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Lutes/Lutz Miller/Mueller Zug/Zook Stubblefield/Herndon

Since my surname was Scottish I had always thought of myself as a Scot, particularly since my pocketbook snapped shut every time I reached for it! However, in my years of genealogical research I learned that most of my ancestors either originated in Germany or lived in Germany before migrating to America.

The Severin, Lindekugel, Seidschlag, Tappe group all came to America in the mid 1800's and I have only researched them in America. I have taken an excellent German Research class sponsored by and hope to be able to post German research in addition to the American research I have already done on these families.

All of my other German connections were in America by the time of the American Revolution. They have been well researched by myself and others and at present I do not intend to try to extend that research into Germany. My cousin, Jill Martin, and I wrote a book about our Eichenberg/Eikenbary family "Pioneers George Monroe and Amanda Welch Eikenbary" (privately published, 1996). It has been filmed by the Latter Day Saints Library in Salt Lake City and is available on loan to local LDS libraries. The details of the ancestry have been posted on RootsWeb's WorldConnect Project as a GedCom file (link at bottom of page). We therefore will include only a brief summary of their history on this site.

Personal information: My name is Nadine D. Holder, email contact at the bottom of the page (if you email me please be clear what Web Site you are referring to as I have more than one). I am a retired chemical engineer living on a minifarm in Arizona. I have been doing genealogical research for fifteen years. I prefer where possible to use primary sources. On this site, where primary sources are not used, a note will be given as to the source. (for those of you inquiring about the Holder surname - that is a surname from a long ago marriage and I have no Holder family information.)

My cousins and I have two other Web Sites. One tells of the history of Mercer County, Illinois where some of our families migrated in the mid-nineteenth century. Another tells the history of our mutual Woodward and Welch family ancestors. There is a link to the Mercer County site here at Life Along the Mississippi. Also on this site a link to our Woodward families which are being moved to Rootsweb. To see the other families I am researching see my Non-German Families Index Page.


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Severin, Lindekugel: (Severin Page and Lindekugel Page on this site)
(RootsWeb's WorldConnect Project: Severin (includes some information on Lucke and Rausch))

Severin, Seidschlag, Tappe: (Severin/Seidschlag/Tappe Page on this site)See RootsWeb World Connect Project Link for Severin above.

Lutes, Lutz, Stubblefield, Herndon: A page has been begun for the Lutes/Lutz family connection and for the Herndon family connection.

Miller/Mueller, Zug/Zook: A page has been begun for the David and Deborah Zook Miller Family on this site. (Also see Art Miller's RootsWeb's WorldConnect Project: Miller Family)

Eichenberg, Eikenbary, Eikenberry, Albach/Albaugh, Groff: (Eikenbary Page on this site) (RootsWeb's WorldConnect Project: Eikenbary)

This site was created 11/2002. This page was updated on March 24, 2007 with the addition of a new Lutes link and on April 23, 2007 with the addition of a new Lindekugel link and a new Herndon link.

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I appreciate each and every one of you who signs my guestbook. Be aware that time does not permit me to help with research so I will only respond to queries that I can directly answer out of my own family research. I noticed a guest book entry in German from a Severin who lives in Angern, Germany, near Magdeburg. My German is just enough to understand his posting but not to be able to answer it. He could be an invaluable research source for Angern so if anyone can answer him in German, please contact me.

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