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Gen-Room at Parmly Billings Library


Revised Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Gen-Room is located on the 2nd Floor of the Parmly Billings Library and is open during library hours.The room is unattended and locked, but the access key is obtainable from the Reference Desk on the 2nd Floor.A sign-in sheet in the Gen-Room is provided for reporting usage.

None of the books, periodicals, or documents may be borrowed, although copies of selected materials may be copied on the library's copy machines in the adjacent rooms. After use, the books and documents are to be placed onto a RED HOLD shelf within the room for future re-filing. There is also a card file index available within the room.

The listings are sorted by the ID Call Number, and generally group the type of documentation into sections, such as biographies or genealogical families, states, census records, and the like. However, there are many overlapping areas, and it is advisable to scan the entire listing and make a note of the documents or books to be examined before going to the library. It will save you a lot of time, and will pin-point the selections in a logical manner, making your research a fun task.

Note: The R.L. Polk City Directories, listings of from 1905 through 2001 for Yellowstone & related counties in Montana are currently held off-site due to storage space limitations at the Library. E-mail Cleve Kimmel and he will look up the information and send it back to you at no cost. Image copies will be provided of the page(s) if desired.The Yellowstone County records are fairly complete others are random selections, as Polk redefined its census records contained within the books virtually each year until about the 1930ís. After that itís only Yellowstone County. Requests for residential searches will include copies of related death certificate information if available.


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