Genealogy Pages of Wayne Grogan

In memory of William P. Grogan
d. 6 Jan 1966

One by one our ancestors have been entombed in the urns and sepulchres of mortality and their countries have forgotten them. But they still have their share in the story of my family which is part of my inheritance for ever.

There is something very intimate which comes to most of us by birth. We inherit traditions and unless we are conscious of it, we canít take up this inheritance. If we know our race, if we know of its blood, the power of tradition is intensified. If we know our pedigree there clings an atmosphere and it counts for much in the formation of our character and of our morality. Good circumstances foster good elements already present in the family character.

The maintenance of tradition is not mere vanity; it is the duty imposed upon us by descent, and even the externals of progress canít change the spirit that is the growth of generations. Of blood is something more than a figure of speech; it signifies the cumulative inheritance of traditions until they become akin to instincts. Our past ancestors still continue their influence, our instinct is the fruit of their experiences, and our views are the outcome of their thought...
- (Written by Lt. Col. Leslie Cromwell)

My goal has been, and continues to be, to compile as much of the information of my ancestors as I am able with the purpose of establishing a genealogical tree that future generations of my family might know something of their ancestors and, I hope, continue this work.

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