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City Officials

[Reference: POLK Directories and Gazette Documentation] 

Revised 5 September 2003


Coulson didn’t have a formal grouping of city officials. John Alderson, in late 1881 tried to rally the town into an activity that might have created one, but apparently the movement failed. Local residents simply got together and made decisions when an occasion arose. Such was the case in 1880 when John Alderson shot Dave Currier, and a trial was held by a gathering of local citizens to determine his fate.


Although the city was created in 1882, no local administrative offices were created until a special charter was granted to the city in 1885 allowing it to be incorporated.  On January 11, 1893 it was re-incorporated as the “Town of Billings.” In May of 1885 the following officials were elected, and since that time the number of offices has grown dramatically. Elections were scheduled annually for the first Monday in April.

o       Mayor              John Tully

o       Councilmen      Lucius Whitney, L.H. Fenske, J.J. Walk, H. W. Rowley, S.H. Erwin & C.E. Westbrook

o       Treasurer          Fred Sweetman

o       Assessor          Fred Sweetman

o       Marshall           Henry Terell

o       Attorney           E.N. Harwood

o       Clerk                E.N. Harwood

o       Magistrate        J.D. Matheson (e.g., Police)

Partial Lineage for the Office of Mayor is (election every two years):

      1885                John Tully (Founding Mayor)

      1889                Fred H Foster


      1893                Fred H Foster




      1901                W B George

      1903                Fred H Foster

      1905                Fred H Foster

      1907                Fred H Foster

      1909                Fred H Foster

      1912                Frank T Woods

      1913                Robert Leavens

      1916                Edwin A Gerhart         

      1918                William M Johnston     

      1919                W Lee Mains

      1922                William M Beers

      1925                Edwin Grafton

      1929                Arth Trenerry

      1930                Arth Trenerry

      1932                Fred L Tilton

      1933                Fred L Tilton

      1934                Fred L Tilton

      1935                C J Williams


Laurel was incorporated in 1908.

Partial Lineage for the Office of Mayor is:

      1908                Ed Fenton (Founding Mayor)

      1912                Walter R Westbrook

      1913                Albert E Stripp, MD

      1916                Albert E Stripp, MD

      1918                Benjamin L Price

      1919                Chester T Davis

      1922                Frank Wright

      1925                Hans C Knudsen

      1929                Jas A Kucera

      1930                Jas A Kucera

      1932                Roscoe Broughton, MD

      1933                Roscoe Broughton, MD

      1934                Roscoe Broughton, MD

      1935                Roscoe Broughton, MD


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