Shirer Family Genealogy Project - Master Index

Shirer Family Genealogy Project
Master Index

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(?), (?) (Gaumer) to Adams, Helen
Adams, Helen Marie to Aldrich, Emerson Lee
Aldrich, Frank G. to Allen, Verna J.
Allen, Viall to Amore, Sandy
Amore, Shannon to Angle, Wendy June
Anglemeyer, Elsie to Arsenberger, Nicole R. "Nikki"
Art, Betty to Bagent, Wilbur H.
Baggett, Caleb Andrew to Baker, Bernard
Baker, Bessie Gertrude to Ball, Unknown
Ballance, Kelly Jo to Barnes, Phyllis I.
Barnes, Portia to Bassett, Yvonne
Bastian, Paula Denise to Beard, Ida Mae
Beard, Inez Jo to Belew, Vernon Nelson
Bell, Adam H. to Berry, Stacy L.
Berry, Tammy Lynne to Black, Spencer C.
Black, Tammy Lynn to Blubaugh, Zaloma P.
Bludworth, Katharine to Borris, Shari Lynn
Borror, Dylan to Bower, Virginia
Bowerize, Florence Catharine to Bradley, Wilbur Gene
Bradshaw, Almeta Leora to Bridge, Roger L.
Bridges, Alexander to Brooks, Margaret Darlene
Brooks, Margarett M. to Brown, Mary Ann
Brown, Mary Ann to Bryner, Frank Ward Sr.
Bryner, Frederick "Fred" to Bumpus, William Otis
Bunch, Sharon to Burns, Kelsey L.
Burns, Kevin Dean to Butler, Virginia
Buttermore, George W. to Cameron, Lucretia May
Cameron, Lydia Josetta to Carlin, Henrietta Sarah "Etta"
Carlin, Hugh Edward to Carroll, Michelle Leigh
Carroll, Mysterry to Chaney, Molly
Chaney, Norma J. to Christy, Horace James
Christy, Howard to Clawson, Thomas I.
Claxton, Alicia L. to Close, Samuel Ward
Clossman, Reba Fern to Collier, Jennie Elizabeth
Collier, Jennifer Marie to Connof, Pearl
Connolly, Heath Allen to Cooper, Vera Esther
Cooperider, Edward K. to Coy, Emma
Coyle, Shirley Ann to Cross, Emma Maude
Cross, Florence Raynette to Cummins, Kent Clifford Jr.
Cummins, Leannah to Daniels, Wayne E.
Danielson, Lucille to Davis, Savannah Jane
Davis, Scott Grant to Decker, Mary Caroline
Decker, Mary E. to Devan, Carol Lee
DeVault, Inez Arabella to Dilley, William "Billy"
Dillie, Geraldine to Donoho, Thelma Louise
Donohue, Ellen Therese to Dray, Zachary Daniel
Dreibelbis, E. Opal to Durkes, Steven James
Durr, Bessie M. to Ebersole, Kimberly E.
Ebert, Jasmine to Eldred, Tyler
Eldridge, Donald Wayne to Emmons, Wallace McKinley
Emnett, Amanda to Evans, Joyce J.
Evans, Julie Ann to Fazenbaker, Veronica Lynne
Fazzio, Nancy to Fiedler, Maude A.
Fiedler, May to Firestone, Ashley Lynn
Firestone, Atta V. to Firestone, David Roller
Firestone, David Roller Jr. to Firestone, Frank Hiram
Firestone, Frank M. to Firestone, James L.
Firestone, James Lee to Firestone, Leto M.
Firestone, Lettie L. to Firestone, Maude
Firestone, Maude to Firestone, Robert H. Jr.
Firestone, Robert Homer to Firestone, Vonda Kay
Firestone, Vonna Lee to Flewelling, William Albert
Flick, Betty C. to Foster, Hayden Richard
Foster, Heidi Lynn to Frantz, Virginia
Frantz, Virginia V. to Fulford, Nancy
Fulk, Adam to Fulk, Tonna
Fulk, Tyler to Gano, Unknown
Gant, Janelle to Gaumer, Christen C.
Gaumer, Christiana to Gaumer, Sarah J.
Gaumer, Sarah Jane to George, William Jennings Jr.
Gephart, James E. to Gilmore, Traci Leann
Gilpan, Bobbi Jean "BJ" to Gomer, Johann Jacob ((Gaumer))
Gomer, Johann Jorge to Graham, Tamara Marie
Graham, Timothy Z. "Tim" to Greer, Unknown
Greg, Ashton Chance to Growcock, Sarah E. "Sadie"
Growcock, Scott Lee to Hagerty, Virgil W.
Haggerman, Carrie to Halpin, Thomas Dennis
Halsey, Alta M. to Hanks, Sarah
Hanks, Sarah to Hardy, Susan Maria
Hardy, Theresa C. to Harrison, Zellah Margaret
Harriss, Dwight Gridley to Hartley, Victoria
Hartline, Betty Jane to Hawn, Vera
Hawthorne, Dodie to Heeb, William Henry
Heermeier, Kay A. to Hepler, Wayne Richard
Herbert, Amanda "Mandy" to Hester, Yvonne Sharee
Hetrick, Amy E. to Hileman, John P.
Hileman, John P. III to Hindley, William
Hindman, Ashley R. to Hobi, Stephen Michael Jr.
Hoblet, Theah V. to Hogue, William Bruce
Hohenbrink, Mary Ida to Hopkins, William H.
Hopper, Anna Geraldine to Howey, Margaret Grace "Maggie"
Howison, Callie D. to Huff, Nelson Halderman
Huff, Nelson Leroy to Humphrey, Ella May
Humphrey, Elliphal to Humphrey, Sarah
Humphrey, Sarah "Sally" to Hyatt, Scott Douglas
Hyde, Bradley Joseph "Brad" to James, Lulu L.
James, Myrtle Larimer "Myrte" to Johns, William N.
Johnson, Ada to Johnston, Kayla Lyn
Johnston, Kimberly D. to Joyce, Unknown
Joyner, Josie to Keefe, James J. Jr.
Keefer, Darcy Danielle to Kendall, Vernice E.
Kendell, Marjorie to Kilgore, Waldo E.
Killian, Joan to King, Martha Ann "Mattie"
King, Martha E. to Kiser, William J. "Junior"
Kislowski, Martine A. to Knox, William "Willie"
Knutson, Clarence I. to Kreger, Unknown
Kreiger, Eloise L. to Lacey, Viola S.
Lackey, Sarah Lemoyne to Lansbury, Zach
Lantis, Kelli J. to Lawrence, Joan
Lawrence, Josephine Margaret to Leech, William A.
Leeches, Andrew to Leonard, Wayne Dwight
Leonhart, Elizabeth Ann "Betty" to Lindquist, Unknown
Lindsay, Anita M. to Logan, Unknown
Logsdon, Bettie Jane to Lorenson, Sarah Pitner
Lorentzen, Jennifer Renee to Lower, Wanda Lee
Lowery, Bryan T. to Mackey, Sarah F. "Sadie"
Mackin, Adalgisa "Gisa" to Mankey, William Duane Jr.
Mankin, David Lee to Marlatt, Wanda Maxine
Marley, Gayle Ann to Martin, Winifred Gladys "Winnie"
Martinchalk, Linda S. to May, Lewis
May, Lillie to McCauley, James Pinkerton
McCauley, John Jameson to McConnell, John R.
McConnell, John W. to McDowell, Markie
McDowell, Martha A. to McKeever, William
McKelly, Jessie Kate to Meador, Roy Lyle
Meadows, Bonnie to Merringer, Unknown
Merriott, Elva Charlotte "Lottie" to Miller, Barbara Kay
Miller, Baylen to Miller, Michelle A.
Miller, Michelle D. to Mishler, Shelby Yvonne
Misiewicz, Vivian Marie to Monroe, George W.
Monroe, George W. Jr. to Moore, Valerie A.
Moore, Virginia to Moser, William C. "Bill"
Moses, Abraham to Mumaw, Lola Faye
Mumford, Breeaunna Lynn to Nair, William S. "Bill"
Nakamura, Karen H. to Nelson, Wiiliam Frederick "Bill"
Nemec, Abbey Rose to Nichols, Viola May "Lola"
Nicholson, Averill William "Ave" Sr. to Nowell, Unknown
Nowoczynski, Audrey A. to Oldham, Walter F.
Oldham, Zula Francis to Owens, Unknown
Ownby, Brenda to Parks, Wilma Doris
Parmenter, Alice to Paxson, Sally
Paxton, Austin to Pendergast, Tessa
Pendergast, Zachary "Zak" to Pesante, Tina K.
Pesek, Claire Annette to Phillips, Vearl Francis
Phillips, Virginia Fae to Pollack, Wayne Marion
Pollarine, Randee to Powelson, Zola Zane
Power, Diana to Pugh, Wendy Sue
Puit, Patty Jo to Raiford, Mona Lou
Raile, Judith Rose to Ream, William D.
Reames, Howard Benjamin "Ben" to Reisinger, William "Bill"
Reiske, Herman to Rice, Marjorie Marcille
Rice, Mary Ann to Riddile, William S. "Will"
Riddle, Lacresha N. to Riley, Maxine A.
Riley, Melvin Russell to Roberson, Michelle Dawn
Roberts, Alice Ann to Rodriguez, Nina
Rodriquez, Consula "Connie" to Rosengarten, Salea
Rosenogle, Kara Sue to Rudd, William Lee
Ruddell, Rosemarie to Rupert, William Henry
Rupp, Donald A. to Salmi, Taryn Nicole
Salmon, Mary Nellie to Sapp, Skyla Rae
Saracena, Carol Lee to Schenkel, Mary Catherine
Schenler, Unknown to Schwab, Tonya
Schwalk, Janice Sue to Sebille, Ronald L.
Sebring, Holly Lynn to Shaffer, Kenneth R.
Shaffer, Lori Ann to Shearer, Virginia Joanne "Jinny"
Shears, Patricia Ann to Shirar, Beatrice Leone
Shirar, Benjamin Franklin to Shirar, Susan L.
Shirar, Susan Lee to Shirer, Loretta M.
Shirer, Lorie Marie to Shivers, Willa Ann
Shoaff, Charlotte Ann to Shroyer, Roger Jr.
Shroyer, Ruth M. to Simpson, Scott
Simpson, Scott Edward to Slater, William Harvey
Slates, Carol Ann to Smallwood, Unknown
Smarr, Albert C. to Smith, Lena Rosanna
Smith, Leon Roland Jr. to Snook, Rodney Gene
Snoots, Adda to Sparks, William Earl
Sparr, Catherine to Springer, William Frederick
Springhetti, Julie to Starkey, Dorothy E.
Starkey, Edith Jean to Stephens, William Palmer
Stephenson, Aaron G. to Stickney, Vera D.
Stiens, Brian D. to Stoutner, Willa Claire
Stover, Allison N. to Stuber, Lauren Catherine
Stuby, Annie K. to Swabash, Thomas
Swadley, Eunice I. to Swink, William Allen "Bill"
Swisher, De Etta to Taylor, Patricia "Patti"
Taylor, Paul to Thomas, Ron Dean
Thomas, Sammie to Tisdale, Owen
Tish, Evelyn Diane to Tressler, Marca Lynn
Tressler, Marca Lynn to Tugwell, Theresa E.
Tukker, Laura L. to Umbel, Wanda
Umble, Angela M. "Angie" to Unknown, Candace R. "Candy"
Unknown, Candee to Unknown, Eda Gertrude
Unknown, Edith to Unknown, Helen R.
Unknown, Helen T. to Unknown, La Dawn
Unknown, LaDale D. "Dee" to Unknown, Mary
Unknown, Mary to Unknown, Patricia Ann "Pat"
Unknown, Patricia Anne "Patti" to Unknown, Talethia
Unknown, Tamera "Tami" to Van Schoor, Wade
Van Scoyk, Barbara Alice to Vermiere, Kim
Vermillion, Christine K. "Chris" to Vollnogle, Terry Wayne
Vollnogle, Wilmer Ray to Wallace, Katharine de Selding "Kit"
Wallace, Kathryn Ann to Warren, Mary Lois
Warren, Nancy to Weaver, Walter
Weaver, Willard L. to Wells, Zachariah Aaron "Zack"
Welsh, Barbara Ann to Werts, Margaret
Werts, Margaret to Whinery, Laura S.
Whinery, Loretta J. to Whitlatch, Winifred Elizabeth
Whitler, Kathleen K. to Williams, Brian Anthony
Williams, Brittany to Wilson, Francis A.
Wilson, Francis E. to Winzeler, Sydney
Wipps, Bernice M. to Wood, Walter Stanton
Wood, Warren Duane to Wyatt, Xuechen
Wycoff, Juanita Charlotte to Young, Paige
Young, Patricia Ellen to Younkin, Raymond Edward "Ed" Jr.
Younkin, Raymond Edward Sr. to Ziegler, William Harrison
Zier, Eva Rebecca to Zuzak, Unknown

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Compiled by: Denny Shirer, Canton, Ohio

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