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The Ohio counties where the licenses for the couples listed herein were issued are: Lorain, Summit, Cuyahoga, & Jefferson. Wahsington State counties are: Whatcom and King. Iowa counties are: Pottawattamie & Cass.





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Welcome to this supporting listing of marriages within Ohio, Washington & Iowa, retained by Reverend Bennett until his death.  Since then the Forum has received these records. This is a listing of ORIGINAL MARRIAGE LICENSES issued by various Probate Judges in several counties in Ohio, Washington and Iowa; and assigned to be kept by the “Party Solemnizing the Marriage.” They vary in date from 1912 to 1919. They all carry the Probate Court’s seal, and inked signatures. If you believe that the married couple is your ancestor, we will email a copy to you to review, and if verified as your ancestor, mail the original to you.  Simply contact the WebMaster for marriage details.




Sample of the Ohio Marriage License

Anderson, Ruth
Barnard, Alice R.
Beedle, Nada A.
Bemis, Edna
Bowman, Nellie B.
Brooks, Emma Effel
Burchmore, Alice Mareme
Carpenter, Nettie
Chapell, Emma
Collier, Beula G.
Corkill, Frances
Dallenges, Flora A.
Denman, Florence
Eckenroad, Rubie Pearl
Edwards, Rosannah
Fields, Fannie
Forschuer, Lillie
Geukes, Maybelle Louise
Grills, Grace
Hall, Minnie
Hallenbrech, Rhua A.
Hatcher, Gertie B.
Hobill, Alice L.
Hull, Hulda
Jespy, Elvena
Jones, Hazel G.
Kieef, Vera Vashti Walsh
King, Merrilee
Knapp, Eva
Kortz, Myrtle Blossom
Lickorish, Olive M.
MacDonald, Jessie M.
McAllister, Lela
McMullen, Helen
Mott, Pauline
Neth, Bessie
Noxon, Mildred Winchel
Parks, Reba A.
Paulson, Esther A.
Paulson, Helen
Paulson, Marie
Peterson, Calra Marie
Pomery, Ruth
Pryor, Elizabeth
Rees, Rose
Reinke, Olive
Richards, Jean
Roberts, Minnie H.
Rose, Hattie Alexander
Russ, Florence O.
Ryan Ellenor Ann
Sheppard, Irene
Thompson, Carrie
Ward, Ruth
Washburn, Bessie
Wilkins, Cora N.
Williams, May







Allendorf, August W.
Anderson, Fred J.
Back, Aurthur C.
Belknap, Frank W.
Bricker, Howard
Brittain, Elmer O.
Combs, J. D.
Cook, Jarvis
Corkill, Calvin T.
Cronowalt, Leroy F.
Cykler, George
Dallenger, Wilmer
Dill, Arthur Charles
Elgen, Arthur Edward
Evans, Albert C.
Feidler, Edward
Fell, Daniel
Fiedler, Emil
Filler, William
Flynn, Fred John
Forsyth, H. E.
Fritz, Glenn H.
Fugitt, Chas. Franklin
Green, Charles
Hall, Floyd M.
Hockett, John T. Jr.
Holliday, Raymond O.
Hulse, Howard S.
Jones, Glenn O.
Jurmont, Charley E.
Langston, James E.
Lightfoot, John Turner
Maynard, Alonzo Leroy
McGill, Martin V.
Meenach, Donald G.
Meredith, Harry B.
Morehouse, Samuel
Myers, Ed S.
Nielsen, William Thomas
Olsen, Einer E.
Oxford, Harry Jr.
Rader, LeRoy A.
Reesey, S. A.
Roone, Carl
Shrubsole, Alfred
Smith, Leonard L.
Stoker, James
Taylor, Paul M.
Tite, Walter
Todhunter, John M.
Treadway, John
Vernon, Evert
Vimpeny, Albert O.
Walker, Louis
Webster R. O.
Welch, Willis Alfred
White, Charles E.
Woodcock, George




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