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            "1887 Fort Belknap Indian Census Index", Fortney, 1993




            "Carbon County Cemetery Book"




            Great Falls Directories, 1940, 1942, 1944, and 1946


            Great Falls Directories, 1949, 1955, and 1952 


         "The Roundup" the Great Falls High School, 1926, published by the Senior Class




            "Central Montana Wagon Trail" by Lewistown Genealogy Society 1 notebook




          "Golden Gulch", the story of Montana's fabulous Alder Gulch, by Dick Pace




          "American Lutheran Church 75th Anniversary, 1905 - 1980",  Billings, Montana


            "Ashlar Lodge Histories and Members, 1834 - 1958" AF & AM, Billings


            Billings Directories, 1925, 1929, 1942, and 1944


            Billings Directories, 1949 -1950, and 1954 - 1968


            Billings Directories, 1970, 1971 - 1981, and 1983       


            "Billings Early Vital Statistics, 1882 - 1938",  1882 - 1889, 1891 -1892, and 1927 - 1938


            "Cemetery Records Shepherd"


         "Feats and Faces", Chronicles of 26 Billings Women with Photographs", with tographs, edited by Deborah Schaffer Ph.D and Rachel Schaffer


            "Landmarks",  Billings Bicetennial, Volumes 1 -


            Phone Directories         1931    Billings, Laurel and surrounding area


            Phone Directories         1946    Billings, Laurel and surrounding area


            Phone Directories         1947    Billings, Laurel and surrounding area


            Phone Directories         1948    Billings, Laurel and surrounding area


            "Yellowstone County Cemetery Records",  Volume I


            "Yellowstone County Cemetery Records", Volume II


            "Yellowstone County Marriages, 1881 - 1889"


            "Yellowstone County In World War I, 1917 - 1919"


            "Golden Grains of Research ", Genealogical Society of Montana,  one notebook


            "Montana Memories", about Montana teachers, by Helen K. Micka for Montana Retired Teachers Assc.








          Park County , Livingston, Births (Patron Donated)





          Yellowstone County, Marriages & Obits 1950 - 1970 (Patron Donated)





            1870  Beaverhead, Big Horn, Choteau, Dawson, Deer Lodge, Gallatin, Jefferson, Lewis & Clark, Madison, Meagher and Missoula Counties,  film # 0552326


            1880  Beaverhead, Choteau, Custer, Dawson, Deer Lodge and Gallatin, film # 38080      Pt


            1880  Beaverhead, Choteau, Custer, Dawson, Deer Lodge, Gallatin, Jefferson, Lewis & Clark, Madison, Meagher, Missoula, and Big Horn Counties, film # 38080 Pt. 1


            1880  Jefferson, Lewis & Clark, Madison, Meagher, Missoula Counties, film # 38080    Pt .2            


            1900  Silver Bow (Continued), Sweet Grass, Teton, Valley, Yellowstone, Crow Reservation, Crow Agency, Custer Counties, film # 1240915






            Guide - Church Vitals, See 200 BOOKS, Fiche # 6046711


            Guide - Vitals, See 200 Books, Fiche # 6064712


            Washington Territory (today part of Western Montana), Bitter Root Valley, 1860 U. S. Census, Fiche # 6049013







          "Carbon County, Montana Cemetery"     2 Fiche # 6018946




        "Tombstone Records of Virginia City, Madison County, Montana"  Fiche # 6018046       




       1910 U.S. Census Ravalli County, Montana 3 Fiche # 6049234





      "Cemetery Records of Yellowstone County, Montana", Volume I      Fiche # 6049190               

       "Cemetery Records of Yellowstone County, Montana", Volume 2    6  Fiche # 6049191


       "Marriage Records, Yellowstone County, Montana, 1881 - 1899"     2 Fiche 





       "Cemetery Records of Montana"        3 Fiche #6051445


       Index to the Stout's "Montana It's Story and Biography" by Hamilton Computer Service  7 Fiche


       "Montana's Genealogical and Local History Records Fiche # 6019973      

       Montana Historical Society, Map Collection of the U.S. Forest Service, Most of the maps in the collection are for Montana and were made between 1801 and 1982.    8 Fiche  # 6331402







"The Balliet, Balliett, Balliette, Balyeat, Bolyard and Allied Families", by Stephen Clay Balliet


"Family History with Name Origen and Linage Lines "Bacon", by Heraldry


"A Baxter Family from North Carolina", Scotch - Irish Pioneers From Ulster, by John William Baxter   


"Joshua Bean and Some of His Descendants", by Josiah H. Drummond


"Descendants of Isaac Benson and Mary Bumpas", by Grace Croft


"Campbell of Hastings County, Ontario", by Margaret D. Leslie Lindner


"George Cannon Family Tree", by Margaret Cannon Clayton


"Coray and Lusk Family History", compiled by Jennie N. Weeks and Katherine Taylor


"Crandell", donated by Gordon N. Crandell Sr.


"The Darnall, Darnell Family with Allied Families", by Darnall Family     


"Family of Drinkwater of Cheshire, Lancashire, the Isle of Man and etc.", edited by C. H. Drinkwater and W. G. D. Fletcher


"The House of Dunlap", by Rev. James Arthur MacClellan Hanna


"Conrad Emery and his Descendants", by Frederic B. Emery


"Funkhouser Genealogy", compiled by Frieda (Funkhouser) Wilson


"The Families and Descendants in America of Golsan, Golson, Gholson, Ghalston", by James   M. Black


"Daniel Kent Greene, His Life and Times", by Gordon Kay Green


"Under the Hamm Ham Tree", hypothesis and history, by Russell Hamm


"The Hellyer Heritage", by Mary Kathern Hellyer


"Hill & Hill - Moberly Connectons of Fairfield County S.C.", by George A. Hill


"History and Genealogy of Absalom S. Jones", a resident of Ontario, Canada and Indiana USA


"A Noble Son, Spencer W. Kimball", by Institute of Jamily Research, Inc.


"History and Genealogy of Absalom S. Jones", a resident of Ontario, Canada and Indiana USA


"A Noble Son, Spencer W. Kimball", by Institute of Jamily Research, Inc.


"LDS Biographical Encyclopedia", by Andrew Jenson, Volume 1, 2, 3, and 4


"Lamb, Merrill Family", compiled by Harriet J. Stradling


"Some Letton and Willetts", by Estelle Clark Watson


"The Lindlep and Allied Families", by Horace Lindly


"Linnander - Linander - Lenander", by John August Magnusson and Ida Carolina Holmberg


"Lucius Families, U.S.A." concerning the descendants of Joseph and Catherine Mortrier  Lucius, by Ophelia Richardson Wade


"Matteson", history of descendants of Henry and Hannah Parson Matteson, by Porter Matteson


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"The Rose Family" by the American Genealogical Research Institute, Arlington, VA.


"Abraham Sapson in America", by Elizabeth N. Hutchinson


"Schreiber Family from Indiana", by June Ann Schneck Baxter


"A History of the Schwerdt and Related Familes", by Eugene Francis Saber


"Smith - Haase - Sonner", by Brakke


"The Smith - Pratt - Young - Richards and Allied Families, Mormon Genealogies" by  Stanford J. Robison


"Sparks Family Quarterly"                     1983 - 1987

    "         "          "                                 1985 - 1986

    "         "          "                                 1987 - 1988

    "         "          "                                 1971 - 1984

    "         "          "                                 1989 - 1990

    "         "          "                                 1991 -             

    "         "          "                                 1988 - 1992

    "         "          "                                 1968 - 1972

    "         "          "                                 1973 - 1977

    "         "          "                                 1978 - 1982


"Stewart Clan Magazine"


"Strickland and Allied Families", Q@uery and Answer Exchange   1 notebook


"The Utah Woolley Family" , by Fannie Wolley Parkinson                    




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