Vaughts: Puzzles

Vaughts: Puzzles

All families have puzzling aspects and so does the Family of Christian Vaught. This information was submitted by Margaret Peach Vaught and I am adding this information to our Vaught Connection in the hope that someone who visits this Website will have some opinions, suggestions or some documentation to share with us. Send me your Emails so that I can add your comments to the Puzzle Page. M.Young

Christian Vaught - Frederick County, Maryland

His stay here is well documented. He served on the Grand Jury in 1762. Hannah's father, Gilbert Crum lists her as Hannah Vaught in 1762. Christian Vaught purchased and sold land, with wife, Hannah 1762-1764. He had a judgment brought against him in 1765.

(Now we come to pieces of the puzzle that need trimmed a little to fit.)

Christian Vaught (Vaut) - Giles County, Virginia

He was a widower with three children, Simon, Abraham and Hannah, when he arrived in Virginia in 1786 (acquiring land under the name of Christley). They all married there - Hannah 1795, Simon 1796 and Abraham 1798 and remained there as far as I know. (mpv) Christian married a Nancy and had 8 children by her. He died in 1816.

Christian Vaught - Cumberland (later Mifflin) County, Pennsylvania

The only documentation we have of him is the Deed of Conveyance where his heirs sell the land to John in 1781. The odd thing is they are also listed as the heirs of Simon, their brother, who had been killed by Indians in 1778 while on active duty. This gives rise to another set of questions - Did Christian die, leaving the property to Simon? This is the only way I could think of that an unmarried deceased brother would be included in a Deed. Hannah is not mentioned in any documents that I have seen. (mpv) Tax records of Mifflin do list a Widow Waugh in 1772 that many find attractive to call Hannah. Her two brothers, Joseph Crum and Thomas Crum had settled in Mifflin County. On the other hand, I believe that her brother, William, had moved on down to Virginia. We know this Christian is ours, and we strongly suspect that he was the one married to Hannah, because of the name, Gilbert, but there is no other proof, - oldtimey Vaughts did not believe in including their wife's name on legal documents.

Christian Vaught - Lancaster, Pennsylvania

To make all this even more difficult, this Christian was a Doctor in Lancaster in 1762, who also bought property in the Mifflin area for speculation, making some think he is Hannah's husband, but he is not. His wife was Elizabeth and his transactions are well documented until his death sometime after 1813.