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Local Area Cemetery Contact Listings in Montana

The following list identifies persons who as of 1999, were the contact for information about their cemeteries.



Phone (406 Prefix)

Absarokee John Flanagan 328-4330
Belfry Dorothy Spaulding 664-3205
Bridger Hubert Brabic 662-3613
Columbus City Hall - Clerk 322-5313
Custer Marion Gremmans 856-4887
Hardin Terry Bullis 665-1207
Huntley Conley Comton 446-2884
John Henry & Tony Jim Klessens 446-2844
Joliet Becky Harry 962-3846
Laurel City Cathy Gabrien 628-7431
Laurel St Anthony Cathy Gabrien 628-7431
Lavina Ronald Belcher 636-4721
Park City Dave Gauthier 633-2358
Pleasantville Jack Alles 967-6388
Nye Jack Flanagan 328-4330
Red Lodge City Clerk 446-1606
Reed Point City Clerk  
Roberts Robert DeVries 445-2465
Rockvale Robert Williams 962-3688
Roscoe Arnold George 328-6740
Rosebud John Flanagan 328-4330
Ryegate Stan Bukosky 568-2268
Shepherd Bob Wolske 373-6137

Current cost for grave sites varries from $50 to well over $400 for out-of-state residents. Contact the listed individual for more detail information and available services.


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