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1.  Yellowstone County Cemeteries Volume 1

Published 1984, 122 pages, inscriptions from 24 cemeteries outside the City of Billings.

Prices: Spiral Bound Book $25.00 postpaid or $12.00 postpaid for CD

2.  Yellowstone County Cemeteries Volume 2

Published 1985, 257 pages, inscriptions from 11 cemeteries within the City of Billings

(including Mountview to 1940).

Sunset Memorial Gardens and Smith Terrace Memorial Estates have only names,

addresses and phone numbers for point of contact.

Prices: Spiral Bound Book $35.00 postpaid or $12.00 postpaid for CD

3.  Yellowstone County Montana Marriages 1881-1899

Published 1986, 77 pages, contains territorial and earliest marriage records.

Prices: Spiral Bound Book $20.00 postpaid or $12.00 postpaid for CD

4.  Carbon County Montana Cemetery Records

Published 1989, 315 pages, contains 32 cemeteries, burial sites and their locations. Inscriptions plus additional sources through the Smith Mine Disaster in 1943. Inscriptions only after that date. Has alphabetical listing along with cemetery code.

Prices: Spiral Bound Book $30.00 postpaid or $12.00 postpaid for CD

5.  Yellowstone County Montana School Census Records 1914-1930

Published 1999, over 100,000 names of school age children (0-21 years) enumerated for the county excluding the City of Billings School District #2. CD ROM Windows Compatible.

This is a listing of children attending schools within the county from 1914 through 1930; excepting for the residents residing in Billings City limits. It is a self-contained listing file that can be viewed using your built-in word processor; or a self-contained data base viewer. Additional files, sorted by surname, mother's maiden name, or location are provided for those persons who have minimal space on their computer for reading large files. Information provided is surnames & given names of child, father & mother, childbirth date, sex, locations where attended school.  The rosters of children attending school within Billings city limits is retained on hard copy and microfilm in the court house's school district manager's office, along with records from the other areas after 1931. 

Price: $12.00 postpaid

6.  Index of Obituaries Published in the Billings Gazette 2005-2009

Part of an on-going project, this cd contains five years of obituaries published in the Billings Gazette Newspaper.  File is alphabetical in both Excel 2003 and pdf formats.  Each listing gives the date of the newspaper, the page number, surname, first name, age (when given), and maiden name.

Price: $12.00 postpaid



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