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Some Green Family Descendants to the Clay Family Of Virginia by June Shaputis or 2/2000


Walter L. Cullars, EMail:

[S1213] family trees: Holcomb Updated: Sat Aug 25 2001 Submitted by David Holcomb, EMail: family file, Submitter; Submitter

Descendants of Pierre Louis Soblet Author: Phillip L. Sublett Publication: This site has the a descendancy table of Pierre Lewsis Soblet that is full of information.


The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume 94 page 137 Mrs. Kate Nelson Fenner Urquhart. DAR ID Number: 93447. The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume 114 page 118 Mrs. Zada Dozier Walker. DAR ID Number: 113354 The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume 112 page 224 Mrs. Lucy Dozier Douglas.DAR ID Number: 111677 The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume 125 page 122 Mrs. Florence Nelson Ricks.DAR ID Number: 124401 The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume 159 page 107 Mrs. Florine Flournoy Rogers. DAR ID Number: 158367


Virginia Marriages to 1800


Sally descendant of Dorothea posted on Family History Com Message Board 2/00 sgnum=319


Patsy Williams EMail: 3/00 descendant of Gibson Flournoy. Purchased for $100 book on EBay: "Branches from the Flournoy Family Tree", compiled by Wayne Spiller.


Arvil Hancock EMail: from Chesterfield Co. VA Roots email list. Has considerable information on the Flournoy family.


Jacob Flournoy Gedcom from 3/00


Newsom & Cook "Be It Known and Remembered" Bible records from Louisiana; Vol 1, pg. 37, 38:


Family Record of Meriwether Thompson and Martha Slaughter Broadus. Submitted by Mrs. Mecca D. McCoy, Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Copied from an old Bible in the possession of Mrs. Bettie Lee Lyle, daughter of Charles Montgomery Thompson and Jane Lyon. Be It Known and Remembered: Bible Records Vol V. Pub by Louisiana Genealogical & Historical Society. 1992


Lorna Reily, EMail: date Mar 2000


Ann Avery Hunter and Pam Ernest on Genforum.


James Ellis Alvis on Alvis Family Genealogy Forum EMail:

msg Re: Issac Newton Alvis Posted by: Mary Lue Alvis Eastmond Date: September 28, 2001 no. 408.

Msg no.310 Re:Zachariah B. Alvis, Woods Co., Tx Posted by: Kathleen (Alvis)Spears Date: April 18, 2001 EMail:


Edward Alvis, EMail:


Karen Nix Booth, EMail: 3/00


Janice & Al Castleman, EMail: "Janice Mauldin Castleman" EMail: 3/00 NE3-0001.html


Orville Wainwright Reily, III. EMail: Wain Reily 3/00 Telephone call 6/25/04 wainr/HaydenMichaelAndersonon Updated: 2004-06-14 9782064


History of Tippah Co. MS & Harry O. Alvis. The Alvis Exchange No. 50 Winter 2000. p. 50-4


"American's of Royal Descent", by Charles H. Browning, Page 800


Keith Francis, EMail: 4/00 a descendant of Francis England and George Branch Sr. My grandmother was a Branch that married a Francis.


June Martin, EMail: 4/00 descended from Ann Dudley,b. c1730, daughter of Christopher Dudley, Jr. who married Thomas Rutledge, b. c1728. Thomas Rutledge info is on the Rutledge family site.




Lisa Grimes, EMail: Message 4/00


Terry Honan's Family Genealogy on Updated: Jan 14 2003; Contact: Terry Honan EMail: A history of 16 generations, dating to 1623, of my maternal ancestors in America plus my paternal Irish ancestors. Member of: Sons of the American Revolution, Sons and Daughters of Pilgrims, First Families of GA, AL, and TN, Society of KY Pioneers and Sons of Confederate Veterans.

Geer-Warbington & Allied Families file: Updated: Jun 1 2002 Contact: Samuel T Geer EMail:

Richard Lewis Family; EMail: 31 Mar 2000. Billie Aldridge tree file: Updated: May 25 2002. Contact: Billie Coon EMail:


Memorial Record of Western Kentucky, Lewis Publishing Company, 1904, pp 431-433 [Hickman]


Waller pamphlet compiled by Frances C. Griffin; Virginia Heraldica; p. 27 or 37.


LDS: FamilySearch Pedigree Resource File Submitter: GEORGE COLLIE ROBISON 945 WEST 1400 SOUTH, SALT LAKE CITY , UTAH 84104


Carol Mitchell, EMail: carolmit@USAOR.NET 8/97 "Genealogy for the Virginias." VA-WVA-ROOTS-L@LISTSERV.INDIANA.EDU. TYREE,WOODS,BAILEY, RUTHERFORD, WILCHER, TINSLEY, GIBSON. 313 Concord Circle, Beaver Falls, PA 15010).




Sandra T. Jensen EMail: 5/99


1.Stella Pickett Hardy, Colonial Families of the Southern States of America, 1974.

2. Sandi Rowe email:

3. The Carter Tree, compiled by Robert Randolph Carter of Shirley, tabulated and Indexed by Robert Isham Randolph of Chicago, Channel Lithograph Company, Santa Barbara, CA 1951, orginal chart published and copyrighted 1897, in the possession of Sandi Rowe

4. William A. Harrison email:


Crystal Hinkle EMail:


John Gotea Pressley, Santa Rosa, CA. 7th February, 1889. 27 Page Family History of Pressley, Brockinton, Fowler, Gotea, Scriven, Burrows, Nesmith. I Rec'd from Ronnie & Princess Bigwhip EMail: 4/00. Princess wrote: I received this info from the care taker and tour guide of the Cemetery in California for Lt. John Gotea Pressley's grave site! I believe Salano Co. CA, History Book, has some info in it that was sent to me. He explains that I might be able to find more info through a decesendant of John Gotea Pressley, his name: Charles Christian.

See Also:

Lt/Col Pressley is here , have information on him before, during and after the civil war. He is an attraction in our old rural cemetery and is noted in both our general tours and my civil war tour. He has a fairly new VA marker and the ceremony was with a civil war military honor guard, who fired a salute, and attended by ladies from the UDC and men of the SCV and myself. I am a docent at the cemetery and Cmdr. of the local Camp of the Sons of Union Veterans. We look after all 120 Union soldiers and 11 CSA in the cemtery. This may not be the place to go into detail with what I have to relate. regards, Charles Christian Santa Rosa,CA


The Kentuckian-Citizn, Paris, Kentucky, Wednesday, September 26, 1934 Brief History of the Rogers Family and Their Homesteads; Beginning with Nathaniel Rogers, July 25, 1755; Compiled by Mrs. Wm. Blanton (Alice Rogers Clay), A Descendant. Submitted to KY Footsteps Rootsweb mail list by Bob Francis, 1920A Butner St., Ft. Eustis, VA 23604 My Homepage is: Ruddell's Fort Page: Early Bourbon Co. Fam. Pg.: Bourbon Co., Ky., Bios: Shawhan Genealogy:


Ken Robinson, EMail: 4/00


Jeanette K. Howell, EMail: 8/01 ( 12/97)


BENNETT-HODGES BIBLE. Be It Known and Remembered: Bible Records Vol V. Pub by Louisiana Genealogical & Historical Society. 1992 6157252897+17


Margie and Ed Nelson EMail: 2/99


Sprott - Reed Home Page, James Morgan Sprott, Jr. 5 Old Georgetown Rd. Manning, SC 29102 United States (803) 435-8756 EMail: 15-0001.html


Genforum msgs: on Genforum.


Barron T. Smith, Commander, Deaderick-Doremus-Thurmond Camp #1631, Santa Barbara, California. EMail: 4/00 I am always looking for new leads and living relatives. Contact me!


Veronica Rains, EMail: 4/00


Virginia Colonial Abstracts by Beverley Fleet, Vol III, 1988, Genealogical Publishing Co.


Ross Spalti, EMail: Frances in Fl dau of Miranda 5/99 Have you information on who the parents of William Warren Wells Ward.


Lily Mullinax EMail: "lilyroym" 4/00 descendant of Dr. Samuel Hodges.


The South Carolina Magazine of Ancestral Research, Volume XII Summer 1984 Number 3.


Higginbotham list: posted for them by "Helen Nichols Battleson" listowner, 2/00


Mike Ritchie, EMail: 6/98. Desc of Bannister Pulliam (my wife's gggGrandfather).


Virginia Cousins, A study of the Ancestry and Posterity of John Goode of Whitby, a VA Colonist of the Seventeenth Century, with notes upon related families, a key to Southern Genealogy and a History of the English Surname Gode, Goad, Goode or Good from 1148 to 1887.


Fred Carlile, EMail: 4/27/00; descendant of Carlile+Winter line. W&db=albin1&recno=0


"The Witherspoon Family Chronicle", this part written by Thermuthis Ann Montgomery Cooper: "My husband's great grandmother, Mrs. Cooper


Paula Dunkin, EMail: 5/00


June Marie Prker Cron, EMail: June Cron is now 3/02 (old-"June Cron" 5/00) Personal Interview by Josephine Estelle Lindsay Bass.


Paul Parker EMail: 5/00


Family Bible Records, Three Rivers Historical Society, Hemingway, SC. Collected 5/00


William Evans EMail 5/00


Will of Richard R. Hodges, written Sep 1747, prv 16 Apr 1751 Anson Province NC. collected at South Carolina library by Josephine Bass 5/00


Colonial & Rev. Families of NC Page 230-233.


Suzie, EMail: 5/00


Orange County Virginia - Miscellaneous Records; James Madison's will. From the Appendix of Pamunkey Neighbors of Orange County, Virginia; searches For Virginia Ancestry Researchers, by Sam 5/00


Woodford County, Kentucky marriage bonds and consents from the Woodford County Historical Society. Thu, 24 Dec 1998 From: Subject: Woodford County, KY marriages.

The following is a list of the RUCKER (male surnames) marriage bonds located while working on this project. The first volume of marriages includes years 1789 to 1830. A second volume will follow soon, with years 1831 to 1861.


Dona Wilson, Vice President Woodford County Historical Society, 121 Rose Hill Versailles, KY


Lori Samples Lori's Genealogy in the Virginias. EMail: 10/98 ICQ - 1817460


Linda Stringer, EMail: Researching the Stanley line in Darlington Co; Joshua and Cullen Stanley.


URL: 1.txt


Lynda EMail: "atlcajun" 5/00


Jean Williams Farrar, EMail: 5/00 2/01 3rd gr-grandmother's (Mary Norwood Fort Williams.


Lorine Lea, EMail: Higginbotham mail list 5/00


David Hoffman, EMail: Higginbotham Mail List 5/00


Debbi Higginbotham EMail: Higginbotham Mail List 5/00


Sheri Riggs, EMail: 5/00 From Aunt's research.


Notable Southern Families, Volumes I-II. Richmond, VA: n.p., 1918. Notable Southern Families, Volumes I & II. Ancestry Com data base. 5/00


Kevin Hawkins, EMail: 7/22/1999


Glenn Bonner, Email: 3/25/2000 info from bible of Georgia Williamson Bonner transcribed on March 13th 2000 by Glenn Dale Bonner; and the bible of John Thomas Bonner transcribed by Glenn Dale Bonner


Joyce Farris, Email: 10/26/1999


Patricia Bonner Cooke, Email: 6/25/1999


Charles R. Taliaferro, Email: 4/2/1999 WWW: THE TALIAFERRO FAMILY HISTORY


Bobby J. Bonner Email: 12/22/1998 Great Grandson Of Whitmal Freeman Bonner & Susan Bonner


Anna Corley Smith Email: 1/10/1999


Linda Joyce Fisher Bass. EMail: 12/7/1998


Ann Davis Email: 10/16/1999


Leinda Peterman, EMail: 3/10/98 . descendant of the two Samuel Burtonheads.


Laura Keyes Perry EMail: To: Subject: [VACHESTE] LOCKETT and FLOURNOY. Src: Benjamin B. Weisiger, Marriage Bonds and Ministers' Returns of Chesterfield County, Virginia, Marriages, 1816-1853, (1981).


Report of Archival Accessions The Library of Virginia Bible Records Clay Family. 2 leaves, photocopies. Chesterfield County and Richmond, Virginia; and Texas, 1781-1959. Record is a transcript. Other surnames mentioned: Cheatham, Flourney, Ford, Gravins, Hall, Hughes, Leonard, Turpin, Walthal, and Wilkinson. Gift of Robert Young Clay, Richmond. (35094)


WD Missel, EMail: 6/00


Higginbotham Wills Board URL: amWill?read=23


Higginbotham Obituaries Board URL: bothamObits?read=710


"The Lees of Virginia" by Burton J. Hendrick Boston (1935)


Knorr, Catherine L. MARRIAGES OF CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, VIRGINIA 1771-1815. Pine Bluff AR: The Perdue Company (1958) The Sutro Library, San Francisco, CA. Posted by Maureen:, on the maillist. 6/00


Transcribed and Submitted by GayNell Tinsley Wells EMail: 1998. Bible Records of the Isaac Turner Tinsley Family


Material from Georgetown Library, SC collected 5/00

[S1306] 5/28/00


BRF by Alison Weir, pp 243-245. Posted on by Michael Burley


The LowAry Family on Updated: Fri Jun 20 2003; Contact: James L. Lowary EMail: Home Page:

James L. Lowary EMail: 6/00 &db=jlowary&id=I918


SCMAR, Volume V Number 1, Winter, 1977 1779 Jury List for Cheraws District SC


Sylvia, EMail: 6/00


North Carolina Will Abstracts, 1760-1800; Database: Nash County, North Carolina Vital Records Abstracts. James Drake, Sr. Will also recorded in Richmond, VA.


Dorothy Marr posted on Sandridge Family Genealogy Forum 6/00


B.G. Piper EMail: Sandridge Genroum 6/00

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