother's mother, Mary Jane Annis Sweet).


EMail: [email protected] 6/01


The Historical-Genealogy Of The Jordan Family--Their Connections.


Alana's and Ryan's Ancestors and Relatives. Randy Farmacka San Angelo, Texas United States. EMail: [email protected]


Alice Clark Gee and Peggy Goodwin rootsweb Gadsden msg board [email protected]; Marilyn Sweet-speidel, [email protected]


Virgil Quisenberry, EMail: [email protected] 6/01 descends from James, son Moses d. 1886.


From Jo Thiessen Email: [email protected], The pictures and write up about the Angus Rucker Grave Marking. Click on the small pictures at the bottom of the page to go to the larger. 7/01 size.


Gwathmey: "Hist. Reg. of Va in Rev"

[S1870] 22.html#I4471 THIS URL WON'T WORK ANYMORE 8/01


Vaught Family History,


ParkNet National Park Service: Augustine Washington and his son George Washington, 1694 to 1743


Juanetta Powers, EMail: [email protected]] 7/01, direct descendant of Samuel Wesley Armstrong & Mary Elizabeth Alvis


Descendants of Jerome Ham by John Lamb. 7/01 0001.html Family Tree Maker's Genealogy Site: User Home Pages: THE HAM AND LAMB CONNECTION


Descendant: Judy Tyree Bean, EMail: [email protected] 1/01


Tom Davis, Direct Descendant of Richard Peter Soule. EMail: [email protected] 7/01


Tudor Place, URL:

STAFFORD of Grafton

Tim Janzen, Portland, Oregon

Staffords 1521-1677


THURMAN's QUEST On-Line Surname Repository THURMAN WILLS l Loren A. Thurman, EMail: [email protected]


B. J. Taylor, Email: [email protected] 7/01 direct descendant of Nellie Poston Meade.


Gracile Purl Stillwell msg on my Southern Family Guest Book 7/13/01 RSL Update Submitter: effielee, Email: [email protected]


Louella McDonald Bernhardt, EMail: [email protected] 7/01 Direct descendant


Ed Duval, EMail: [email protected] 7/01 Researchers and Interested Individuals: ** Donna Stapp [email protected] ** Carol Mitchell [email protected] ** Judy French [email protected] Source: HISTORY OF HENRY CO., VA, PG 223, "MARTIN FAMILY").


Joy Herron, 119 Herron Drive, Glendora, Mississippi 38928 EMail: [email protected] 7/01


Rootsweb World connect: Uriah Martin Purl Jan 1883 Morgan county, Missouri pattiejo45


FTM: Purl Family of Mississippi: Family History, Southern Genealogies #1, 1600-1800, Bordebund CD 191, pp. 131-132a. By Boddie contributed by Juanita Purl Mathews, 555 Seventh Street McComb, MS, Member of Colonial Dames of 17th Century.


FTM Family History: Southern Genealogies #1 1600s-1800s, by Boddie. Borderbun cd 191, p. 127.


Amanda K. Blackman, EMail: Mandy Blackman [email protected], msg 7/19/01 Descendant of Arnold James Harvey & Belisant Lydia McCants and Percival Clarke Blackman. Sent CD of letters, documents re McCants, Edwards, Harvey, collected by her ancestor. 9 Aug 2001.


Rootsweb World Connect 7/01 Sources: Type: Book, Author: Rev. John C. Williamson Periodical: Bibles, Burns, Rogers, Fergusons, Fannah Families; Publication: Privately published Text: Per:Mittie Purl Heafer, Dallas, TX. gedcom H5879 Charles H. Purl.


Rootsweb World Connect: The Descendandts Of Daniel & Dorothy McLard 1767-2001, last updated Thu Jul 19 2001 by James Robert Peters EMail: [email protected].


Rootsweb World Connect: Gelwicks-Kershner-Trumpower , last updated Thu Apr 5 19:51:39 2001. Cathy J. Yearick EMail: [email protected].


Rootsweb World Connect: Pat Calton, EMail: [email protected] Genealogy in Missouri:


Rootsweb World Connect: Dalby_Huffman, last updated Wed Jun 20, 2001. Jane Dalby, EMail: [email protected]

dalby_huffman by Jane Dalby on last update March 30, 2002 EMail: [email protected]


The Natchitoches Times, Natchitoches, Louisiana - since 1714, Thursday, March 29, 2001, p. 2A Edward Benjamin (Bubba) Bass Obit.


Rootsweb World connect project: Founding Florida Pioneers & Their Descendants By Jean H. Mizell, last updated Sun Jul 8, 2001. All questions, comments or suggestions regarding information on this page should be addressed to: Jean Mizell EMail: [email protected]


Tommy J Moore, Rt 1 Box 97K, Gordonville, Texas 76245 903-523-5030 [email protected]


Descendants of Alexander Buchanan


URL: and Noel Family Tree from 1530 France to Mercer Co., Kentucky; EMail: Jim Gayheart EMail: [email protected] Joseph L Noell EMail: [email protected] John Richard Noell EMail: [email protected]


"Bacon Genealogy" book at the New England Genealogical and Historical Society Library, Boston, MA." Bacon Family 1066 - 1702: "The Bacon Genealogy" by Thomas W. Baldwin (1915) as quoted from "The Baronetage of England" by Kimber and Johnson published in 1801. Also from the "Cleveland Genealogy" by Edmund James Cleveland and Horace Gillette Cleveland. The direct line which follows is based on a chart by Mrs Eliza Buckingham Bacon of New Haven which is taken from the Bacon Genealogy by Thomas W. Baldwin, 1915. .htm. TM. family tree file by Contact: Jacqueline U Oliver EMail: [email protected] I7206 (AFN: J6F9-ZJ)

Ancestral File v4.19 16G7-CD7.

Bacon Family Tree.

Downey Family: Twenty-Sixth Generation, 0305.htm. Walkers of Virginia Contact: Jean Ray EMail: [email protected] Virginia Cousins Author: John Goode, Publication: 1887 Repository: Maryland Historical Society


Earliest European Lindsay Lineage. Owner of Earliest European Lindsay Lineage: Ron Lindsay, San Jose, CA, [email protected]


Three books by Ms. Beryl Platts of Greenwich, England, a noted historian of medieval history are described: "Origins of Heraldry" pub 1980 & "Scottish Hazard", Volume I, published in 1985, and Scottish Hazard, Volume II (155 pages), published in 1990 are the most recent intense analysis of the Lindsays of Scotland and their origins. Alexander William Crawford Lindsay was the 25th Earl of Crawford and the 8th Earl of Balcarres. He was born 16 October 1812 and died 13 December 1880. Lord Lindsay was the author of the three volume Lives of the Lindsays genealogy first published in 1849.


Elouise, EMail: [email protected] Date: 2001-07-30. Msg from our board My Family, direct descendent of Charles Lockett & Nancy HIx.


Kelly McGee, EMail: [email protected] 1 Aug 2001 email msg. A direct descendant of West Dandridge Hurt.


Robert G. Hanks wrote If I can Help you with any info you can Email me at [email protected]. Direct descendant of Absalom Hurt. 8/2000


Darlene A. McBride, EMail: [email protected]. Msg 31 Jul 2001 "Descendants of David F. Canulette". John D. McBride, Jr. direct descendant of Dorothy Canulette.




Ellington of Virginia, Records by Vivian Peacock, last updated Fri Aug 25 14:46:52 2000. All questions, comments or suggestions regarding information on this page should be addressed to: EMail: [email protected] 8/01 C&db=vivpea&id=I30048


Evan Coe Peden & Sandra K. Gorin, Barren County Will Book 3, p. 38, Family History Library, 35 North West Temple Street, Salt Lake City, UT 84150, 976.972 P28p v.3.


Michael Ridgway Jones rootsweb pages. Last updated Sat Jul 14 21:52:13 2001. All questions, comments or suggestions regarding information on this page should be addressed to: Michael RidgwayJones EMail: [email protected]


Florida Confederate Pension Application Files Record Group 137, Series 587 Brevard County Florida Confederate Pension Application Files /pub/usgenweb/fl/brevard/military/cwpens.txt+%22julia+feaster%22& hl=en


Robert Coleman of "Mobjack Bay" manuscript by Judge S. Bernard Coleman, of Fredericksburg, Virginia, at the Virginia State Library.


The Robert Coleman Family From Virginia to Texas 1652 - 1965 By J. P. COLEMAN With the Assistance of Many Others. wcoleman/robtvatx.txt+%22julia+feaster%22&hl=en Privately Published in 1965 by JAMES P. COLEMAN, Ackerman, Mississippi, past Gov. of Mississippi and Supreme Court Justice. Manufactured in the United States of America by Kingsport Press, Inc., Kingsport, Tenn. Coleman Feaster Mobley Reunion. http://Genealogy.Org/~green/Coleman/rcindex.html


Sheppard, Cash and Hairston families of Georgia, South Carolina and Virginia Descendants of Robert Coleman.


Msg from [email protected] Date: 2001/07/03.


Msg from Lynn Luker Atkins, [email protected] 7/01


Gary W. Hogue email msg 8/01 and Genforum msgs on Hogg list Dec 2000 from Gary W. Hogue, EMail: [email protected] descendant of Samuel Hogue. Also Donna Hudson, EMail: [email protected] descendant of Elizabeth Peters Hogg and Zedakiah Shoemaker whose dau Catherine m. William Gatewood.


Msg from Karen, EMail: [email protected] 8/01


Larry Vaughan, EMail: [email protected]. Vaughn Family Genealogy Forum msgs. Vaughn Resource Page


Royal descent of Fleming of Virginia Earl R. Bates, EMail: [email protected] Msgs on Tarleton Genforum


Tim Dennis email msg Sun, 05 Aug 2001, EMail: [email protected]


Donald A.Clair msg , 6 Aug 2001 EMail: [email protected]. Direct Descendant of Elizabeth Gentry and George Winchester Ford.


Tilghman Genealogy


"Kin of Melicene Thurman Smith," Melicene Thurman Smith. EMail: [email protected] URL:


Civil War Veterans Buried in Stephens County, Oklahoma 1. CIVIL WAR VETERANS KNOWN TO BE BURIED IN THE COUNTY. LAST SITE UPDATE: July 26, 2001

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