Shirer Family Genealogy Project - Master Index

Shirer Family Genealogy Project
Master Index

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(?), (?) (Gaumer) to (?), Mother (Humphrey)
(?), Mother (Maple) to Adams, Larry Ray
Adams, Laura Myrtle to Aldrich, Lawrence "Larry"
Aldrich, Lucy M. to Allen, William V.
Allenbaugh, Alice Mildred to Amore, Teresa E.
Amore, Theodore William to Angle, Wendy June
Anglemeyer, Elsie to ap Turmwr, Tudwal
ap Urban, Telpwyl to Ashenfelter, William R. "Chip" Jr.
Asher, Barbara to Bahs, Sterling
Baiderson, Natalie H. to Baker, Darlene Yvonne
Baker, Darwin T. to Balo, Rhoda B.
Balogh, Crystal Nicole to Barnet, William D.
Barnett, Florence L. to Bassett, Yvonne
Bastian, Paula Denise to Beard, Ida Mae
Beard, Inez Jo to Belderback, Eliza Della
Belew, Barbara Lynn (Dr.) to Bernier, Terrill Newcomb
Berniston, Ilo J. to Bitterly, Myrta
Bitticks, Heather Louise to Bloom, Zakary
Bloomer, Anita Christine to Book, Ryan Allen
Bookless, Louisa to Bowden, Matilda Ann
Bowden, Ralph Herman to Bradford, Nancy Ann
Bradford, Nancy Helen to Brewer, Paris G. Jr.
Brewer, Pearl F. to Brooking, Vickie C.
Brooks, Agnes B. to Brown, Karen A.
Brown, Katheryn Ann "Kay" to Bryan, Tammy R.
Bryant, Andrew J. "Andy to Buker, William Eric
Bukrim, John F. to Burlew, William Patrick
Burlison, Anitta A. to Buskohl, William Ollie
Bussard, Kimberly Ann to Callan, Alice Mary
Calland, Alberta to Card, Susan Renee Sheree
Carder, Virginia to Carney, William C. Jr.
Carothers, Melissa A. to Cavanaugh, Tammy Sue
Cavedo, Laura Clayton (Dr.) to Chestnut, Whitney L.
Chesus, Susan M. to Cilek, Jeffrey T.
Cindric, Jason Charles to Cline, Laurence
Cline, Leonard to Cockerham, Lacy Ann
Coddington, Charles J. "Buzz" to Combs, Willie Lee
Comings, Josephine to Cook, Willa Fern
Cooke, Abby Elizabeth to Cosart, Zerma I.
Cosgrove, Alice to Crawford, Marjorie Lou
Crawford, Martha Leona to Cruise, Margaret
Crum, Archie Ewell to Current, Willow Jane
Currie, Jody L. (Dr.) to d'Avignon, Thibert I
d'Avoye, Halwisa Elizabeth to Davidson, Wanda Ruth
Davies, Marilyn Leone to de Aguillon, William
de Albret, Amanieu I to de Bourgogne, William "The Great" I
de Bours, Alexandre I to de Clare, William fitzRichard
de Claremont, Adeliza to de Genève, Robert
de Gernon, Hugolina to de Macon, Léopold I
de Maers, Bouin / Bodo to de Perche, Marguerite
de Percy, Margaret (Lady) to de Saumur, Gelduin II
de Sauvian, Agnès to de Villiers, Ralph
de Vion, Guigues to Decker, Richard L.
Decker, Rita S. to DeVore, Timothy
Devries, Kelly Marie to Diller, Sallie W.
Dilley, Aiden to Doner, Ruth C.
Donigan, Nancy C. to Draper, Waneeta Corinne "Teeny"
Drautz, Carl P. to Durbin, Theresa Louise
Durden, Patricia Ann to Easterday, Zoe Judi
Eastlake, Cyndi to Elder, William Harvey
Elder, William McConnell to Emmons, Robert E.
Emmons, Rodney W. to Evans, Diana M.
Evans, Dylan James to Faux, Shirley M.
Favorite, Dorothy M. to Fewell, Virgil Garrett
Feyka, Jo Deanna "Jodi" to Firestone, Amy Eileen
Firestone, Amy Luella to Firestone, Constance Marie "Connie"
Firestone, Cora to Firestone, Ethel V.
Firestone, Ethyn to Firestone, Infant
Firestone, Infant to Firestone, Kurtiss Olin "Kurt"
Firestone, Kyle Allen to Firestone, Mary E.
Firestone, Mary E. to Firestone, R. T.
Firestone, Rachel to Firestone, Texas E.
Firestone, Thaddeus L. to fitzHerbert, Piers
fitzHubert, Matilda / Maud to Foltz, Vearla Merritt
Fontenot, Harlean to Fox, James
Fox, James E. to Freiman, Terri Jane
Freitas, Elizabeth Ann "Betty" to Fulk, Homer Laurence
Fulk, Hope to Furney, William
Furniss, Ethel to Garretson, Natalie Jean
Garretson, Nettie to Gaumer, James
Gaumer, James to Gebhardt, Stephanie R.
Gecowets, Annaliese Rose to Gibson, Olivia Catherine
Gibson, Philip to Gleason, Steven M.
Gleckler, Carey R. to Gookin, Theodore M.
Goolsby, Betty Joan "Betty Jo" to Gray, Jacquline J.
Gray, James to Griedel, Scott C.
Grier, Rose Ann to Gulas, Melanie S.
Guldin, Bryce to Hale, Donald B.
Hale, Donna Leanne to Hamilton, Ralph J.
Hamilton, Ralph S. to Hanson, Trey
Hantz, Ella to Harling, Robert D.
Harlow, Doris to Harrold, Lon
Harrold, Loretta Diana to Hartzell, Sadie Mae
Hartzler, Consuelo Lydia "Connie" to Hayden, Wanda M.
Hayden-Smith, Julene to Heinze, William Francis
Heist, Kathleen Ann to Herd, Martha B.
Herd, Martha I. to Hickle, Vanessa Renee
Hickman, Angela M. to Hileman, Nancy
Hileman, Nancy V. "Nannie" to Hines, Lori Ann
Hines, Lorna May "Lori" to Hodge, Hunter
Hodges, Andrew L. to Holliday, Ruth Deanne
Hollinger, Barbara L. to Horst, Tessa Marie
Horton, Alma Nelson to Hubbartt, Russell Clifford
Hubbartt, Russell Clifford Jr. to Huff, Winfred Omar
Huffer, Elsie Marguerite "Peggy" to Humphrey, Ida A.
Humphrey, Ida Jane to Humphrey, Zoe
Humphreys, Barbara Jean to ingen Lugaid, Inne
ingen Luigheach Meann, Sciath to Jameson, Scott Michael
Jamison, Deanna Lee to Johnson, Bessie F.
Johnson, Beth to Johnston, Virginia Ann
Joiner, Beverly Lorraine to Judy, Theresa Elaine
Juliano, Nicole Jessica to Keeney, Unknown
Keenum, Morgan Catherine to Kennedy, Kristie Michelle
Kennedy, Leah to Kimmel, Velma Jean
Kimmell, Anne "Annie" to King, Pamela E.
King, Pamela L. to Kittridge, Merton R. (Dr.)
Kitts, Effie B. to Koelmel, Richard C.
Koester, Rachel A. to Krick, William Edward
Krider, Lulu Belle to Lacy, Unknown
Ladkrood, Brian Phelps to Lantz, Roy Dean
Lape, Karen Sue to Lawrence, Mary
Lawrence, Mary Alma to Lee, Thomas Amory
Lee, Thomas Eugene to Lenk, James Francis
Lennon, Diana Dorothea to Lindauer, Robert Edward
Lindeman, Andie to Loechli, Stephen Andrew
Loek, Yvette to Lord, Vicki L.
Lordi, Anthony S. to Lower, Sarah Elizabeth
Lower, Sidney to mac Diarmata, Muirecán / Muiregan (King)
mac Domangart, Gabrán (King) to Malone, Shevaun
Malone, Terry to Marietta, Susan
Marin, Susana to Martin, Joseph E.
Martin, June Darlene to Maxey, Unknown
Maxham, Ula Velma to Mazurik, Sherry D.
Mazzioti, Adeline Marie to McClintock, Robert Edwin Sr.
McClintock, Ronald Gene to McCutcheon, Unknown
McDaniel, Bethany A. to McGovern, Sally May
McGowan, Henrietta Margaret to McLaughlin, Sherri Lynn
McLefresh, Lucinda A. to Menapace, Pamela Kathleen
Mendell, Avelyn Virginia to Meyers, Frank O.
Meyers, Frankie Lynn to Miller, Irma Dell
Miller, Irvin William to Millhouse, William Ezra "Bill"
Millick, Brian Daniel to Mock, Jennifer M.
Mock, JoAnn to Moore, Carina D.
Moore, Carol Jeanette to Morris, Walter Eugene "Gene" Jr.
Morris, Wendy S. to Muetstege, Willemken
Muha, Andrew P. "Chipper" to Myers, Floyd E. "Bud"
Myers, Francis Wayne to Neighbors, Tyler
Neil, Parricia Ann to Newcomer, Max Leroy
Newcomer, Pamela "Pam" to Nolte, Sandra Mary
Nonemacher, Clara L. to Obertenghi, Alberto Azzo I
Ochiuto, Ardith "Aunt Susie" to Orellana, Valarie Ann
Orem, Ettie D. to Palmer, Mary Jane
Palmer, Matthue Wayne "Matt" to Patch, Jane Marie
Patch, Jeffrey Daniel to Pearson, Unknown
Pechunka, Janine Marie to Perky, Guy
Perky, Hannah to Phelps, Nancy
Phelps, Nicole F. to Pirkey, Pamela K.
Pirl, Carla to Porcher, Ronald Lynn
Pore, Alberta to Price, Emma
Price, Emma Anne to Putman, Phyllis A.
Putman, Rebecca Sue to Ramírez, Sancho (King) II
Ranalla, Jennifer Jill to Reed, Mycah Renae
Reed, Oneida Della to Ressler, Lucille Marion
Retherford, Anna Esther to Richards, Unknown
Richards, Vada Leone to Riedlen, Mark Edward
Riegle, Blanche Betsy to Riney, Amanda D.
Ringel, Dawn M. to Robinson, Linda Elaine
Robinson, Lisa Renee to Rogers, Katie M.
Rogers, Kelly Jo to Ross, Zane
Rossi, Anthony to Rummel, Helen
Rummel, Hellen B. to Rylander, Rebekah Janelle
Rymer, Maude to Sanders, Suzan Kay
Sanders, Theresa Isabel to Sauter, Lori Ann
Savage, Bonnie to Scholten van Ratum, Albert
Schomer, Cheryl Lynn to Scott, Terry L.
Scott, Thomas to Sether, Walter Robert
Setiawan, Andre to Shaulis, Wilbur Michael
Shaull, Alice B. to Shemtov, Sami
Shenefield, Alicia to Shirar, Infant
Shirar, Infant to Shirer, Donald Lee
Shirer, Donald Leroy (Dr.) to Shirer, Ruth Margaret
Shirer, Ruth Marguerite to Showman, Jeremiah Franklin "Frank" Jr.
Showman, Jerry R. Sr. to Sidwell, Jennie Lynn
Sieck, Susan Lee to Sipe, Wilma C.
Sipes, Charles K. to Sloan, Duane Alan
Sloan, Edith A. to Smith, Delilah Frances
Smith, Denise Kaye to Smith, Sharlene
Smith, Sharon Alverne to Solomon, Lorna C.
Solomon-Oyarce, Lorna C. to Spencer, Tracy Manley
Spencer, Virgil V. to Stahl, Unknown
Staie, Mary Elizabeth to Steed, Samantha M.
Steel, James J. to Sterling, Nancy
Stern, Rebecca to Stockton, Travis
Stockum, Carrie May to Street, Tracy Lynn
Streeter, Carolyn Sue to Sturtz, Susie E.
Stusik, Living to Swank, Zelima E.
Swanson, Anna to Tangemann, Urijah
Tank, Glenn E. to Temple, Zane Lynn
ten Hovell, Deve to Thompson, Matthew Edwin
Thompson, Merle to Tooker, Rebecca Dawn
Tooker, Rosetta "Rosie" to Trimpey, Elaine Ann
Trimpey, Elizabeth to Tupy, Viola Ruth
Turczer, George to Unknown, Angela
Unknown, Angela C. to Unknown, Christine
Unknown, Christine "Chris" to Unknown, Elva M.
Unknown, Elva M. to Unknown, Jennette
Unknown, Jennette E. to Unknown, Lisa
Unknown, Lisa A. to Unknown, Matilda A.
Unknown, Mattie to Unknown, Rose Marie
Unknown, Rose Marie to Unknown, Vicki
Unknown, Vicki to Van Wy, Virginia M.
Van Zile, Judith "Judy" to verch Tewdrig, Marchell
verch Tewdwr, Tena to Vollnogle, Keven Randal
Vollnogle, Lydia Ann to Waddelow, Wayne D.
Wade, Amanda to Walter, Silas B.
Walters, Anna Vidella to Waters, Rosa Belle
Waters, Sarah C. to Webreck, William Frederick
Webster, April L. to Wenner, Marjorie L.
Wenner, Martha R. to Werts, Stacey Denise
Werts, Stella to Whitcher, Zoey
Whitcomb, Betty Goldie to Whitmarsh, Walter Earl Jr.
Whitmer, Esther to Williams, George Melvin Sr.
Williams, George Samuel to Wilson, Lola M.
Wilson, Lorene Alma "Lori" to Wise, William Vernon
Wisecarver, Adrian Vance to Wooden, William Lowell
Woodfield, Lucy Viola to Wymer, Rebecca
Wymer, Squire H. to Young, Zyler
Young-Cloud, Anna Mae to Younkin, Sada Rose
Younkin, Samuel William to Zimmer, Mary A.
Zimmer, Mary Arazona to Óláfsson, Gudrod / Guðrøðr "the Black" (King)

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Compiled by: Denny Shirer, Canton, Ohio

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