Gen-Bug® Newsletter

The Gen-Bug Newsletter is a publication of the Yellowstone Genealogy Forum, and it is published quarterly. Current and past events, materials offered for sale, and general genealogical information and research techniques are presented. Full schedules of genealogical events throughout the Yellowstone County area are presented for the ensuing several months.

Newsletters exist for the Forum since its inception in 1977. They are hard-copy only and can be retrieved and copied for persons who might be interested receiving them. Reproduction and shipping of these newsletters cost $2.00 each. Contact Jason Herman for information and copying. Rosters of the Forum's membership are available only to registered members of the Yellowstone Genealogy Forum.


Starting in 2011, YGF is only publishing 3 issues per year – April, July & October.


Recent Issues:


January 2009           January 2010           No January 2011 Issue


April 2009                  April 2010                  April 2011*


July 2009                   July 2010                   July 2011


October 2009            October 2010            October 2011


Beginning with the October 2010 Issue, there will be a several month delay before the link is made to ensure that only current YGF members receive the current issues.


* Please note there is an error in the header of the April 2011 issue.  It states “January 2011” but is actually the April Issue.