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Welcome to the Genealogy Forum reference files of record lists stored on microfiche. These files are stored off-site, and if any of the material appears to be of interest, email the WebMaster and a lookup will be made.




            PERSI (Periodical Source Index) is a subject index to numerous articles published in American and Canadian genealogical periodicals. These lists identify typically: genealogical society publications, historical society publications, family or surname registers and histories, ethnic society publications, special interest groups publications and online publications.     Typical data found in these publications are: source materials, Bible records, book reviews and books, ancestor charts, conferences, projects, acquisitions of materials, out of the normal sources of information, and research tips. The full listings are available at the Family History Centers and various on-line library sources.

US Places 1847 to 1985 - Arranged by state, all states included [File set 6016863; 10 film slides]

The Montana record files 1-5 list published articles covering biographies, state history, counties, maps, military operations, Wheeler expedition, Civil War pensioners, railroad

employees and guide to genealogical resources. County files depict articles on “Eye Witness Accounts” of the Custer Battle in 1876, vital records and various important articles. Big Horn, Cascade, Fergus, Gallatin, Granite, Judith Basin, Lewis & Clark, Madison, Meagher, Missoula, Park, Petroleum, Pavalli, Sanders and Yellowstone Counties are represented. Yellowstone county has two entries: Cemetery burials in Billings with connections with Minnesota; and marriages from 1887 to 1895.

Record File 6 contains resources for Canada, Foreign and Research Methodologies prepared by the Allen County Library in 1988. This is a very extensive listing of numerous publications from the represented areas, in state-county arrangement. In Montana thge following are listed:

          GenBug Newsletter (YGF)

          Faded Genes

          Gallatin Trails

          Montana Post

          Smoke Signals

          Tri-County Searcher

          Treasure State Lines

          Western Montana Genealogical Bulletin

          Montana Magazine of Western History

          Central Montana Wagon Trails                      

Record Files 7-10 contains information about families from Canada and the US. Files are listed alphabetically by surname with the publication references and dates indicated. [For example: Samuel Allen, Bible records from PA and NJ, published in National Genealogical Society Quarterly, Vol 61, Number 1, March 1973.]

US Places 1986 to 1989 - Arranged by state, all states included [File set 6016864; 9 film slides]

            This is similar to the file described above, and adds new materials published between these dates. The Montana collection is greatly expanded, with many articles associated with history. Yellowstone County adds two references: Yellowstone National Park and obituaries from Billings between 1983 - 1986.

1890 Census Index of Civil War Veterans or widows.

Extracted from the 1890 special census for Louisiana. There are 12,743 persons listed.

American Genealogical Lending Library Files Updates.

Record 0001 - Sep 93 [AGLL Catalog Supplement US, MA, TX, VA Corrections]

            Record 0006 - Jan 92 [Locality Listing, US, AL, MS, Amite to Taxation]

            Record 0007 - Jan 92 [Locality Listing, Attala Taxation to WI]

            Record 0001 - Aug 92 [Supplements, PA and Surnames with Index]

            Record 0006 - Feb 94 [Locality listings, AL - MD]

            Record 0007 - Feb 94 [Locality listings, ME - PA, Chester County]

            Record 0008 - Feb 94 [Locality listings, PA, Clarion County - Washington]

            Record 0009 - Feb 94 [Locality listings, WV - Foreign]

            Record 0006, 7 & 8 - Feb 96 [Locality listings, All]

The Armiger’s News

Prepared by David Johnson, editor, depicts heraldry, crests and genealogy source record listings. Published in 1979 and updated through 1991. Extremely extensive file listings.

The Heraldic Register of America

David Johnson, editor, depicts heraldry, crests and genealogy source record listings. Published in 1979 and updated through 1991. Extremely extensive file listings.


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