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Montana Avenue Businesses 1905-1925

(Revised 31October, 2000)

Some of the buildings and businesses in existence in 1905 and in 1925 are listed for reference. The number preceding the information refers to the street address. Where the address information follows the Store Name, and is placed in brackets and listed as ".(.corner of ...); the number does not exist, but is placed for reference only. Many businesses were listed only by their relative location, such as corner of 28th and 1st Ave North; middle of block, etc.. Information was extracted from City Directories. These directories do not list the businesses by street address, and during the extraction it was noted that there did appear to be some discrepancies. Also not all business were listed in the address section of the directories. Later, the directories included the street address information. The Northern Pacific Railway is the city dividing line. In 1905 Montana avenue ran from N 19th Street West to Division Street, and it was the first street north of the railroad track. It extended east beyond the city limits (19th street) for several blocks. Billings in 1905 boasted as having 26 saloons.

In 1905 the City Hall fire bell was to be sounded twice at 9 pm, indicating curfew. Rapid repeating indicated a fire.






P B Merrell, Abattoir (15th & corner)



Lavelle Brick Manufg (Opposite from Merrell)



1801-R W Ray Grain & Feed (18th on Corner)




1807-Jacob Krein (res)



1815-Andrew Wilson (res)


1920-Continental Oil Co (Corner 20th)

1920-Carpenter Paper Co (NE Corner 20th)



2001-Snyder Sheep Co (NW Corner 20th)



2019-Nathaniel Martin Pickle Manufacturing



2100-Idaho Bean & Elevator Co (SE Corner 20th)


2201-Blacksmith Shop & Alfred Bury - Coal Supplier (Corner 22nd)


Sawyer Building - 2221 (Build in 1928





2300-Midland Implement Co



2319-Spencer Café



2320-Union Depot (SS of Montana Ave)


2400-Billings Brewery (NE Corner)

2400-Gage Hotel (NE Corner)



2401-Rex Hotel (NW Corner)



2405-George Makino Café



2407-Decker's Curio Shop



2409-Tony Honkawa Café


A L Babcock Hardware (Between 24th and 25th)

2411-Oxford Hotel



2413 1/2- Dallas Hotel



2413-Perley Lewis Barber


2415-Yellowstone Valley Mills (Bet 24th & 25th)

2415-Selvig Café


2417-The Maverick (Boarding House)

2417-Font Hitchcock (res)



2419-McCormick Hotel


2419-McCormick's Department Store

2419-Montana Avenue Grocer & Soft Drinks



2423-Ferndale Café


Billings Brewery (NE Corner of 24th) Three story brick building built in 1899 had 40 employees, was destroyed in 1959. Its beer slogan was: “never caused biliousness”.

2501 1/2-Carlin Hotel



2501-Max Friedwald (2nd Hand Goods)



2503 1/2-Star Rooms


2505-L Burroughs Carpentry

2505-Louis Melnick Clothing


2505-Sims & Winrod Boarding House




2507 1/2-George Hendershott Auto & Livery



2507-St Louis Café


2509 - Mrs Sarah Roth Boarding House



2509-Samuel McKown Blacksmith/Peters Painter




2511 1/2 Jno Gruening Jeweler



2511-Frank Wax Barber



2513-Mrs Osborne's Café



2513 1/2-Roselyn Apartments


2517-Billings Opera House

2517-Usui Café



2519-Harry Goldberg Shoes



2521-Alex Madenberg Clothing



2521-Dennis Keene (res)



2521-Elmer Gehrt (Laborer)

Driscoll Building (2521-2523)

2523-Commercial Hotel (Was formerly known as the Driscoll Building)




2600-MacKay Co (Farm Implements)



2600-Northwest Equipment Co (Road Machinery)



2601 1/2-Frank Swim Soft Drinks



2601-Montana Agate Co


2603-Mrs Katie Schraff Furnished Rooms

2603 1/2-Star Rooms (Boarding House & Stables)


2603- Peter Peroe Confectioner

2603-Jno Muller Shoe Repair


2605-C E Smith New & 2nd Hand Goods & Storage




2606-Mills-Durant Star Co (Automobiles)


2607 1/2-Stockwell's Employment Bureau

2607 1/2-Krank Kinnane Jeweler


2607 ˝-Mrs Della Stockwell Boarding Rooms



2607 - Ballard & Mendenhall Saloon

2607-Yellowstone Café


2609 1/2-Cliff Lindsay surgeon

2609 1/2-Modern Rooms


2609-Frank Chapman Harnesses

2609-David Kohn Clothing


2911-J R Storm Confectioner

2611-Boston Café


2613-Mint Saloon




2613 1/2 Hotel


2613 1/2-Iorwerth Jones Barbershop

2613 1/2-Birdie Key Barbershop



2614-Logan Glass & Paint



2615-Thomas Manley Cigar Mfg


2617-Boston Store

2617-Joseph Gansl Pawnbroker


2619-21-Billings Hardware Co

2619-Shelling Café

Fenske Block - 2623

2623-Fenske Wholesale Liquors

2623 1/2-Nicholas Kanakaris Soft Drinks


2623 - Anheuser-Busch Brewing Assn

2623-Alf Wagner Clothing


2623 - Val Blatz Brewing Co


First National Bank Building - NW 27th

2701-First National Bank (PB Moss Pres)

2701-Billings Gazette (The Gazette Printing Co)


2701-Louis Kirchais Barbershop

2701-Louis Kirchais Barbershop



2702-Baker Transfer & Storage


2703-Holmes & Rixon Drugs & Toiletries & Jeffrey Tailor

2703-Bellanger & Jones Druggists (Gazette Bldg)


2705-Golden Rule Department Store

2705-Louis Melnick Clothing



2706-Henry Frith (Lawyer) Midland Bank Bldg



2706-Louis Herron (res)


2707-Yellowstone National Bank

2707-Yellow Cab


2707 ˝-Mrs Partridge Boarding House


Oliver Building - 2708





2709-Golden Rule Store



2711- Lindsay Billings Co (Wholesale Fruits)


2711-Luzon Café

2711-Luzon Café



2713 1/2-William Gates News Dealer


2713-Sideboard Saloon

2713-Abe Herman Pawnbroker



2714-Montana Paint & Varnish Co

Losekamp Building - 2715

2715-Billings Loan & Trust Co

Middlesex Banking. Peoples Savings Bank

Billings Water Power Company

2715-Kotasis & Antonopolis Restaurant


2715 1/2-Ensign Hunkins Jeweler & Optician

2715 1/2-

Babcock-Selvidge Building - 2716

2716 -



2717-Helena Record Office/NY Bargain Store



2717 ˝ - O C Ovren Confectioner



2719-2721-Vogue Clothing & Shoe Company

2720-Carl Matthey Knitting Mill


2719 - Thomas Manley Cigars


Belknap Block - NE 28th

2725-Chapple Drug Store

Suite 12 ˝ - J G Link, Architect

2723-Chapple Drug Store

Don-McCormick Block - NW 28th

2800-Donovan-McCormick Co Department Store (NW Corner 28th)

2800- Johnson Sisters Dressmakers

2800-Billings Hardware


2807- Kain's Bungalow Confectioner


IOOF Halls - 2809

2809-William Donovan Grocer & IOOF Hall



2811-Yellowstone Meat Market & J R Storm-Cigars

2811-Mowre's Pool Hall / Billings Popcorn


2811-Mrs Neagle Boarding Rooms



2812-Northern Pacific Railway Agent Office

2812-Northern Pacific Railway Agent Office


2813-Branch Saloon

2813-Stagg Cigar Store


2813 1/2-Charles Prince Barber

2813 1/2-



2815-Colonial Café


2817-John Losekamp Boots & Clothing




2817 1/2-Ranier Hotel



2821-Clark Hotel

Billings State Bank (2821)


2821-Rex Laundry Co

Public Library Building - SE 29th

2822-Parmly Billings Library (Mabel Collins Libr)+A16

2822-Parmly Billings Library

Gruwell Block & Hall - NE 29th

Billings Business College (#27)

W T Luddy Billiard Hall in Basement

Mrs Cameron Furnished Rooms (#29)

2823-Custer Hdwe Co


2824-Setzler Furniture & Undertaker (NE 29th)




2905-Mrs Larson's Restaurant


2907-Soo Chong Laundry



2907 ˝ - Grotto Springs Floral Company



2909-Western Hardware Co

2909-Ernest Tenny Sign Painter


2911-Home Bakery (J R Storm)

2911-Connolly Bros Saddlery


2915-Frank Victory Shoemaker



2917-Salvation Army Barracks



2917 - Gagnon Carpentry (Rear of Building)




2923-Enterprise Furniture Co



2923-United Brotherhood of Carpenters


Geo Setzler Furniture (NE Corner 29th)



Northern Pacific Railroad (SW Corner 29th)

Northern Pacific Railroad (SW Corner 29th)


3001-Hopper & Wagner Dermatoligists




3009-Auto Repair Shop



3015-Berryman Bros Plumbing and Heating



3017-19-The Furniture Shop



3017-Hardin Apartments


3019-Billings Greenhouse



3023-Holmes & Rixon boarders




3101-Glen Getty (Cleaner)



3111-Charles Johnson (res)



3111-Everette McCormick (res)



3115-Alma Matheny Grocer



3123-Western Union Telegraph Co



3303-Amelia Hannah (Resident)



3401-Nicholas Jacobs (res)



3419-Leo Glennon (NPRR Car Repairman)



3421-Ella Jacobs (res)



3509-Frank Houser (res)



3517-Hazleton Bros (res)


3523-Billings Marble & Granite Works & A S Mooney Stone Mason

3523-Billings Marble & Granite Works