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Bear Creek Cemetery Photo Collections


Revised 4 March 2001c

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In June 1988 a team of YGF members visited the Bear Creek Cemetery, located a few miles outside of Red Lodge, to record burial sites and related information about the area. The various photographs shown below are from a collection made by Bill & Corky Knebel for the YGF Book, Carbon County-Montana Cemetery Records. This book was prepared from over 200 pages of cemetery data collected by Margaret Reed Reynolds, the Carbon County Historical Society,  and the Olcott Funeral Home. The book contains 11,191 records. The photographs of the Serbian language tombstones have been used in a Death & Dying class by MSU-Billings, and by the Bear Creek Cemetery Tour Guides. Original pictures are stored in the Gen-Room at the Parmly Billings Library.


Montenegro has undergone several changes over the past century, so it is important that one checks the location directories for the towns that are related to the dates being researched.


Several families from Montenegro settled in the Red Lodge (Carbon County, Montana) area, and many worked for the local mine companies. The tombstone pictures shown represent but a few of the many persons listed in the cemetery book.


Call Myrle Theimer, YGF Researcher, for details on these and other potential family members that might be from the same area.




Here Lies at Peace

Peter K. Banichevich

Born at Richan N.

Niksich, Montenegro


Passed away July 23, 1921

Here Lies at Peace

Kichun G. Banichevich

Born at Lokov0, N. Niksich

Montengro 1885

Passed Away

July 8, 1921

Rest in Peace

Simo B. Barovich

Born year 1886

Died Feb 27, 1943

Mineva S. Barovich

Born Oct 6, 1886

Died March 21, 1932



Rest in Peace

Ljubomir I. Churich

Parents Vidak & Kale

Died 20 October 1920

Rest in Peace

Simo P. Bratich

From Bilechi, Hercogovina (Erpegovin)

Born in the year 1877

Died in Bear Creek, Mont

In the Year 1935

Placed in his memory by his wife Stana and his son Bogdan Bratich

Milo R. Buzkovich

Born 1913

Died Probably April 26, 1914

And Buried May 3, 1914

Here Rests Our Father

Oscar Jakkola

Born 8 August 1885

Died 24 September 1924

Rest in Peace Our Father, memory Lives On

Mother & Child

Rest in Peace

Peter V. Jurovich

Born July 4, 1928

Died Nov 9, 1928

Remembered by his parents.

Rest in Peace with the Family

Vidak M. Kalezich

Born 1874 in the Village of Kalezich, Montenegro

Died Apr 25, 1926

Placed in his memory by

Godfather Simo Bratich and Family

And Montenegrin Friends.

Here Rests

John Hugo

Feb 3, 1920

Jul 25, 1921

Here Lies

Andrija N. Lubarda

Born 30 Nov 1891

At Lubotin, Montenegro

Died 21 July, 1922

At Bearcreek, Montana

Remembered by his brothers Philip, Juro (George) and John

My Husband

Victor Niemi

Born Apr 21, 1882

Died Nov 20, 1905

Your Troubles are Over. You Have Won Your Rest.

Rest in Peace

Mitrana G. Michunovich

Born 1896

Died 16 Mar 1926

(Probably from Bogojevo, Zubtsi, Trebinje)


Here Rests Servant of the Lord

Bogdan S. Bratich

Born Jan 1, 1905 in Village of Meka Grula, Bilechi, Hercogovin

Died 14 Jan 1951

Rest in Peace Mother Stana S. Bratich

Rest in Peace

Palona I. Palonjech

Born 20 June 1895 at Progonovich, L.N.P.G.

Died 26 November 1918

Rest in Peace

Dushan J. Padulovich

Born May 1, 1916

Died Jan 24, 1917

Rest in Peace

Voin S. Pejovich

Born Dec 30, 1912

Died July 20, 1913

Zorka Pekovich


[Note the Lambs motif on top-probably a baby]


Nisnia H. Radjenovich

Born Nov 20, 1895

Died Nov 21, 1917

Rest in Peace

Illya M. Popovich

Born 14 June 1916

Died 8 April 1919


Luke Vukosavljevich

Died Feb 16, 1917

Red Lodge, MT

Gajo P. Samardjich

Born 8 May 1894

In Krivaschje

Died 5 November, 1913

Here Lies

Here Lies

Peter J. Savich

Born at Bear Creek



14, 1909

Passed Away

May 10, 1918

This Memorial is Placed

By his parents

Jovo and Stana Savich

Rest in Peace

Nikola Thomas

Born Nov 19, 1907

In Jugoslavia

Died in Bearcreek, Mont

Feb 8, 1930  22 years old

Son of Mr and Mrs Tom Thomas


Rest in Peace

Rako S. Vukovich

Born in the year 1882 in Grakhova, Montenegro

Died in Billings, Mont in the year 1929

This memorial is placed by his wife Pava

[Note: Rocco S Vuckovich died 11 March 1929 from delenium

tremors. Was a miner in Red Lodge. From Grahova]

Rest in Peace

Rade S. Rubezanin

Born 15 May 1891

Skolitsi, Montenegro

Passed away 4 August 1914


Eino Alberti | 5-20-1901 to 2-28-1907

Niilo Edvin | 6-30-1898 to 12-31-1898