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8 August 2003, Mountview Links

Yellowstone County Early Pioneer Marriages

Starting in the 1983 the Forum compiled the early pioneer marriages that occurred in Yellowstone County for the periods from 1881-1899. Sue Picard, past president of the Forum created the extractions from 16 mm microfilm. Yellowstone County was formed in 1893 from Custer County; and Montana was a territory at the time. The records alphabetically list the person (male or female) who is being married (age and place of birth if known), marriage date and place, parents (including mother's maiden name), and witnesses. There are over 1600 marriages recorded in the book. A sample page is attached showing the specific details.


Yellowstone County Cemetery Records

There are four volumes to the complete set of records; three are contained within bound volumes depicting 24 cemeteries within the county, and one is a computerized printout of Mountview Cemetery located in Billings. A compilation of persons buried in Mountview Cemetery, with Surnames A - Z is listed in an on-line transcription made by various persons. The cemetery custodian regularly updates the computer printout, but the updates are not automatically added to the on-line versions. Other cemetery locations contain records through 1984. Each of the cemeteries are identified on a platted grid map of Yellowstone County, and specifically located by small sketches preceding the gravesite definitions and burial plots for each cemetery. A summary of cemetery history and detailed plot locations are shown on the Cemetery Site. Where available, each of the markers inscription and definition are noted. A Listing of Local Area Cemeteries identify the current contact person to call regarding available information, records, and current cost for gravesites & restrictions on their use.

Descriptions of the cemetery's name origination and related facts are noted. Missing from these 1984 lists are: Smith Terrace Gardens, Memorial Estates, and Sunset Memorial Gardens. These three cemeteries were relatively recent, and a good record keeping system had been incorporated. A sample of what information is contained within each cemetery location is attached. A listing of the available information, collected from records and local residents is provided.

Parmly Billings Library has placed a Death Index covering the period from 1882 - 1896 of Montanans on their genealogy web site page. This is an excellent source to locate specific individuals. Note: This link will take you directly to the library files, and then follow the Genealogy section linking to the Death Index.

The Beth Aaron Congregation members established Beth Aaron Cemetery, located at 1715 Broadwater Ave, in 1918. It serves about 500 Jews and currently (1999) has 95 graves and 225 future sites. Dr. Brian Schnitzer, 406-248-2520, ‘contact’ person. Source lookup information about the site is available in the Gen Room.


Carbon County Cemetery Records

Records for 32 cemeteries within the county from about 1836 through 1988 are indexed in one book. It is the brainchild of Margaret Reed Reynolds. Each of the cemeteries is identified on a platted grid map of Carbon County. The records are alphabetically listed by surname, given name (marker inscription), birth date, death date, and cemetery.

It is believed that the first non-Indian burials were trappers killed by the Blackfoot Indians. Osborne Russell, a trapper in the 1830's left a journal, which described the events surrounding the killing burial of these two men. Details of the research are available in the record book.

The Bear Creek Cemetery in Carbon County is unique in that it contains numerous carved monuments with Slavic inscriptions. Photographs of these monuments were taken in 1988 by Corky & Bill Knebel, and translated by Robert Fendler.

Extractions of these photographs have been used in "Death & Dying" classes at MSU-Billings; and have been made available for the Bear Creek Cemetery tours. Copies of the photographs are available for examination in the Gen-Room at the Parmly Billings Library. A sample of what types of information is contained within the book is attached.

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