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My Southern Family



Connie, EMail: [email protected]; [email protected] 2/99


Temple Benson Dunaway EMail: [email protected] 7/99


The Early Hurt Family of Virginia by Oscar H. Hurt.


"A Baronial Family in Medeival England: The Clares, 1217-1314; Michael Altschul; The Johns Hopkins Press, 1965.


Siegfried Rosch in his "Caroli Magni Progenies" page 52, per Leo van de Pas


Richard B. Anderson, Jr. of Danville, Virginia EMail: [email protected] 7/99


Ancestral Roots of 60 Colonists The Magna Charta Sureties, 1215 LDS AF & LDS IGI per: "Jeff Snavely" 7/99


Hurt of Culpeper Co., Virginia compiled by Worth S. Anderson October 1995; EMail: [email protected]


Reagan L. Glenn, A Walk Through Time With the Glenn Family, Cardwell Family, Petty Family, Hurt Family (Bountiful, UT: Family History Publishers, 1989), pp. 201-202.


Anne Nichols, EMail: [email protected] cited: B E Maclean-Eltham's 'Heraldry of Cumbria'.


Sir Ken Markham, K.C.B., (95). [A Phenomenal Researcher In The Mists Of Time] MARKHAM AND ITS EARLY POSSESSORS EMail: "Ken Markham" [email protected]


Hurt Org Family Tree, URL:


Hurt Family History Allied Familes of John Caldwell and Barnett Lee, Complied by Mary Lee Hurt, 1985.


Llywelyn ap Iorwerth AT - new version by Stewart Baldwin 11/98


William R. King 14106 Carolcrest Circle Houston, Texas 77079-6803 "Bill King" [email protected] (7/04) (old E-Mail: [email protected] 7/13/99); msg 12 Jan 2002. Direct descendant of John T. King and Martha Caroline Witherington.


Bentley C. Hooks Jr. 4809 Westlake Drive Fort Worth, TX, 76132-1516


Hodges Loose files in Darlington SC Historical Society Library, Darlington, SC Josephine Lindsay Bass Collection of Darlington Hist. Society files in 1999.


Jean Williams Farrar EMail: [email protected] 7/99 4/01 Natchez, MS 39120 Is a cousin of BOTH John and Margaret Dial Norwood. My father had the Albert Fort Family Bible.


Jimmy E. Cooley EMail: Book: "The Civil War Veterans fo Old Imperian Calcasieu Parish Louisiana" - including Allen, Beauregard, Calcasieu, Cameron, and Jefferson Davis Parishes)

Hopewell Cemetery. Page 394: Listed under "Confederate Roll of Honor in Parish of Calcasieu" Names of veterans and widows resident here, as compiled by Assessor Richards.


*The Genealogist* (Association for the Promotion of Scholarship in Genealogy), vol. 1, no. 1 (Spring 1980), pp. 80-95. By William Addams Reitwiesner.


"The Jocelyn-Joslin-Joslyn-Josselyn Family" compiled by Edith S. Wessler, 1961? complete with rendering of Chateau De Jocelyn in Brabant. Article in "The Journal of American History", by Laura Elmendorf Skeels


Sandy Rowe EMail: [email protected]


Dave Utz, EMAIL [email protected] Always optimistic -- Dave 7/99 updated 2/01


David Mowbray in Cheltenham, UK EMail: Mowbray -Albini llywelyn.htmChart_files\Mowbray-Albini Chart.htm


Glenn Pearson, EMail: [email protected] 12/99


James (Woody) & Pat Adams, Rockledge, FL. E-mail: "Pat Adams" [email protected] 3/01 ([email protected]) descendant of Edmund Hodges. Chancery Court, Sevier Co. TN, 13 Oct 1851, Elijah M. Hodges etal vs William E. Hodges, et al.


"The Arbuthnots in North America" by Margaret Arbuthnot Ridall and Elizabeth. "Sir William Arbuthnot Bt" EMail: [email protected] 10/01 for genealogy see:


Annette Haddock EMail: 8/99 descendant of Redding Othaniel Augustus Hodges b. 1790.


Marita Gladson EMail: [email protected] 8/99 Descendant of Seth T. Hodges.


Kathleen EMail: [email protected] 8/99 husband's family comes from the marriage of Edmund Jennings Lee and Sarah Lee.


Wiley Hodges, 142 Winddrift Way, Walland, TN 37886 Ph: 615-984-1267. Local Contact.


Edmond Hodges Family History by Cliff Manis, P. O. Box 33937, San Antonio, TX 78265 Ph: 1-512-654-9912.


Ellen Cline Rosenstein EMail: [email protected] 8/99 descendant. update 2/01


M. D. Chapman Morgan EMail: [email protected] 8/99 maternal grandmother was a Thomas. "SOURCE RECORDS FROM PIKE COUNTY, MISSISSIPPI, 1798 - 1910" by Luke Ward Conerly with MISCELLANEOUS LEGAL AND FAMILY RECORDS PERTAINING to the areas of PIKE AND WALTHALL COUNTIES, MISS by E. Russ Williams Wm. Magee book.


Chester H. Neff, Email: [email protected] descendant of Portlock Hodges, Jr. of Caldwell County KY. homepage: "We Cousins", Florence Sutherland Hudson


Barbara (Carroll Volz Smith) Athens, Ohio (but a Cincinnati native) EMail: [email protected] 7/99. my family pages can be found at:


District Court Records


J Block, in Texas EMail: [email protected] 6/01 (old) [email protected] 8/99


D. Spencer Hines DSH [email protected] 1999


Mortimer Family from British Dictionary of Biography.


URL: American Branch of the Richard III Society. Richard III Society Founded 1924 UK


A Genealogical History of the dormant, abeyant, forfeited and extinct peerages of the British Empire London, 1866 by Sir Bernard Burke

Burke's Guide to the Royal Family London, 1973

Cahiers de Saint Louis

Living descendants of Blood Royal in America by Count d'Angerville

Americans of Royal Descent 7th Edition, Baltimore, 1969 by Charles H. Browning


"The Six Wives of Henry VIII" (1991) and "Lancaster and York - The Wars of the Roses" (1995), both by Alison Weir:


"The Ancestry of Elizabeth of York" which gives as sources "The History of the County Palatine and City of Chester, by George Ormerod, 1819, p.122 & "Ancestors of American Presidents" by Gary Boyd Roberts, p.141.


In Bartrum's "Welch Genealogies" in the Tribe of Gruffudd ap Cynan.


R.C.NEWMAN discusses Brian Boroimhe's wives, their dates, and sequences and their children at length in `Brian Boru: King Of Ireland,' Dublin, 1983, pp.63-4, 99-100, 116-9 and 154.


Faye L. Dyess EMail: [email protected] 9/99


Adrian Channing (Surrey, UK), EMail: [email protected] 9/99




Absalom Higginbotham (1781-1866) Family Bible, Amherst County, Virginia In the possession of Beverly Morris Higginbotham until 1968. Currently in the possession of Susan Lloyd Preston, Martinsville, VA. (last known) Compiled by Beverly Morris Higginbotham (1886-1968) *These entries are of different handwriting than the rest Transcribed by William Morris Higginbotham; [email protected] Charleston, WV 1999


URL: Britania


Peggy Wallace, EMail: [email protected] 4/01 ([email protected]) Alvis Genconnect Query Board. =10


BELL IN USA by Beth Gina Bell, 1977 Lib Cong 78-51000, Chapter 9 pp 159.


Dorothy Ann Rountree Jordan EMail: [email protected] 9/99 Desc of Daniel Trabue = William = Robert Edward Trabue.


Fredrick Gudridge EMail: F[email protected] 1/99 Husband of our Lindsay descendant.


Melville Claflin Lindsay Jr. EMail: [email protected]


Jim Huffman EMail: [email protected] descended from Jeremiah and Emily (Quin) Coney. 8/99


Kathleen Ann Harrison Beritich EMail: [email protected] 7/99


Cathy McCulley Langhoff EMail: [email protected] 7/99


SC University Library, Manuscript Collection. Collected By Josephine Lindsay Bass 9/99. Charts by Edward Brandt Latimer, Atty, 6617 Macon Road, Columbia, SC 29209.


Elizabeth Jenkinson (Mrs John Wm Griffin)l 2329 Laurel Lane, Augusta, GA 30904 in 1984


Collected at Greenwood, SC Library by Josephine Lindsay Bass 9/99. Obit, Cem Record, City Directory.


Web page containing Lady Jane and The Right Honorable Sir Peter Wyche. Peter is entry 59. Page created by: Henry T. Poole III E-Mail: [email protected] 310 Summerhill Place Warner Robins, GA 31088-7420 (912)922-3692


LDS: Individual Record FamilySearchr Ancestral File™ v4.19 Ann REYNOLDS (AFN: 21R6-8P)


Collection of Horace Fraser Rudisill, Historian & Genealogist of Darlington Historical Society, Darlington, SC. Collected by Josephine Lindsay Bass 9/99, personal interview with Mr. Rudisill.


Will of James Chandler, 24 Mar 1830, Amite Co. MS; Probated Jan 31, 1831. Josephine Lindsay Bass Collection of Darlington Hist. Society files in 1999.


Goodspeeds History and Biographical memoirs, printed Chi, IL 1892. Spelled Withington.


A letter posted by Charlotte Hurt Powers 6/17/99 was written by her Great Aunt, Nannie Hurt Burk, in the first person. The original letter is still in her family's possession. (any parenthesis are hers) This is all that I know about Nannie Hurt Burk. -Charlotte Hurt Powers


Danny J. Lassiter; FTM gedcom and home page. Danny J. Lassiter's Descendants of Morgan Gam This site traces the descent of Morgan Gam and Lewellen through the Gains family. /GENE1-0001.html?Welcome=1028319443


Woodmen Cemetery From the files of Wayne Adcock, 312 Meadows, Texarkana AR. 71854. New Boston Genealogical Society P. O. Box 104 New Boston, TX 75570-9730 Has a book for sale on this cemetery that gives more information on the people.


Research Chart of Alice Granbery Walter (1977) viewed at FHL Yates Family of Lower Norfolk, Va. EMail: 10/99 Pam Garrett: [email protected]


Gen Med mail List: Pat Patterson, [email protected]


Gina Doglione EMail: [email protected]. A descendant of Nancy Ann Alvis 10/99


Patsy Ransom, EMail: [email protected] 6/99 desc of Thomas Buckner (b 1723) married Judith Presley Thornton. Patsy Ransom, 11825 Hunting Ridge Court, Potomac, Maryland 20854


The Holladay Family By Alvis Milton Holladay, Sr. (Bobbye?)


The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume 15 page 14; Mrs. Mary Dudley Short. DAR ID Number: 14031


Gwen EMail: [email protected] 10/99


Smolinski, Susan EMail: [email protected]


Ken Leach EMail: [email protected] 9/99 desc of Carter Brown Norman married Frances Winham.


Colonial Families of the United States of America: Volume 5 [p.394]


Wm & Mary Quarterly, vol 16, # 3, p.475 July 1936. article "Boxley" by Mrs P.W. Hiden Also suggest that her parents could have been Joseph Sandidge & Mary Shelton.


"Bronaugh Family History" by Helen Taylor, Lola Neil, Janie Kizziar and Gladys Hall revised in 1998. a private publication in email msg from "Judy M." EMail: [email protected] 9/99 steven kizziar EMail: [email protected] 6/01


"The Genealogy of the Hord Family - 1898" by Rev. A. H. Hord. Desc. Vernon Hord EMail: 9/99


James D. Trabue EMail: [email protected] 10/99 I am descended from Edward Trabue and his first wife, Martha "Patsy" Haskins.


John Steven Higginbotham EMail: [email protected] 10/99


Bill Wilson EMail: [email protected] 10/99 desc of Hannah (Rogillio) Brian. Some of the Known Descendants of Pedro & Sebastiana (Garcia) Reguillo

SOURCES: Ancestors of Osee Wear Zeagler: Brian Family Section p. 95. 1) Franklin M. White 2) Eleanor Colson William Brian and Brian family from "Genealogy of William Brian , Jacob Humble and David Zeagler Families, 1700-1967" by Osee W. Zeagler, Member, General Philemon Thomas Chapter, Sons of the American Revolution, Baton Rouge, Louisiana; presented this genealogy to Louisiana Society Daughters of the American Revolution, N.S.D.A.R, Mrs. Joseph A. Tobin, Jr., Regent, L.S.D.A.R. Bound July, 1967, Genealogical Records Committee, Mrs. Frank H. Walker, Chairman, pages 24-37, 90-98.


Angalee Presley EMail: [email protected] 10/99


Edenfield Genealogical Society, P.O. Box 6996, Warner Robins, GA 31095 Submitter: [email protected]


Michelle Gerber EMail: [email protected]


Louisiana Bible Records


Bio of G. T. & Isaiah D. Norwood Submitted by Mike Miller ahd.txt Biographical and Historical Memoires of Louisiana, (vol. 2), pp. 285-286. Published by the Goodspeed Publishing Company, Chicago, 1892.


S. J. Norwood - Biographical and Historical Memoires of Louisiana, (vol. 2), pp. 286-287. Published by the Goodspeed Publishing Company, Chicago, 1892.


REILY, (Capt.) John Y., Wilkinson County, MS., then E. Feliciana Parish, Louisiana. Submitted by Mike Miller Louisiana: Comprising Sketches of Parishes, Towns, Events, Institutions, and Persons, Arranged in Cyclopedic Form (volume 3), pp. 569-570. Edited by Alc‚e Fortier, Lit.D. Published in 1914, by Century Historical Association.


Descendants of Christopher Yowell received from Rita Sandidge. EMail: [email protected]


Larry Guerrant, EMail: [email protected] desc of Wm Taylor Guerrant 10/99


Eunice Guerrant, EMail: [email protected] descendant of Stephen, a son of Peter Guerrant and Mary Perreau.


Lois(Wise)Shannon EMail: [email protected]. Desc of James Harlo Wise.


Sharon Sexton EMail: [email protected]. [email protected] (Sharlene Sexton) great granddaughter of Tabitha Meade & General Sexton.

Msg from Sharlene Sexton EMail:[email protected] Date: Sun, 17 Mar 2002 Subject: General George Washington Sexton's siblings To: [email protected]


Skip Cloud EMail: SKI[email protected] 11/99 descendant.of Benjamin Worth Graves.


Richard Bethea EMail: [email protected] 11/99 Descendant of Ausborn Watkins Bethea.

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