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Monday, December 14, 2009

This Record Listing summarizes various supporting information listed on this site, and is grouped into readily accessible general categories. If you are researching these files, and require additional information, email the WebMaster.


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2003 YGF – WebMaster


Welcome to Yellowstone County, Montana reference page. Here you will find links to the detailed presentation summaries available within this site. Click on the referenced topics, and summary locations for the information will be identified. You should examine each link for supportive details, as various researchers provided conflicting information. Where possible, the probable correct information has been identified. Most file details contain references in the footnotes.

Click on the File Size for a direct link to the material. Most files have extensive inserted pictures and supporting materials that might significantly increase their actual size. Most have several links to associated pages of related materials.


Summary of Locations & Material Availability

File Size

Special Interest Areas



American Legion

Listings of Posts and related internet links for Montana


Daughters of the American Revolution

Founding of the DAR in Billings, and descriptions of the various commemorative placques they established in the county.


Microfiche Holdings

Lists of the films.





Billings Information



Billings History

Description of Billings, Canyon Creek & Coulson Creation; maps, and census from 1880 to 2000.


Billings Land Plats

Listings and descriptions of some city land plats and files held by the forum. Three dimensional view of early Billings.


Billings Information

Chronoligical information identifying significant events that occurred before and during the early years associated with the formation of Billings.


Billings Early Buildings

Montana Avenue buildings and addresses for 1905 and 1925; owners and some pictures


Billings Sugar Factory

Short description of the Great Western Sugar Factory


Billings Water Plant

Some relative information about the fisrt water plant. The river dam created by the city across the Yellowstone River for its operation is located in the Cochran files description of the June 6th Josephine Riverboat travel.


Logan Field

Development of the Billings Airport


St Paul’s Evangelical Church

Information about the church records and where to obtain details.


Coulson Pictures

Some photos from the YGF collection of Coulson & Billings.


Coulson & Billings Integrated City Map

Depiction made in 1909 shows the two towns joined, anong with the Yegen Power Plant beginning of construction. Picture in Coral PhotoPaint Version 9. [480 K]





Yellowstone County Information



County Boundary Area

Area of county from 1892 through 2000; with some commentary & map.


Histories Records-Vol 1

Books and film records about the counties in Montana and various genealogical holdings in the Parmly Library and the YGF Gen-Room


Histories Records-Vol 2

Books and film records about the counties in Montana and various genealogical holdings in the LDS Family History Center on Belvedere. [Note – Effective January 2004, will be located at6th St West and Ave D.]


Histories Records-Vol 3

Books ans film records about the counties in Montana and various genealogical holdings in the LDS Family History Center on Wickes’ Lane. [Note – Effective January 2004, will be located at6th St West and Ave D.]


Land Procurement Availability

Identifies the three methods to obtain land in the county: Homesteading, Railroad Acquisition, or Speculation. Sub-elements of each are described for the originalsettler’s choices.


Livestock Records

Listings of cattle, sheep and horses in the county from 1870 through 1909.


Riverboats on the Yellowstone

Listing of steamers from 1836 to 1882 that traveled on the Yellowstone, along with a brief summary of where each went.


Josephine Riverboat’s Travels 1875 & 1877

Description of the steamer’s trips; along with maps of the 1875 journey to Duck Creek and its 1877 journey to Coulson when it delivered supplies. Combined with Joseph Cochran’s biography. Detailed maps and original records of docking notes recorded.


Yellowstone County Beginning

Description of the county, its origin, name and relative facts. Contains numerous links.


Surveys & ReconnaissancesWestern US

Descriptions of the surveys and where the records are kept. Several sketches are available. Extensive file prepared by Kimmel & Warren. In process with extensive maps.





Vital Records



Bearcreek Cemetery

Photographic collection of tombstones in this Carbon County cemetery.


Cemetery Sites in the County

Listing and description of where the county cemeteries are located. Bowler Cemetery, in Carbon County is also included. Most of these locations are no longer in operation.


Cemetery Lists

Active cemeteries in the local area, contact names and general information.


Cemetery & Marriage Books

Description of books containing marriage and cemetery records are described, along with information about ordering copies.


Census School Records

The Yellowstone County school records for years 1914 through 1930 are available on CDROM. Over 110,000 records are listed. Details of contents and how to order are provided.


County Census Records

Census records for 1880. Description and links to on-line records.


Mt-Wy Cemetery Records

Hosted by Graves-R-Us, has updated records of burials.


Ohio Miscellaneous Marriage Records

Records extracted by Rev. Bennett, from various sources throughout Ohio. Listed both by Brides and Grooms.


Montana Death Records

Complete records of recorded deaths in the State of Montana – Pre 1900 through mid 2003. Doesn’t include the Poor Farm Records.


Mountview Cemetery Tombstones

Cemetery tombstone inscriptions, partial listing, posted online records. For completed inscriptions contact the WebMaster. Links to photos and inscriptions.


Mountview Cemetery Burial Records

Records posted on line by alphabetical surname.






Wills retained by the forum of early pioneers.





Northern Pacific Railroad Activity




Chronology of the NPR Presidents


NPR & Burlington

Routing of the Burlington through Pryor Gap, and arrangements


NPR Routes and Patents

Land maps, original land patents copies and description of the land acquisitions and resales. Has descriptive links to supporting documents.





Twin Monument Trail Research Records






Trail Index

Summary listing of the trail research made for identifying the early trails in the local areas. Link to virtual tour of Monument Trail is provided. The following descriptions of the Twin Monuments are included in the listing.


Monument Trail-Part 1

Describes the Twin Monuments, identifies several types of rock cairns, establishes maps and materials needed to determine who made the monuments and why.

Trail 1

Monument Trail-Part 2

Photo of the Twin Monuments and theory of construction and purpose from local residents prepared during the 1980’s.

Trail 2




First Homesteaders and Early Pioneers




People, places and events that helped form Yellowstone County lists people that are important to the county formation. Links to several on-line sites within the forum.


City Officials

City officials for Coulson, Billings and Laurel are listed for early times.



The first settlers in the county and described, in sequence of their arrival.



Biographies of persons retained in the GenRoom are listed. These are in book form.



Description and listings of Yellowstone County towns
















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