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Marilyn Vaught Young
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This webpage was started in August, 1998 and has continued to grow into one, if not the largest Vaught website on the Internet.

The website quickly grew from one Vaught line to the current number of four, soon to be six separate Vaught lines. I am a researcher who has become a coordinator, collector, organizer, librarian, cousin-connector, a poor speller and a fair typist.

I am also the Listmaster for the Vaught Mail List, sponsored by Rootsweb. The strong relation between the email list members and this site has been a major factor in its growth.

The affiliation of the Vaught Connection and the Vaught Association will also have a large impact on the growth and well being of this site.

The Vaught Association has a current membership of 1600. With their vast wealth of information to share with The Vaught Connection and our ability to share this information on the Internet, I feel this will be a strong marriage and will be beneficial to all.

To join The Vaught Association, write to:

Aneta Thomas, P.O. Box 2044, Murfreesboro, TN. 37130-2044


To find, gather, record and share on this and connected sites any and all data on the Vaught families for the benefit of all.


To trace, record and document the Vaught families back to the original progenitor.


The data on this site may be freely linked to but not duplicated or used for any commercial purpose without my written consent.

Although much reliable documentaion exists for many individuals and families in this database, make no assumption that all of the genealogical data in these files is "gospel truth". Please treat this site as a tool in your continuing research. If you have corrections, additions or questions, please contact me. If you wish a copy of the documentation for any individual or branch, I will be happy to send it to you.

Marilyn Vaught Young




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5. A search on John Vaught will bring up all occurrences of John Vaught, (three stars) and will also bring up all Johns, regardless of last name (one star).


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