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Gen-Room Surname Holdings

Revised 28 December 2000


Information about family trees and their history, family news letters, persons and dates, are located in a file cabinet and stored in file hangers labelled A, B, C ... etc to Z. These are generally loose leaf materials, although some bound files exist. The surnames currently housed are:

Allen Auxier Angell Alford Amend
Bickford Barlow Burleson Beisel Boian
Barnett Brewer Ballew Borrer Boone
Bisbee Brown Burrell Colton Cornwall
Chapman Colver Culver Calloway Choates
Chandler Dean Duckett Darling Englebrecht
Darling Adam(Edsonian) Ellis Edson Fuller
Fulton Fulerton Frederick Foote Fisher
Fowlkes Gidding Gulley Griffith Geering
Gilmore Goedker Geer Hudson Huggins
Hurst Hilton Johnson Jackson* Kelley
Lawson Lemon Lilly Loomis Lewis
Love Morris Mathias McLeod Merito
Merito (Dunlap) McCarty Miller Ordway Proffitt
Phillips Porter Pearce Parrish Rose
Roach Richart Reynolds Richardson Rainey
Shakespeare Southwell Strong Squire Scott
Tilson Tussey Warren Turner Taylor
Unterbrink Van Druff Van Voorhees Vignettes Washington
Walbridge Webster Laughton    

* Family Trees of "Stonewall "Andrew Jackson


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