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Junction City & Fort Pease

[Collection of tales and historical events from transcriptions of the times]

November 1, 2003

Much of the information presented centers around Paul McCormick and Major Pease, and has been extracted from articles written at the time, and restored by interested genealogists and historians.

“The Passing of a Once Noted Place”; by Jean P. Decker.

Printed in The Eastern Slope, September 1909, Vol. 1, No. 3, Billings, Montana, R.L. Lineberger, Manager, Jean P. Decker, Editory)

Three page detailed summary account about Junction and neighboring towns (1875-1909), including details of Paul McCormick, with articles about events and the times:


“Junction City, Haven of Bullwhackers, Trappers and Soldiers”, witnessed many dramatic events by W. H. Banfill.


Printed in the Billings Gazette, February 1, 1931.


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Continuous pages and Cemetery maps for both articles are copied in Adobe pdf format. (1 Meg converted text. Email if original text is required.)


Article is historical presentation about Junction and ceded Crow land, 1875 adventures of the time, erecting of forts, stealing of the Eschetah post office, biography about Paul McCormick[1], Brown & Davis ferry built in 1878, telegraph line construction in1879, fire of 1893, selling of material for Coulson’s street car line, worthless lots in Billings, Guy’s landing, NPR has ownership of riverboats Josephine and Far West, Cow Island, Mrs. Draper (Mrs. Woolfolk), Piegan Indians, Liver Eating Johnson, Chief Gall, 1884 Indian battles, Big Ox son’s killing and burial, Sergeant King (first death), Major Thompson’s suicide, Strong killing of Bill Hart, Bob Adair and Johnson. Listings of suicides, Mike Roach killing, land claims before survey, Paul McCormick’s land claims, early justice of peace officers, last buildings to go in Junction, business in Junction, Custer Hotel, famous pioneers, prices for merchandise, permanent families in Junction, Frank McCormick was deputy sheriff.

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[1] Additional details about Paul McCormick are located in Crow Reservation & Burlington railroad files. See People-Places-Events.