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Mountview Cemetery Tombstone Information

[Extracted by K-12 Middle School Class – Patricia North, Teacher 2000]

As part of a class exercise, the members of Mrs. Greene's in April 2000 visited the Mountview Cemetery in Billings, Montana. There they gathered data from the headstones and recorded basic information from about of the gravesites. The attached table identifies name, birth & death year, sex, and age at death (recorded on tombstone, and calculated from dates on tombstone). This information supports details found on the Master Cemetery Listing and funeral home records. There are minor variances in the data presented between the three records, but each represent an important view into the lives of our ancestors.

We are grateful to the school for their support and effort made by all the classmates. Their web site provides spectacular examples of several tombstones, and summarizes various statistics about the persons buried in the cemetery. The teachers from these schools also provide links to other important facts about Billings and its past.

Details from many headstones are missing, as shown in the example shown to the left. Family members do not always prepare information about a person’s life, and carve it onto the tombstone.

Headstone listings are found in the Cemetery List file. The YGF has complete transcripts of the headstone graphics through 1986. These are not posted on the site, but if you supply the name, and gravesite details the Webmaster [[email protected]] will provide you with those readings.










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