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Executive Board and Committees

Revised Saturday, July 09, 2011

The Yellowstone Genealogy Forum (YGF®) was founded at Billings, Montana, in 1977. A notice of the pending organization was published in the Billings Gazette on May 24th. Four persons are responsible for its start, Betty Seter, Farrell Stewart, Joan Evans and Dolly Ziegler established an “organizational meeting” on May 26th with 45 persons in attendance. The Yellowstone Genealogy Forum name was chosen since it denoted that the club is in Yellowstone County and is near to the Yellowstone River. The first task the YGF undertook was to record all of the Parmly Billings Library genealogy book titles and authors. The Montana Room has a file index of about 10,000 names for the material stored in the cabinets.

The Forum promotes the preservation of historical records and assists in the instructional training for various forms of genealogical resources. The Forum is a non-profit society consisting of an operating executive board, standing committees, and general membership. Its meetings are open to all persons interested in the various facets of genealogical research, and record or historical site preservation.

Executive Board Members (2011-2012)

 President (PJ Smith)

The president is the principal executive officer responsible for the general supervision of the affairs of The Forum, and presides at all meetings, and appoints the chairmanships of standing committees, along with the board's concurrence. The board meets a minimum of four times annually.


Corresponding Secretary (Bobbie Meyers)

The Corresponding Secretary is a shared responsibility for the general correspondence of The Forum, and shall assume the duties of the President if required.


Program Coordinators (Laura Alvin & Gayle Ottman)

The Program Chairman plans and arranges programs for meetings in accordance with the objectives of The Forum. The Program coordinator shall assume the duties of the President should both the President and the Corresponding Secretary is absent.

Recording Secretary (Irene Nelson)

The Recording Secretary maintains minutes of The Forum and Executive Board meetings, is custodian of The Forum's records, and jointly signs for all contracts and documents authorized by The Forum.

Treasurer Tina Standish)

The Treasurer maintains a record of The Forum's funds, deposits and disperses monies as directed by The Forum, and supports annual audits and budgets.

Standing Committees

Standing committees are created by appointment from the President of The Forum, and approved by the Executive Board. Each committee is formed with a chairperson and additional members as needed to support the specific tasks as required to provide expertise into the support for genealogical preservation within the county. Special committees may be created to support special functions deemed necessary to be accomplished.

Gen-Bug Newsletter

Jason Herman publishes the newsletter, four times annually.  

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee recruits and maintains membership rosters. The Forum's membership dues run from September 1 through August 31st. Membership Applications are accepted throughout the year; and guests are always welcome at the meetings. Print out the application, complete the requested information and mail to the address indicated along with your payment.

Nominating Committee (Established when needed prior to elections)

The Nominating Committee consists of three persons who are elected by the membership and is responsible to prepare and present a list of candidates for the Executive Board at the Annual Election Meeting.

Program Committee

The Program Committee is responsible for coordination and arranging speakers and programs for The Forum's meetings and other special events as required. The Program Coordinator is the chairman of this committee.

Publicity Committee

The Publicity Committee publicizes The Forum's activities and maintains a file of published releases.

Historical Committee

The Historical Committee maintains a written pictorial record of The Forum's activities.

Book Acquisition Committee

The Book Acquisition Committee is responsible for the selection, purchase and inventory of all books and periodicals purchased or donated to The Forum. These books and periodicals are maintained in the Gen Room of the Parmly Billings Library and are available for on-site reference at all hours the library is open to the public. Excess inventory is available for sale.

Calling Committee

The Calling Committee is responsible for notification to the members of time and place for meeting, and for the arranging of special transportation for those members in need of these services.

Research Committee

The Research Committee performs limited genealogical research related to Yellowstone County, maintains copies of the inquiries and responses, accounts for all receipts of payment and expenses, and maintains The Forum's Research Reference Book updated.

Finance & Budget Committee

The Finance & Budget Committee establishes an annual budget and presents it to the Executive Committee for review and adoption at the Annual Meeting of The Forum.

Gen-Room Committee

The Gen-Room Committee manages the operation of the genealogical holdings within a locked and separate room on the 2nd floor, within the Parmly Billings Library on 28th Street North in Billings, Montana. A key to the locked room is available at the Librarian's desk on the 2nd floor.

Record Preservation Committee

The Record Preservation Committee assists in the compiling and preserving of Yellowstone County records and related genealogical materials of all types.

Sales Committee

The Sales Committee is responsible for sales of all books, CD's and other related materials offered by The Forum, shall prepare an annual inventory of stock for sale and maintain accurate records of all transactions.

Lending Library Committee

The Lending library Committee is responsible for establishing lists of materials offered for loan, including tapes and videos, and maintaining accurate records of the materials. Books are not offered for loan.

Library Support Committee

The Library Support Committee provides support to the Parmly Billings Library, and sets aside funds for the acquisition of shelving and related facility needs. The Parmly Billings Library Board is represented by: PJ Smith, Louise LaRue, & Athna May Porter.

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