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Robert N. Harrison, EMail: [email protected] Desc of Thomas Gaines of Newberry SC.


Homer D. Williams EMail: [email protected] 6/98


Adrian Patrice Salzer Bettevy dau of Mabel McKneely. 6/98 old EMail: [email protected] "Adrian Bettevy" EMail: [email protected] 12/00


[email protected] 6/98


Janet Ellzey Sagaser; EMail [email protected] 4/98


John Penn EMail: [email protected] 6/98.


Bible of Ira Monroe Higginbotham on Bible submitted by Powers Higginbotham, Baton Rouge, LA. William Kendrick Bible record. Bennet & Hodges Bible record. Located on "Search The US Genweb Archives, Digital Library". 2429003846+F


Thomas W. Robins Bible. Holy bible, NY, Amer Bible Soc 1847. Copied by Kenneth Malcolm Cain, Clinton, LA for the history collection of Mr. J.P. Morris, Jr. Kentwood, La. Now in possession of the great grandson of the original owner, C. A. Kent. RFD, Clinton, LA.


Bible McKneely & Iowa Scott, Clinton, LA. Holy Bible, J.B. Lippincott & Co. Philadelphia, 1860. In possession of Kenneth Malcolm Cain, Clinton, LA. copied 16 Apr 1956 by Mrs. J. P. Morris. Jr. Kentwood, LA.


Williams Family Bible, E. Feliciana Parish, LA. Copy printed in the Louisiana Gen. Mag. William Bible submitted by Mrs. P. B. Price, Austin, TX. Bible owned by R. P. Williams and was loaned to Mrs. Price by Mrs. Willie Zell Sims, of Hazelhurst, Miss.


Lorna Reily, EMail: [email protected] 6/98 desc of John Reily, a brother of Wm Boatner Reily.


Michael Creps, EMail: [email protected] 6/98 Dorothy Fitzpatrick has this CREPS line back to Johan Michael Krebs b.1677 Germany. Dorothy's email is [email protected]


Richard Lyons EMail [email protected] 6/98


Vigallivan EMail: [email protected] 3/98


George Williams EMail: [email protected] 6/98 George B. Williams Manassas, VA Descendants of Ferdinand Harless


[email protected] 6/98


Anthony Todd Ellzey EMail: [email protected] 1211 Hyridge Street Round Rock, Texas 78664-6663 (512) 218-4550


Winston Ellis Bradley, Jr, MD Birmingham, AL EMail: [email protected] 6/98


Atkisson Marriage, Birth, Death and Baptism Notes Marriage Records of Atkissons and Related Families 6/98


Harrison Repository, Becky Bonner, 1/00 EMail: [email protected] Home of the *HARRISON* Repository (old) 1114)


William ArthurTaylor, 3001 Roblin Blvd. Winnipeg, Manitoba R3R OB8. EMail: [email protected] 6/98


Carol Hauk, 4511 Columbus Ave, # N94, Anderson, Indiana, 46013


"Families of Jefferson Co. Tennessee", by Jefferson Co. Genealogical Society, 1992, p. 61-62. MOORE Family, "Families of Jefferson Co., TN, 1992. A Brief Narative of Colonel Paremas Taylor of 1776 Period and Later, by his Grandson, Paremas Taylor Turnley, 1909.


Joe Chilton, EMail: [email protected] 9/1/97 (formerly [email protected])


Mary Ann Hanson EMAIL: [email protected] 6/98 desc. of Winifred Holladay & Thomas O. Pulliam. "The Holladay Family" by Alvis Milton Holladay, Sr. pub. 1994


"The Huguenot Bartholomew DuPuy" written by the Rev. B.H. DuPuy and researched by Henry Dudley Teetor, M.A., geneologist, of New York. pub 1908.

Included in the book is: "The Story of a Huguenot's Sword" which was published in "Harper's New Monthly Magazine" in April, 1857; baptismal and death records from the Parish of King William, Virginia; deeds, wills and other legal documents; and letters.


Karen M. Palermo EMail: [email protected] 6/98 desc of Moses Higginbotham b 1811 -1849 son of William.


Rhonda Burrowes, EMail: [email protected] 6/98


Todd O. McDaniel EMail: [email protected] 7/98


"Walter Dunn" EMail: [email protected] 7/98 Lehmer Dunn.


Virginia Soldiers of 1776 Affidavits.


Nicklin, J. B. C., The Strother Family, "Tyler's Quarterly Magazine," Vol. XI, p. 113. Tim's Genealogy Menu Page at

Direct descendants of William I, p. 116 which is also at Tim's site:


Kim Stepno EMail: [email protected] 7/98


Sherry Nicol EMail: [email protected] 7/98 "The Coleman Family of Mobjack Bay VA" compiled and pub 1998 by Sherrianne Coleman Nicol, 6930 32nd Ave. W. Bradenton, FL 34209.


LDS Ancestral Files. July 1996, data as of 2 Jan 1996. # 1K5Q-4VS; 1M45-TRH; 1K5Q-4X7; 1K5Q-51S; WG28-R5; WG28-SB; 2HLQ-KW; 2HLQ-L3; BS4K-HB; BS4K-JH.


Manuscript by John Card Graves, is on microfilm from the VA Library & Archives. It is titled, Family of Capt. Thomas Graves of Virginia (part of the unpublished manuscript on the Graves families). Edited, typed and indexed by Mrs. Nathalie Johnston. No date.


William & Mary Quarterly, Vol. 16, p. 650.


Vol. II, a Supplement to Pamunkey Neighbors of Orange County Virginia The Quisenberry Family. Antient Press OE.WB-06. Sam, EMail: [email protected] 7/98 posted to mail list:


Robert M. Allen, EMail: [email protected] 7/98 Desc of Mary Ann Penn = Joseph Penn & Frances Burrus = John Penn and Elizabeth Munford = Joseph Penn and Mary Taylor.

Robert M Allen Ancestors on updated Nov 2 2001.

Home Page of Robert A. Allen Author: Robert Allen en-CA/GENE3-008.html

article on the Penn family in "The Pennsylvania Genealogical Magazine", Vol. XXV, 1967, No. 2, pages 69-76 which cites Brigadier Oliver F. G. Hogg among other sources for the article.

Atkisson & Related families


William & Mary Quarterly, Series 1, V. 12, 1903-1904, pages 129-134. Abstract of John Taylor, Sr. Bible.


J. R. Swim, EMail: new Email: [email protected] 11/01 ([email protected] 7/98) Erna Stella Martin Swim descendant of John Scaff and Tyrena J. Higginbotham.


Roberta Richards EMail: [email protected] (Richards, Roberta, , SAF/AQPS) "Richards, Roberta, , SAF/AQPS" 5/00

Joel and his first wife (Frances) were the parents of my great great grandmother, Eliza Ann Sandridge.

Joel and his second wife (Susan) were the parents of two of my great grandfathers, Alfred Wood Sandridge and Dabney Lewis Sandridge. Descendant of Joel Sandidge son of Dillard Sandidge.

microfiche in the Richmond geneological library. microfiche at the LDS library.


S.C.Higgason, EMail: [email protected] 7/98


Louella McDonald Bernhardt EMail: [email protected]


The Penn Pals, Vol. 4, Issue 1, November 1976. Qtr Newsletter pub by Mrs. D. W. Leahy, 6629 West 87th St. Los Angeles CA 90045.


Tom Upshaw, EMail: [email protected] 7/21/98


"Colonial Families of the United States", Volume IV by Mackenzie, George Norbury. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co. Inc., 1907. Borderbund CD. 189.


Herman Hall Parks EMail: [email protected] 7/98 Descendant of William Romulus Alvis > Wm Peyton Alvis > Robert Alvis b 1798 > Shadrack Alvis.


"Marta" EMail: [email protected] 7/98


Jordan, EMail: [email protected] 7/98 desc of Dudley Haile.


Sherri Pettit EMail: [email protected] 8/98


Pat Barber-Finney gd Lula Mae Harrison. Personal Interview and Visit 8/2/98 with Josephine Estelle Linday Bass and Rebecca Bass Bonner at OKC, OK.


CSA-History Mail List, msg sent by Ann Wetzel; [email protected] 2 Aug 1998.


Robert N. King 991 Autumn Glen Lane, Casselberry, FL 32707-5852; EMail: [email protected] 033.html


"Winston and Allied Families," pp.237-242, also see notes prepared by Bobbye Miniard). EMail: [email protected]


"Genealogies of Virginia Families", Vol. IV., pp. 646-654. "Some Prominent Virginia Families," Vol II-IV, Chapter X., pp. 224-231. Harleian, 1552, folios 241 and 246, "Visitation of Norfolk, 1613.", Harleian Society, Vol. 32, page 219.


Descendants of Thomas (Petyous) Pettus; Kathy Hughes Waddell, 1146 8th Street, Baraboo, WI 53913 United States 608-356-7848. EMail: [email protected] GENE3-0002.htm n/GENE1-0004.htm nals


"Penn Pals", Vol 1, Issue 3, pg. 3-4. ________ "Hairstons and Penns and Their Families"

________ "Illinois State Genealogical Quarterly", Vol 1, 9, and 10.

Barker, Lucretia, "History of Cedar Mountain"

Hill, L. R. (Editor), "A History of Greater Dallas and Vicinity", Vol II, Selected Biography and Memoirs, Lewis Publishing Co., Chicago, Illinois (1909), pg. 218.

Hazel, Michael, "Putting Down Roots: The Penns and Their Farmstead," Heritage News of the Dallas County Heritage Society," Fall 1985, pp. 6-10. Michael Hazel is the Curator of Education for the Dallas County Heritage Society.

Miniard, Bettye Jo., Personal genealogical records.

_____ "History of Duncanville"


Tom Pierson, EMail: [email protected] 8/98 ggg-grandson of Col. John W. Tibbatts.


"Colonial Families of the United States", Volume II, by Mackenzie, George Norbury. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co. Inc., 1907. Borderbund CD. 189.


BIO of George S. Gaines; Written by Jay Guy Cisco, From Historic Sumner County, Tennessee 1909


"Colonial Families of the United States", Vol III, by Mackenzie, George Norbury. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co. Inc., 1907. Borderbund CD. 189. p. 318-321;


"Colonial Families of the United States", Vol V.; by Mackenzie, George Norbury. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co. Inc., 1907. Borderbund CD. 189.


"Colonial Families of the United States", Volume VI; by Mackenzie, George Norbury. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co. Inc., 1907. Borderbund CD. 189.


"Colonial Families of the United States", Volume I; by Mackenzie, George Norbury. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co. Inc., 1907. Borderbund CD. 189.


For Virginia Ancestor Researchers by Sam EMail: [email protected]


Jim Dark of Arlington, Texas 2/8/98 [email protected]


John L. Tevebaugh, Grand Haven MI Eail: [email protected]


George Jerry (Bud) Rogers 01-0007.html


John Elliott Perry of Dickinson, Texas. EMail: [email protected] 5/17/98 For related genealogical information see: 5/15/98 File Name 95066 Submitter [email protected]


Terry Wright, EMail: [email protected] 4/10/97


"Southside Virginia Families," by John Bennett Boddie, Volume 1, Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., Baltimroe, 1976.


Don Odom EMail: [email protected] 6/14/98


The Kelly Family. Library of Congress # 72-86152, Published by Laura Kelly and Esther Kelly Watson, April, 1972. Call no. CS/71/K29/1972. Subtitled Thomas Kelly (1742-1812) His Descendants and Interrelated Families.


Brit Ferguson, EMail: [email protected] of Stephenville TX Mar 1997


Ken Bonner, EMail: [email protected] OR [email protected] 30 Mar 1997


Edenton District NC Loose Estates Papers 1756-1806 Vol 1 Dr. Stephen E. Bradley, 34.


Alvis Exchange, No. 43, Summer 1998.


"Three William Harrises in Hanover County," by Malcolm Hart Harris in The VA Gen, Vol. 22, starting on pages 3, 99, and 187. pp. 262-263.

Major William Harris is associated with George Alves. George Alves later marries the widow of this Major William Harris. This association is also covered by William R. Taylor writing also in Volume 22 of The Virginia Genealogist starting on page 261.

In Adventurers of Purse and Person, VIRGINIA, 1607-1625, compiled and edited by Annie Lash Jester, second edition 1964, it is stated p. 202-205, 383-384 that Thomas Harris repatented 700 acres in Henrico, 12 July 1637, "called by the name of the Longfield with swamp and marshes". It continues on telling about Captain Thomas Harris' daughter Mary Ligon conveying 200 acres in Curles, Henrico County "being part of a greater divident granted unto Captain Thomas Harris deceased and given by will of said Thomas Harris unto his daughter Mary Ligon. This article goes on to state that William Harris (Major)(son of Captain Thomas Harris) fell heir to "Longfield" later known as Curles. He married (1)_____ (later identified as Lucy Stewart) and (2) Alice_____ whose (2) husband George Alvis, named as having married "the relict of Major William Harris deceased".

The above article lists on pages 384 and 385 the wills of Major William Harris and his brother Thomas Harris, both indicating association with the Ligons. These are found in Henrico County Records (Deeds & Wills) 1677-1692 on p. 68 and 90,91.


Shannon White EMail: [email protected] 9/98 "2,597 Keeney Relatives" by Roscoe C. Kenney, Jr.

[S783] SmartMatch gedcoms.


"C.T. Bailey" EMail: [email protected] 7/98


Kitty Leupen EMail: [email protected] 8/98 Descendant of Opie Lindsay, son of Robert Lindsay of The Mount, Fairfax Co. VA.


VA Genealogical Society Quarterly, Vol 17, Jan 1979, Number 1, Pages 59-64. Leslie D. Dawson, "The Lindsay Family of Northumberland and Fairfax Counties, Virginia".


"The Lindsays of America" CS 71 L753 1889.


Taliaferro/Toliver Times Volume I June 5, 1997 Issue 45. Submitted by: ADAM MARDER ([email protected]) Taliaferro/Toliver Times, Volume I, June 18, 1997 Issue 29


Version: 4 Aug 98 Author: Brian Tompsett.


Daryl Keith Tomb (Annette) EMail: [email protected] 8/98 Descendant of Nehiamah Livingston Palmer > Louis Austin Palmer and Martha Leonora Higginbotham.


"One Hodges Family of Early Virginia" by Miss J. L. Hodges; Pitt County North Carolina Library; Email sent by Albert C. Metts, Jr. [email protected]. 4/98


William S. Parks, EMail: [email protected]


"History of Woodford County" by Wm E. Railey, Roberts Printing Co. Frankfort KY 1938. Provided by Descendant: Joseph Haley EMail: [email protected] 9/98.


Joseph Haley EMail: [email protected] 9/98. Descendant of Opie Lindsay. any questions on the Scottish Lindsay's and their Scottish history will be answered. Joseph W. Lindsay Hayle, FSA Scot. Clan Lindsay Historian.


"Christopher Reynolds and His Descendants", by S. F. Tilman, dated 1 Apr 1959, at the NC State Archives in Raleigh. On Page 261, .Ann Reynolds, b. 1680, d/o John Reynolds and Sarah Grimes of Richmond Co., VA.


Inheritance from the late Imogine McCants, matter of succession, No. A-1473, 20th Judicial Dist. Ct, Parish of E. Feliciana, LA.

Louisiana Petition No. A-3115, 20th Judicial Dist. Court, Parish of E. Feliciana; William D. McCants, Jr vs Edgar Guerrant McCants, ET AL filed in Clinton, LA on 23 Jun 1950,. A certain tract of land containing one hundred fifty-six acres, situated in the 4th Ward of the Parish of East Feliciana, and bounded as follows: On the north by Susan McCants and lands of Williams; East by M. L. Harvey, South by John Jackson estate and Emma McKneely and West by M. L. Harvey and located in Sec. Two (2) T 1 SR 1 W and Sec. 91 T 1 SR 1 E.


"Cavaliers and Pioneers, Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents and Grants" Vol III, p. 400. by Nell Marion Nugent.


James W Higginbotham EMail: [email protected] 9/98


Kristina Weiss; EMail: [email protected] 9/98 Descendant of James Richard Penn. 1939 Ltr.


Linda Tart DeRamusEMail: [email protected] 9/98.


Joanne Montgomery EMail: [email protected] 9/98


Ed Mann EMail: [email protected] 9/98 Contributor on soc.genealogy.medieval EMail: [email protected] Weis, _Ancestral_ Roots_, 7th ed.

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