Email Instructions for contacting the WebMaster




The Internet Community has chosen to send un-solicited emails for various promotions without prior authorization to my highly publicized email address. Accordingly I have no recourse but to delete all unsolicited email offers from my server without review of content. [I receive between 50-70 emails at a batch several times throughout the day.] I find it impossible to monitor these submittals, thus the following rules have been established to permit receiving of emails from valid sources. Please do not be offended, but I am trying to make submittals easy as possible:


1.    Persons that are listed in my address book will pass through without problems. These are board members, associates and persons who have emailed me since October 2006. Emails received and responded to by me will be added to my address book.

2.    To email me, enter my name & email address into your computer before originating the message as noted, or:


3.    Enter one of the following KEY words into the Subject line, followed by your real subject interest as shown in the example:

a.     MSGS

b.    Pioneers of Eastern Montana

c.     YGF

d.    Dodge’s Boonies

e.     Yellowstone County GenWeb


Email address: [email protected]


Name: Cleve or Cleve Kimmel



Return to:


f.      MSGS

g.    Pioneers of Eastern Montana

h.    YGF

i.      Dodge’s Boonies

j.       Yellowstone County GenWeb